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I apologize if any of these have been mentioned before. Here are the bugs I came up with:


(Spoilers - :ph34r: at end of them)

1. Gold Pazaak Flip Cards do not add up properly (2&4, etc..) - Won at Pazaak den with almost no effort, I think that this may be why, the AI couldn't understand it.


2. Swoop Racing always tells me I crashed and have to finish the race to continue (even though I did win the race)


3. Often skips T3's speech, no sound on parts of it


4. Some video glitches like just a head with no body (while on Halbriger) and no walls and floor (Telos city) or completely invisible body (spacesuit outside) - though restarts fixed these.


5. Assorted crashes, lockups, very slow conditions, only when saving or loading (mostly at loading time)


6. Droids at Telos - getting ready to leave on flight - B4 says 'Now you got him angry!' but the other utility (refresher sized) droid doesn't do anything


7. Death in Tomb while facing Bastila, Malak and company - dialog comes up, but you still die...not sure if this is a bug or not, but you can't die in the rest of the tomb so wondering.


8. Swoop Racing - the Mouse moves you, but there is no other button on keyboard to increase speed. I really wish that you could use the mousebuttons like in KOTORI and not have the mouse affect movement. Not sure if space was what did the powerups in the first game, but here its for jumping. Can't change it on keymapping. (This happens on both Telos and Nar Shadda, haven't gotten to any other tracks yet if they exist) - I managed to get 00:00:00 on Telos after beating all the records, though at first I had 59:59:59 for awhile when I forfieted my first race because I didn't know how to jump and got stuck.


9. End Turn buttons doesn't work when playing Atton at Pazaak for a tutorial game. It warns you and if you press End Turn anyway nothing happens.


10. Runs much slower than KOTORI, but that might just be because the areas are so much bigger.


11. At Pazaak Den on Nar Shadda, can't play the Twilek at cards - she will say how handsome I am, I ask if we can play a game, the screen goes black for a second, then she says she really enjoyed it. I can never ask to play again. Same sort of thing happens when I ask to play Pazaak with Atton in the Ebon H in the 'Pazaak in my Head' conversation


12. Can't tell Hutt on Nar Shadda to watch my companion (I'm male) dance after starting request for Telos fuel mission.


13. Kreia says she gives me a bonus to my weakest and strongest skills after I talk to her (the Force lesson to imrpove my weakest skill). I do notice my Force points have risen, but my skill bonuses seem not to have changed at all.


14. Alien dialog too fast and some of it gets skipped - let us skip ahead if we want to, I get most of it but there have been at least 7 or 8 times so far that I haven't finished it through.


15. Nar Shadda door thing, the two doors that aren't accessible as doors.


16. Nar Shadda Jedi Master repeats one of his last comments twice.


17. Got message from Exchange guy to meet with him after I killed him? He said he was in charge of the Refugee Sector and he was also a Quarrin...not sure if its the same one.


18. Some chats will not put the last text at the top of the screen as I reply, others do not even have a black area at the top but just whatever is in the background.


19. Handmaiden gets new clothes every time I ask her to get dressed after battling.


20. After fixing HK47, he wants to see my sonic sensor, I let him, he replies its similar to his vocabulator, that the HKs are tracking us through it. If I say

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I just wanted to bring up the random alignment switching of certain party members. I've noticed this since i started playing the game, but recently it has been getting more and more annoying.




I have Atton in my party. I've corrupted him rather thoroughly and he's now been trained as a Jedi Sentinel. The frustrating part is that sometimes he has dark side mastery and sometimes he doesn't. He usually hovers around the lower end of the alignment spectrum, but whenever I do an evil deed, he goes straight to mastery. After he has mastery and I go to another zone or load a quicksave or some such, the dark mastery goes away. Can't we be consistant Atton? I mean really...


And don't even get me started on Bao-Dur. He's more wishy-washy than Atton will ever be. When i first encountered him on Telos, he was slightly below neutral. Over time, i have gotten his alignment almost to dark side mastery, but as with Atton, whenever I zone or load in any way, he flips to some completely random alignment setting. Sometimes, he's slightly on the lighter side. Sometimes he slightly below neutral, and sometimes, he goes half-way between neutral and DS mastery. It makes no sense to me.


I just wish that this would be fixed. I'm tired of guessing how dark my party mates are, or what will happen to their alignment when I zone or need to quickload. DS mastery is very nice for Atton...I just wish he could hold on to his convictions long enough for it to make a difference....[angry face]

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Having the same trouble with the Swoop Racing on Telos:


Get catapulted into the air and remain there, therefore cannot touch any accelerator platforms while racing.


Very annoying... :p



BioWare would never have released a game with this many bugs (at least, in all those years I haven't purchased any BioWare product that would have such severe bugs to start with). :p

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well, i have been playing non-stop for a little while and i am on Telos and besides a little slowdown on Peragus, it has been virtually bug-free, unless you count it working to be a bug.


my specs are:


AMD AthlonXP 2600+

1024MB DDR PC2700

ATI Radeon 9800Pro (Using ATI Catalyst 5.2 with the 'atioglxx.dll' file from 4.3 to get the nice glows back)


It is running perfectly.


I did get screenshot type slowdowns during the prologue, but the problem was caused by having the v-sync turned on, so turning it off, fixed that problem.

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Just adding this report, already on the Tech Support boards at Lucas, figured I'd toss it in here as well.


First time through I got this bug on the *unnamed ship near end game* such that when I was running around the whole screen started shuddering moments before the whole game crashed, and not only that, but the problem was so bad that reloading a recent save had the same problem (ended up replaying from my save upon boarding said ship).


Now it has happened again, and in an even more annoying fashion. In the military base on Telos, the exact same bug cropped up and not only that, but when I reloaded *all the way back to before I boarded the shuttle on Citadel Station* and replayed back to the base, the bug was reoccurred. As I said, this is not a mere game bug, it is actually saving data that allows it to reoccur no matter how many times I quit, reboot, reload etc.


The only clue I have is that in all three cases the AR_ERROR.log file contains this one line:

Names Differ: PMBMN pmbnm


(Added later) Interesting sidenote, I wrote a quick program to go over all the data files in the game looking for "pmbnm" and "pmbmn" (any capitalization). Cropped up in chitin.key, data\2DA.bif and data\Models.bif

(pmbmn in Models.bif, pmbnm in the other two)


Just for fun I hex edited the 2DA.bif and chitin.key to use the same form as Models.bif. (Models.bif was a bit large to load in to memory all at once and I didn't feel like custom coding a find and replace function for it)


End result: The crash took about 5 minutes longer to occur (that could be coincidence though), occurred in the same way (screen blinking/shaking for a couple seconds a few times, then crash), but didn't generate the AR_ERROR.log file. Don't know how meaningful this is, but hey, if anyone else is curious and/or this is useful to the developers in any way, I'm putting it out there.


Also, it seems like the crash is highly location dependent. I'm inclined to think the game lasting 5 minutes longer was a result of me rushing along (past the buggy model quickly enough that it didn't crash) rather than my "fix." The screen did the weird shimmer effect during my run, but somehow I flew straight past the problem area and it subsided. After activating the generator, I headed back towards the hangar, and the error cropped up again, stuttering then crashing in the same way.


As far as I can determine, this instance of the error probably relates to a model being used somewhere in the military base between the intersection by the damaged HK-50 droid and the first room you enter after going through the hangar (and this same model is also used on the big ship in near the end game?). Can't for the life of me figure out *what* model though, or why it's going wrong.

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I have had 2 crashes while near the Computer Terminal in the 082 East wing of the Stattion - one was while accessing the terminal, one was in dialogue while standing next do it.


Other than that game works fine for me - except I noticed a small glitch trying to walk around a corner while near the Ion Engines of the ship (the one that comes while you are outside the Asteroid)


When it crashed - Visual Studio 2003.NET would have picked up the bug from JIT but for some reason the error wasn't returned properly - strange.


I do notice its kinda choppy in between Videos - and the resolution of the video is a bit - off ? - they don't pan totally black afterward almost with a shader issue.



Pentium 4 2.0A

768MB 800Mhz RAMBUS

Asus 400FSB Motherboard

Leadtek nVidia GeForce 3 Ti200 128MB RAMBUS Video

Windows XP Pro SP2

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Does anyone else have the bug where (On Nar Shadda) after Mira gets knocked out, and you talk to Jedi Master Ell, that when you try to go into the Jekk Jekk bar or whatever, the thugs are gone and the door won't open? Is this part of the game? If so, where do you go to get 'underneath the jekk jekk bar'"?

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Game Starts in Window - Randomly the game seems to choose to start in a window.


i was having this problem too, to fix this permanently open up the swkotor2.ini file and make sure that fullscreen=1 is set for both the display and graphics, i havent had this happen again since i made the change


hope this helps

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Well, something's definitely buggy in that main Dantooine map for those of us with ATI cards - while there's a fix for it, some game effects look really ugly now.

Force sight used to work great.. wonder if it still does with the "fix" in place. :("


The only other bug I've faced, to this point, is that my bash/security/demolition buttons will be randomly unavailable or none are available to me - and yes, I have skill with those things, and yes, the options should be there for the door/container. It specifically occured with T3 in the Prologue/Ebon Hawk and with Exile in Khoonda.. at least, that's where it was obvious.


And while this might not be a bug, it should be: SPOILER!













I let one Jedi survive - compassionate fool that I was. So now, in the Enclave Rebuilt, I can only kill him and watch Kreia deal with me (after the dlg w/ her) ... No Council meeting, no nothing... Uhm. I want answers! <_<

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I don't know about you all but I keep experiencing a bug where when I equip a weapon, I will 95% of the time always miss my target but if I fight with no weapons what so ever, I will hit the target more often. I have tested this all through out the game. I have decided not to play the game anymore until that is fixed cause there is really no point in playing a game where my character keeps missing the target 95% of the time:) There really isn't an excuse for it being this buggy. PLEASE PATCH !!!!!

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Couple of bugs:


1. Handmaiden body armor bug. When you ask her to teach you few moves, she takes off body armor, but after fight is done, body armor is not present in the inventory anywhere and does not reappear appear until you take her with you outside the ship.


2. AA/AF:

In swkotor.ini file, there are 2 places where FullScreen is declared. One is in graphics section, and that's the one that seems to control how game loads. My PC had a problem with AA/AF settings: if AA/AF was enabled, next time I played game, it'd start in windowed mode, and given that resolution was higher than one on my desktop..well, have a problem here.

To fix that, need to set FullScreen = 0 to 1 in Graphics section, not just first (Game, I think).


3. Geeda trading routes quest. After you do stabilize situation on Dantooine and Onderon, quest description doesn't update, so you kinda have to just go to Nar Shaadaa again and see if you can get lucky with finishing that quest. Which you do.

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Hello all, first time posting here. :-


I noticed alot of people posted about the "Forfeit" bug with the swoop race on Telos, after you forfeit it keeps saying you don't finish the race even if you have after that. I have noticed something else though (I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already, if so sorry for repeating it), that bug carries over to any swoop race. When I went to Onderon after Dantooine, I was getting the same exact problem, I had to beat 55 seconds, I did it in 47 seconds, and it kept saying I didn't finish the race. Now I never forfeited a race at this place so it had to of just stuck with me from the Telos bug.


What I would like to know is, has anyone else had this as well? Where the bug is there no matter what planet you race at? This is really annoying because on Onderon you can do the swoops to help towards a mission (I won't say what for spoiler reasons).


Also another bug I had when I first installed the game; I tryed to update right away and it kept saying "Couldn't find file sw_autopatch.txt" and "Couldn't find file sw_(forgot).txt. Now I noticed that the update finally added them for me today, so are they going to finally update the game?


Does anyone know if this swoop bug is being planned to be updated in the first patch? I really hope so cause I love the swoop racing and I hate the fact it interferes with some of the plot.


Other then that though, I haven't had any problems at all with the game, all the movies been working properly, the graphics been fine, etc.


PS: I love the game, but I feel empty without my swoop racing! :rolleyes:

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only bugs in my game:


it randomly crashes during loadtimes, always at 3/4th or later, more frequently when loading saves

models get screwed BAD sometimes, like, switch to menu, back to game, and one of my party members is ALL OVER THE PLACE. then it crashes

dialog sometimes skips (actually i cant make out if its actually dialog, i never feel like i miss anything, but the screen does switch to someonefor a split second)

when i start a swoop race, i jump automatically and never come down. cant touch the boosters but the mines still explode

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Atris academy bug:

when learning from Handmaidens, game does not enforce the "no force powers, no stimulants" rule required for some fights. This allows one to cheat by juicing up before the fight, and fighting with shields on.


This is, however, enforced when learning from Handmaiden on the Hawk, game will remove all effects from character as soon as fight starts.

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I've come across a bug at a critical point in the game: right near the end.


There are spoilers below, and I will try to minimise them as much as possible. Those who aren't up to where I am yet, avert your eyes.




































When the game loads right after Kreia and Sion have their discussion (this is when Kreia is a fully fledged Sith) I get right to the end of the progress bar then the game crashes. The game has crashed a couple of times at junctures similar to this, but when I reload the game and try again it always works. Not so this time: it crashes without fail, every time. Considering how many hoops I had to jump through to get the thing running in the first place (three sets of drivers, finally finding that Catalyst 5.2 work fine for me) having the game crippled at this stage is ridiculous.


For the sake of it, I am running a Radeon 9600, 512mb Ram and a 2ghz (maybe a bit more, I'm not sure) machine.

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Well probably been said allready but ill mention it again.The feat and only this feat keep disappearing.Chose it at least 6 times per game in 2 different games.Regenerate vitality.For some reason this feat doesn't want to stick.Everything else is ok for the PC version.Oh well 6 times is alot of other feats.


Unless this feat is stackable?

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Handmaiden - I can activate her Force quest at least twice. As I right this I'm seeing the 'Betrayal' Cutsequence again. Kreia also told me earlier not to get involved with her. I am not sure how I set this off, perhaps because I already made her a Jedi Gaurdian before I asked about why her face looked different. I just saw a screen about the other Atris handmaidens saying it may be good she exiled herself (first time I flew the Hawk since I made her a Jedi Guard). Now she is asking me to be a Jedi...this is not good I think. I hope it doesn't cause my game to become unstable. Maybe she will get some free upgrades now I'm not sure. I'll make a new message on this when I figure it out further.


- Update: Yep, it just went to a blank screen and stuck there. I saved it and loaded the save game and now I'm on deck.


It couldn't actually show my the 'Betrayal' cutscene with Atris again, since the characters were out of position I guess. So it just stopped. Seeing what other consequences there are there though. Hope this doesn't stop me from finding out more of the Handmaid's Tale...


Further Update: lol, Now she is pretty darn souped up. She got reset to Jedi Guardian Level 0 when I spoke to her again, and I got to upgrade her all the way up 4 levels right away (which was more than the XP she had before we spoke). I got popups saying 'You have been granted these feats' or 'these powers' but they were all blank. So I got to get lots of new powers and feats on her for Free. Very interesting situation, I am not sure exactly where in my talking to her I got this bug, but I spoke to her a lot and went down almost ever chat path there was with her at least once. Very odd bug, I have no idea truely how I set it off, I just hope it doesn't destroy my game later on.




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first post and already need help. Well i have KOTOR 2 but have some weird situations in the game. I know it has a lot of bugs but listen to them, and compare. When i use medipac or heal no vitality points go up, onda slowly regenerating. Also when i try to use option create or upgrade on workbench it just leaves the menu, it doesn't crach but acts like i press log off. On different location of the workbench. So what's with that?


btw how to check which version do i have? couse i have english language, downloaded 1.0a uk version and then it says: "Old file not found, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match"


please help in any way u can, couse the game is great





oh, i forgot... i got the ebon hawk and now i should travel to second planet (telos or something), i click on star map and press travel there but nothing happens.. why???

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- When I play swooprace, the game makes the bike jump and then it can't get down again.... so I can't swooprace!

- I have experienced many times that when I talk to some npc's - it's random who the npc's are - the text and sound goes by in a flash and I don't get to hear what they have to say.... and then I have to go read it in the journal/messages, which is not that much fun!

- This is not a bug, but probably because it had to be rushed..... but many npc's have the tendensy to repeat responses, like if you ask them about something, they forget that they have just answered and you can ask them over and over again about the same thing.... I think that should be fixed!

- I also experienced that when the Handmaiden

wants to be your apprentice I said I would think about it..... and then Kreia says Betrayel and the game jumps to Atris and blah, blah etc.

okay, but the thing is, when I approached the Handmaiden again and said

that I would train her as a jedi, then Kreia once again said betrayel and the game jumps to Atris and blah blah etc.

but it shouldn't do that as it has already been done once!!

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@ WingcommanderIV


I had the same problem as you (VERY choppy game), and after I did some research on the internet, I came up with this, and it works for me (although I'm not using a laptop.)


Edit the 'swkotor2.ini' file and, under [Graphics Options], add the following line:


Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1


I hope this helps.

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-Stacking commands in the combat qeue often doesn't do anything. Your charcter will simply stand there and do nothing.


This happened with my main PC as well as NPCs. This started on Telos and there seems to be something inheret in the code as it happens on other planets as well during combat as well.


-Combat system appears more random than KOTOR. It appears there are serious balance and mathematical issues that need adressing as most of the PC melee combat feats (critical strike; improved flurry; etc.) will miss 99% of the time whereas in KOTOR they did their job and increase your character's defensive and offensive abilities for the most part.


Some say the game is too easy... But some of the fights I have encountered should be much easier than they have been given the stats (points, vitality, implants, shields, et. al) of my PC and Party members vs. who I am facing off against (Mercs; Non-Jedi Opponents).


This is a balance bug/issue and is paramount for a good RPG... Or what's the worth in playing it then?


-Graphical glitches such as one half of the "letterbox" only appearing when you go into dialogue scenes with NPCs. The top half will not be there and instead is the last piece of dialogue the NPC said floating in mid air above my character's head. Unpolished and unprofessional looking.


-Random crashes for no apparent reason. Especially, transiting back and forth between hubs for some of the quests. Ironic, since the Readme.txt actually warns that the game will crash UNLESS you do a lot of transitions. Which one is it?!

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A partial list of bugs I've encountered so far (and I'm only on Telos!):


-This has been the most serious for me, at the point where you're supposed to encounter T3-M4 in the fuel pipe in the Peragus Fuel Depot, he's just not there despite Atton talking about him as if he were. This results in being unable to move on to the next area (Peragus Docking Bay) and instead you are dumped to the main menu. Only solved by starting the game from scratch.


-The movies available for viewing from the main menu are a seemingly random collection of movies that I've not yet seen during the course of the game, presumably I should only see ones that I'm past in the game?


-Items created at a workbench simply disappeared from inventory upon moving to a new area during my first run through the game (the one where T3-M4 failed to appear), so far this hasn't occurred on my second go.


-At various points in the game my companions have seemed to just decide they've had enough and no longer wish to follow me, and instead will just stand whilst I trudge off into the next room unaware of their desertion and get into a fight all alone!


-Swoop Racing. Need I say more? I've had the "elevated" racing problem (where the swoop just goes along ats if at the peak of a jump the whole race), I can get around this one by hitting jump as the lights turns green at the start - this could be how its supposed to be but it seemed odd to me and a bug I presume? And also the problem if beating the best time but the race master talking as if you didn't finish/didn't beat the best time - other people seem to put this down to forfeiting and earlier race.


-On Telos when doing the smuggling missions at the request of Grenn, there is the conversation option to go and make preparations - I presume these preparations are to go and inform Grenn of where the smuggling will be happening. I attempted to do this but there was conversation option to inform Grenn that it was happening (I can only presume this is a bug), so I was forced to play out this mission dark side.


I have more but that'll do for now, I'll post back once I've finished the game!


Let me know if I am mistaken on any of these, as a couple I cannot be completely sure they're bugs but I'm pretty sure.

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