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Is Revan in the game?

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Actually you do meet Revan sorta...and there is tons of talk about em

Pretty much; can't swing a cat without hitting at least three people who have their opinion on Revan and are dying to share it...

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Really the exile doesn't meet phisically Revan, but really he\she is the real star of the show...


All that you do, is 'cause Revan started it...


All that you see, is 'cause Revan make this appear in that form...


Your very essence is born when you have choose to follow Revan...


His body there is not...


His act still live...

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You don't meet him, per se, but he's talked about like a friggin god...


"Revan this, Revan that..."


I'm allergic to cats...

Geekified Star Wars Geek


Heart of the Force, Arm of the Force


"Only a Sith deals in absolutes!"

-Obi-wan to Anakin (NOT advocating Grey-Jedidom)


"The Force doesn't control people, Kreia controls people."

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