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  1. Why is this back? I thought this was buried a month ago. Why bring it up?
  2. Expensive, Horrible Lag Time, annoying people. I have it but quit. WoW is just so much better
  3. Wow. 5 posts in a row. Is that a record or what?
  4. Live hard! Die young! Im part of the youth. 18 and counting.
  5. By Pidegeon Holing Revan theyd lose some audience. Having a non-gender/alignment specific Revan allows for much more freedom. I'd like to have the player create thier Revan and those choices effect KOTOR III.
  6. Do we need anymore reason why the Big Man wants to shut us down? Its cuz of threads like these. Thank you and goodnite
  7. Give this man a medal! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or a girlfriend "
  8. You do see a Revan-esque charecter at one point.
  9. He is on Telos. You have to have your Revan LS in order too meet him.
  10. This poll frightens me . Sorry to say im not into droids. They break in the head.
  11. Obsidian, Keep on rocking in the free world. Just get rid of those annyoing dialog loops k? lol. :D
  12. Dude you should go see Fable forums. Basically the same thing. But with more swearing and pitchfork waving
  13. All hail Lord Jaguar! All hail Lord Jaguar! (w00t)
  14. This forum has been my second or third home. Lol. There may be alot of complaints and alot of trolling going around here but at the core there still is a very loyal fanbase. By closing this forum youre dooming us to *gulp* the LA forums. Now who wants that?
  15. Hooray for people who have ignorant unbased opinions. Naivity is what makes the world flat. :ph34r:
  16. Lets have the best of both worlds people. Lol. As long as I dont have to step foot on some dusty, sandy backwater planet named Tatooine Im quite happy.
  17. Thier about equal for me. Both had the strengths and weaknesses. But both had a good story, nice charecters and ok locations. Wouldve liked to seen the planets in K2 a little more fleshed out but still is good.
  18. I'd say thats Atris but I cant seem to get a good look. But still the facial structure iteself looks like Atris. Prove me wrong people. Lol.
  19. I'd like to see it. A whole new storyline, new cast of charecters, new age and technologies. I'd buy it.
  20. Gotta go with Sion on this one. Creepy and almost emotionless. Suited the charecter perfectly. Kriea was good and I liked the guy who did Kavars voice.
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