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  1. normally I would have chosen Luxa with her big..........................eyes (BUT who want's to have a pink girlfriend?) So it's Handmaiden: beautiful face, body and I love(d) her hairstyle.
  2. Woohoo. I got it, yes, yes! ~ 4:15 p.m.
  3. habit? what do you want to say? ... oh I see ...
  4. You don't have KotorI right? It's the same. Some kind of "Angewohnheit"
  5. The South-East of Germany (Bavaria) already got it, a Friend told me. I don't know why and I don't know why it is not here!!!! (in the middle)
  6. nope, my favourite store doesn't have it. He said Saturday or Monday or even NEVER!! AHHHHHHH!!
  7. Juhani looked like a drug taking alcoholic or something like that. Never used here, just on DS because I thought she would join my Sith-PC, But what did this cat-"women" (I'm not sure if "she" is a "she" O.o) do?: "Oh, Revan, suck my ass, I'm not bad anymore" so I had to kill her
  8. Thank you! Thank you! You're the master! You're the master of all masters! now, you're happy, right?
  9. Don't know search it: www.google.com (I think you should know that)
  10. I think you need macromedia flash plugin or something like that
  11. oh well if you walk from the north to the south of greece you wouldn't say that
  12. lol yes sorry I meant 4th century something around 300 and 399
  13. Well I think the word Germany is absolutly correct for someone who doesn't live here. Because it comes from "Germania" (latin). The first time the word Deutsch appeared was in the 400th century and English was already developed why should they change it? edit: It should be 4th century
  14. Greek is cool We learned (I don't think it's spelled right but:) Zirtaki at my former school.
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