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  1. When I read the subtitle of this forum, I couldn't resist to open this thread... " How should PnP RPG evolve? Well... IT SHOULDN'T! The only result you get nowadays when attempts are being made to create a better, bigger, hotter RPG is that you end up getting a hack&slay-heavy, powergaming-oriented set of rules (see D&D 3.5, for example). And that sucks. Back to classic RPG-ing, I say!
  2. You don't get the Telos swoop racing bug?
  3. Having the same trouble with the Swoop Racing on Telos: Get catapulted into the air and remain there, therefore cannot touch any accelerator platforms while racing. Very annoying... BioWare would never have released a game with this many bugs (at least, in all those years I haven't purchased any BioWare product that would have such severe bugs to start with).
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