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  1. The game is rated M, so the American stores shouldn't actually sell them to minors. No one really cares in Europe. Depends, if the PEGI hits 18+ (like I think it did), buyers should get 'carded'. I think they do, around here, of course I'm way too old to have ever run into the phenomenon myself. This is one of those situations where I'd be really wary of talking of Europe as a whole. I'm sure it has to be hardcore porn before it hits 18+. Fahrenheit with its 2 sex scenes that did not fade to black and had full nudity, one of which you had to do the mouse movements to 'p
  2. Space Siege is bad. It's Dungeon Siege but very much dumbed down. And Dungeon Siege was already Diablo lite. Not saying you can't enjoy it, just saying it's unlikely. http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/pc/spacesiege
  3. But being nonaggressive does mean you are more likely to not piss her off.
  4. I seem to have detected a flaw in your mission design. So when you help Sie she will help you be more of a rambo. This does not make sense, because a rambo player would be more likely to fight Sie, and a sneaky player would be more likely to help her and avoid fighting her. But in doing so the sneaky player will be stuck with the rambo tips and the rambo player will be stuck with the sneaky tips later on.
  5. nah, i did the other one last and it worked
  6. i think its definitely better than the kotor1 storyline, which had like, one plottwist too bad about the missing stuff but its still better imo
  7. edit: forgot this isnt the spoiler forum so, spoiler alert ! uhm, bao dur had a past on dxun too you know, with the mandalorian wars, sp returning there probably had an effect yeah in my game my char asked him the same thing, but he was never tempted (i sent someone else to lead the expedition) so simply him visiting would be enough
  8. id say obsidian for kotor3 i didnt even like kotor1, it went bad with the first starmap (they all had these big "STARMAP THAT HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND BUT ACTUALLY PEOPLE ARE WALKING ALL OVER IT IS HERE" arrows next to them) at least obsidian could keep it up until later in the game
  9. only bugs in my game: it randomly crashes during loadtimes, always at 3/4th or later, more frequently when loading saves models get screwed BAD sometimes, like, switch to menu, back to game, and one of my party members is ALL OVER THE PLACE. then it crashes dialog sometimes skips (actually i cant make out if its actually dialog, i never feel like i miss anything, but the screen does switch to someonefor a split second) when i start a swoop race, i jump automatically and never come down. cant touch the boosters but the mines still explode
  10. ok thx, dont remember that from kotor 1 oh and one more thing, the manual says theres a transit button on the map screen to go directly to the ebon hawk.. it isnt?
  11. on nar shaddaa there was this guy who used to own the ebon hawk, he proved it by telling two secret compartments in the ship, one in the cargo hold behind the plasteel cylinders (there are no cylinders anywhere in the ship) and the other i cant remember. problem: i cant find them. i figure if he so explicitely said that, i must be able to open them somehow i told him he couldnt have the ship though, maybe i should have? and my character said she already knew about one of the compartments?
  12. in my game revan is a light side woman, just like i told atton sometimes they still refer to revan as him though, but i assume they didnt do every line twice
  13. man id swear even the damn patch is bugged... took way to long to complete and couldnt even move the window
  14. my game crashed right after character creation, never saw the intro but creating a quick character instead of a custom one magically works you can try but it probably wont work, as you get the intro and i didnt.. just telling anyway
  15. someone should post what is fixed with this patch, i dont want to install yet it cause the game runs relatively clean now
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