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Which class gets Force Crush?

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I thought it was a universal DS thing, that you got after the Jedi master run-in on Dantooine. The one where either the masters or Kreia drains you of life. And then if you're LS you get Force Enlightenment.

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You just have to be Dark Sided to get Force Crush. The prestige class doesn't matter. I recieved the power with a Dark Jedi Watchman, for example.

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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Maybe by this time the forum could use an archive section for the Kotor threads - still searchable, just not reply-able. :D

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Wait, maybe he doesn't know what he does!!!

I have been kicked out for 'necroposting' from the BG&E forum(+they tought I spammed :) )...and I didn't know what they talk about ( I checked later, I was not spamming :D ...necropost was true :ph34r: )

Someone should PM him to talk about this ...not me :p"


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Since this thread is doomed anyways;


Sorry BattleCookie...........I mean BattleWookie.


No problem... Necro is "return from death", and that is why it is called Necroposting. Never heard of Nerco. Might exist too, altough I don't know it


No, his name is: Battlecookiee...there is no BW anymore  :D



:rolleyes: Wait a second...

(BTW... an incorrect spelling, does that makes it less than 50% again?)


I want some BattleJuice with my BattleCookies.


Short version:  I want BJ.


I hope (for my sake) that you do not want that BJ preformed by the BC :ph34r:

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