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  1. Green. Classic colour. No pretensions or cries for attention when picking green. Bronze? Silver? Viridian? All those are for Jedi hacks, one that are trying to compensate for their blinding lack of talent with unique and impressive lightshows. I need no such thing, sirs (and madams)!
  2. I do think that playing light-side is more rewarding, however that is because the only available dark-side persona one can play is petty a-hole. If only I could be diabolical....
  3. It would be interesting to have a sort of renegade bunch of Jedi fighting for causes that not even the Council are willing to embark on out of pure righteous zeal.
  4. "Niether is Star Wars. Get over it already. This isn't NWN. " I wasnt' saying I think neutrality should be a playable path in the game. I was just telling the OP the truth. I don't think neutral Jedi have much of a place, beyond being oddities, in a Star Wars game. Different shades of dark and light, but fully neutral is boring.
  5. 1. Luke Skywalker 2. Obi-Wan Kenobi/ Qui-Gon Jinn 3. Yoda I can only think of four, actually. Luke is first because he defeated the hate within him and fought for good when his situation was infinitely more dire than Anakin's ever was, yet Anakin still fell to the Dark Side. His actions saved the galaxy and his father. Second is Obi-Wan because he was always the perfect Jedi. Wise, strong, diplomatic, humble. Qui-Gon Jinn also because he discovered how to retain one's identity in the Force after death, and also the Chosen One. Yoda is third for similar reasons to Obi-Wan's, bu
  6. If by Frank Stallone you mean Tony Danza, then yes.
  7. Short answer? Nothing special. I think it automatically assumes light-side. If you stay neutral you can't even get a prestige class. This game isn't made for going neutral.
  8. Coruscant, obviously. Also Tatooine again. K2 felt like something was missing when it didn't include Tatooine. More Tatooine! It never gets old! Korriban is always great, but expanding upon the Graveyard and going into the Korriban wastelands (if there is such a thing) would kick much rad.
  9. As someone already said, if there is anything worse than being forced to play as an NPC, then it is being forced to put certain NPCs in your party at the expense of others. I wanted Atton in my party throughout the game, but couldn't have him on Onderon or Dxun for no good reason. (Unless he went through the Tomb, but my PC wasn't even there for that!). I want to be able to pick who I use and when I use them. Not be railroaded into certain parties that don't interest me. Contrary to popular belief, I don't give a sh*t about Mira, and despised having to control her on Nar Shaddaa.
  10. Lightside. Playing evil doesn't make me feel as good. Shut up, Ohma. If there are no new topics on these boards, make some yourself or shut the hell up.
  11. I really dislike it, actually. Especially when I'm forced. I like to play the character I created, not one the devs made then forced me into. In K2 it got a bit much, especially on Nar Shaddaa.
  12. I don't think anyone has the right to start a topic telling everyone what to post and what not to post. If you don't like what's discussed here, then don't come here or avoid TSL SUXXXX topics.
  13. Can you guys please stop quoting entire conversations? Why not just quote the most recent part and save me some loading and scrolling.
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