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KOTOR2: Hottest Female Character

Who was the hottest female character in KOTOR2?  

526 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was the hottest female character in KOTOR2?

    • Visas Marr
    • Mira
    • Handmaiden
    • Kreia
    • Exile (female)
    • Master Atris
    • Master Lonna Vash
    • Queen Talia
    • Luxa
    • I'm not into women..........

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-It's also ridiculous that the scrap of cloth would provide +5 Defense and DR 5/physical.


Ah, the bikini mail conundrum...Star Wars style.

Actually, now thinking about Mira's outfit even more those pants must be awfully tight as so she doesn't suffer from the dreaded 'coin slot' as she bends down for those mines. xDDD

She does mention why she dresses as she does however - upon asking her about men as a LSF. (One dialogue that makes me like her character even more. :])


As for the comment on nastiest of the females in the game...I think that the salvager on Dantooine selling the Jedi Artifacts (the name escapes me) is the actual winner. Not only does she have one of the most unattractive personalities but I swear she had FACIAL HAIR.


Master Horn: Hehe. At first read your comment on Mira's ass as "baboon", not "baloon"...

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-It's ridiculous that someone who'd constantly be facing laser fire, swords, grenades, and other dangers would wander around with only a scrap of cloth protecting three of the most vulnerable areas on the body (stomach, chest, throat).

Well, this is SW, remember? The place where a bunch of .5 meter teddy bears armed with spears and slings can defeat 'a whole legion of my best men'.



-It's also ridiculous that the scrap of cloth would provide +5 Defense and DR 5/physical.

Yeah, well. The same could be applied to the Jedi robes, but those you can even upgrade with assorted underlays to protect from stuff. Last time I checked, I couldn't upgrade my shirts with an asbestos underlay.


Anyway, that doesn't explain why you consider Mira's *hawt* outfit 'terrible'. >_<"


l337, I think we can rest assured that clearly Aurora is JEALOUS of t3h -hawtness- that is Mira's outfit. Also, I'm of the opinion that the whole endor battle with the ewoks was a SHAM. A conspiracy.

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I put in the dancer's outfit on Mira and Handmaiden, Mira looks much hotter. Haha. Visa has the best voice by Kelly (who is hot in real life), but having no eyeballs is freaky.


Mira is strong will and has alot of passion, full of life, I like that character. Handmaiden is pretty emotionless.

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This would be my preference:


#1: Mira


#2: Handmaiden


Nothing more to say about these two, that's not already been said.


#3: Master Vash, I totally agree they should've killed off one of the male masters and given us this fine looking lady to interact with at some point. Maybe we could have persuaded her to follow us down the dark path. :rolleyes: lol.


#4: Luxa. She was so fine up until you had to kill her. Such a waste. A real shame she couldn't see things my way. I mean afterall, I would've taken care of GOTO for her. lol.

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Overall (if I had to pick one quickly) I would go Handmaiden in the Dancer's outfit (Mira also looks ok in it but her hair doesn't change with it so it's mismatched)

I actually think Concept-Art Atris is up there too - not "hot/sexy" but beautiful/elegant (ignore the attitude and worse looking 3d model).


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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If I had the choice, the Twin Suns, but off the list: Handmaiden.


The two of you who voted for Kreia are sick mofos... :-"



Luxa :p


Absolutely right, Luxa roxs, too bad you have to kill her :(

I'd take her along any day (without those Gammorreans though, ewww the smell on the Ebon Hawk :- ).


But no, you are stuck with one who tried to poison you, one who tried to slice and dice you with

a lightsaber, and one who just dropped in for a ride.

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My favorite from kotor2 is the evil (!) handmaiden. She looks damn hot with that vamp look.


But Bastila is still my number one.

Edit: And the ones that voted for Kreia... Are you that desperately?

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