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Credits all go to Aimo, its her drawing and I didn't ask permission to post it..


so I'm crediting her.. in fact.. bowing like hell to her for drawing it..


EDIT: same one but this time coloured by exile (mucho thanks Exile)


EDIT2: a sketch by Aimo for the "hotpants" series.. since there are only 2 versions I believe she dropped the idea.. it would be fun to see the full series though (w00t) ... but I'm not complaining :blink:"




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Simple amazing art work there! Love it. However, maybe you can shave off a litte more flesh off Handmaiden because right now, she looks a little fleshy. I remember she was quite slim or maybe thin in the game.


Just a comment though. No need to take it seriously if you don't want to.


More please!

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ok got some fight scenes here...


its something like LSF exile versus DSF exile and no its not a cat fight... no mud and sorry not in their undies...


Fanart by Darth Madolin, another goddess of the arts.


"If they disarmed each other at the same time....Force Cat Fight XD MEOW! *scratchscratchscratchscratch* And Revan pulls out a nice couch and popcorn to enjoy the show XD;;" -aimo


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she's blue, and young (hope the republic SVU doesn't get me for this) and she's 18?


tada! Mission Vao!



credits to lady_winde, a queen among her peers, the master weaver of tales and a crafter of art.



Info about her and her works, but be warned she will snare your hearts only to bend it to her whims, Kreia's manipulation is mere shadow to hers..





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