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  1. Ah! I forgot about that. Force shock is just as good as Stun Droid, and Force Storm is the best offensive force power that isn't the ridiculously unbalancing force crush.
  2. If you found that difficult, try playing as Mira through that part of the game. I found it impossible. I had to exploit shortcomings in the AI to get through it.
  3. I haven't played either KOTOR in forever, but Push and Speed are nice - especially speed. The rest will depend on your alignment. However, 'Stun Droid' is worth its weight in gold on Peragus , so snap that up early. I know this is a spoiler, but **** it - There isn't a single human opponent on that whole planet, so stun droid will prove incredibly useful. I think it's a LS (Light Side) power, but if you're going DS you should still be able to use it without too much of a penalty at this early stage in the game before you build up your DS points.
  4. Not exactly - They're graphic adventures in the old-school Lucasarts vein - Your Monkey Islands, Grim Fandangos, Day of the Tentacles. Mostly comedic 'find item, use item with other item, solve story-driven logic puzzles through inventory/environment/character interaction, etc.' you-can-never-die-or-screw-up, this-is-all-for-the-fun-of-experimentation-adventures. Well, I tell a lie. The vast majority of Lucasarts' adventures made it impossible to die or screw up, others (including Broken Sword) made death quite possible, though you could always reload. My favourite genre of game. They most
  5. Ah, thank god. New companion? He and Nico split?
  6. Nico's a blonde now?! Sickening. I remember being disappointed in BS3 when they switched her eyes from brown to blue and turned her into a French Lara Croft.
  7. I've done both. The interaction with Vrook when he's in the cage triggers whether he'll fight you or not. In my first game, he fought alongside me against the... Well, whatever they were - haven't played the game in over six months. Once the battle was finished, we teleported to the entrance to Khoonda, had our dialogue (no different from usual IIRC - the game acts as if you never defended Khoonda) and he sliced me into fine bits with ease.
  8. This is probably that sequence in the Jekk Jekk Tar where you play solo as Mira, regardless of your alignment.
  9. I played K2 first and got used to K1's interface within an hour.
  10. How terrible... *Opens Azureus*
  11. Played KOTOR 2 first and loved it. Played KOTOR 1 second and preferred it. I just preferred the style, the humour, the story, the planets... KOTOR 2 does some things better, though. Robes, the interface, item creation, the influence system, using skills in conversateion, etc.
  12. I think the ending just depends on your alignment when you reach Dantooine. On my second DS playthrough, I spared the Jedi Masters and still got the DS ending.
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