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  1. Ah.. thanks. The combat log didn't show any changes.. feh. So that's what unlocks that door, eh? Good to know.
  2. Yeah, I've played it - I helped proof it even. For length and sensitivity, it's not one of the worst out there (the guy worked really hard on it) but it's not the best either.. Sleeping with your half-sister is a hard sell. I was thinking of the alt Nalia romance (JC's is excellent). There are literally hundreds of mods out there and well over 20 romances... at least for the original game... don't know or care about EE.
  3. Why are there no real consequences for our choice to deal with his life strand? Tying it to the castle did nothing from what I saw. Absorbing the energy gives you a vision, which is cool but... And letting to go free doesn't do anything either. For what I thought was a fairly major plot point, so little attention is given to his ending.
  4. I didn't find her until after Defiance Bay, and after Pellagina. Guess it's all in when you clear those wilderness areas. But no, I didn't find it "odd".
  5. I'd love a crack at attribute adjustment but will settle for leveling control.
  6. You mean, like the mod that lets you bang your sister? Leave it to someone to find one of the worst examples. Of the thousands of mods out there, that's the one you quote? No. Like various new NPC romances, Solaufein romance, Nalia romance (PPG), Valygar romance (dunno about how "good" it is), the Flirt paks, the expanded Anomen romance.. many others.
  7. It's only allowed when you first recruit them, and you have to disable auto-leveling.
  8. It's only allowed when you first recruit them.
  9. Your saved sames are either in c:\users\%username%\savedgames\pillars of eternity , as stated in the pinned "MUST READ:how to report an issue" thread.. Or, if you installed the game on, say, D drive, d:\savedgames\pillars of eternity
  10. I take that back. I have "combat auto-slow" enabled and combat is forcing the speed into fast mode again.. it was working in the wilderness but it does like the dungeon? wtf?
  11. Without spoiling you, there's a reason one option gives extraordinary positive - I'd imagine, having finished the game and merely turning it off, that it's for blowing it up. btw, why are you worried about Pellagina not being in your party?
  12. There is no option to set combat to fast mode, save the overall game clock button thing. In 1.04 I had the box checked to automatically enter slow mode and it did not work. Will double-check that with the new beta.. Well, it stays slow with the "combat auto-slow" function enabled, but why would/should it jump to fast without?
  13. Speak for yourself please. There are plenty of games that do that.. all MMO's, I'm sure, and many other games that gave themselves nightmares because of it. I think ~77,000 people have said single-player is just fine.
  14. I really wish this forum had a dislike button.. honestly, calling someone a troll because they ask about romancing? Saying female gamers ruined the female chars in Inquisition? Speaking of trolling! I think any of them have the potential for "romance". They don't all have to lead to some form of marriage - romance can be as mild as flirting, all the way up to the physical demonstrations. That said, a full-blown romance usually detracts from the game, and I think they have their hands full fixing the content they've given us. I am, however, a bit disappointed they limited their creative freedom to NPC's using the work f--k and Durance constatly referring to Magran as a whore. Seeing the fine work that's been done by modders with the Infinity Engine, I'd like to see them give us mod tools.
  15. This was a really annoying issue, for me, in 1.04.. seemed to be addressed in 1.05b.. but now the new beta has the game jumping into fast mode (again) despite me playing and entering combat in slow mode. What gives?
  16. Er-ah.. the Backers version had better be DRM free.. that better be why - or one of the reasons why - we're waiting to get these physical disks.
  17. She's not the goddess of feathered midwives but of sky and maternity, among other things. I think maternity is rather important in this game. The end of what quest? The quest with the dragon, yes, but not necessarily the end of the get a God's boon - or whatever it's called.
  18. Did any disciples drop by your Stronghold only to be ignored by you? Did you miss any adventures?
  19. I saw no such choice and yes. It's really not that odd, choosing to only pray to one deity. Imagine if you are a Priest of Berath (the only Priest Deity you can actually pray to, which is all kinds of ****ing weird); would you offer prayer to the other gods, or would you pick Berath and stick to it? At the end of all their dialogs you either accept the blessing or say something else. It's also how you get the appease all gods achievement, if you're into that stuff. Besides, you don't actually get to have a real conversation with any of them until you do "their" quest. How is he the only one you can pray to? You can pray to all of them in that temple.. But to answer your question, I guess I would stick with Berath.
  20. Yeah.. I just got temp banned (again) for using the term "2 year-old moderators" in a post on the worst things about steam. Apparently that's an insult They're so touchy. I suppose I should have said "13 year old moderators" because a two year old wouldn't know what banning means. Resumes playing offline. I hate those forums. I knew I should have gotten a GOG key...
  21. Steam removed the option to not update (but they can unsubscribe to the beta). You either play offline or you update on launch. Dunno when they changed that but I'm off to the Steam boards to see if I can raise some hell about that one.
  22. You can stay at a certain version by going into offline mode. This game, and many others, do not require you play online.
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