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Choices at Beginning of K2

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Heh, i didn't even know that there was an "I don't give sh*t"-option in the game. Thanks for info.

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Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated.

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This isn't a spoiler, but there's been some questions about what happens if you choose "I don't care" or "I don't give a !@$!@" about what happened in K1 when talking with Atton at the beginning. If you choose this option, then the game will assume that your character in K1 was male and took the light side path. So be warned.

So i won't have to answer any questions than, do i?

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I guess we won't be seeing Revan :(


I doubt it, but why do you say that?


I was sort of thinking out loud. I think I meant more of whoever plays this game and they choose the "I don't know" option will see the same face all the time... if we do see his face. I don't think that doesn't make any sense either. :(

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Because K1 was made with a LS male Revan in mind.



I wonder however, about those questions. If Im not mistaken the exile has been gone+cryofrozen since the beginning of the mandalorian wars. How can she/he then know anything about the fate of Revan? Logic and experience tells me there will be a:


-I dont know for shure, but I knew Revan and she'd never go darkside and take over the galaxy!

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I wonder however, about those questions. If Im not mistaken the exile has been gone+cryofrozen since the beginning of the mandalorian wars. How can she/he then know anything about the fate of Revan?


Gone yes,crofrozen? I don't see that being the case. We also don't know how long the person has been gone or what they've been doing. Might have been exiled after the War with the Mandalorians but sometime after Revan and Malak disappeared and came back to rage their own little war.

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i dont have to answer questions if i dont want to i guess,


to those who wonder why male ls its because thats how the Star Wars universe works. the main character is usually a male ls jedi if its about jedi.

the force is what gives a jedi his power. its an energy field created by all living things. it surrounds us and penetrates us. it binds the galaxy together

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I'm not surprised. The original game just seems to flow a lot more naturally for a Light Side Male. There are no complications with characters referring to Revan as a 'he' or otherwise implying very strongly that Revan was of the testicular persuasion, the Bastila romance is much more important within the plot than the Carth romance, and the Dark Side game of KOTOR is incredibly weak until the very end.


Everything just seemed to hint at the game being designed for a male, light side Revan. Since most gamers are male, and most people play the game as a 'good guy', I don't think anyone should be taken aback at that.

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I wonder if Obsidian has in mind for KOTOR 2 that the main way this game should be played out or what they had in mind, is a Male DS jedi/sith.....I mean...the title says it all....obsidian is known for their darker image, and alot of the screen shots show more evil lookin jedi with red sabers and it clearly shows what the designers like muahaha....also....since kotor 1 was created with a lightside bias, it would make sense to reverse it in the sequel.....or maybe Im just a Sith Hopeful who should be on korriban and not on this forum...eh?

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