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hello , i am new and i have two questions about kotor II

well here is the first one :

can your main character have an apprentice ?? (so that you become a real jedi master

or sith lord , that would be very cool)


and the second :

whats the release date of kotor 2 in germany ?? i found 2 dates , the 10th. of feburary and the 17th , so can you tell me the right one (devs or somebody who knows )


thanks to all !


did nobody play kotor 2 so far in this forum , or why is nobody answering ...

i thought thats a friendly asked questiones thread ???

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somebody know how to change the heads for the characters? i'm bored with the heads, and if i change to darkside the faces looks like an ape so i want to change the faces



you should install "mods":

take a look for example at http://www.pcgamemods.com/

some guys already repainted dark transitions for some faces.

i tried to repaint my own too and it is not difficult.

there is a lot of stuff, even slight plot modifications.


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I wouldn't say that cloning is the exact term. You describe your lightsaber to Atton, I believe. Then you get the color crystal later on or something like that... :lol:


Jaguars4ever is still alive.  No word of a lie.

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