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Davik lookalike

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Hey, i've seen Nemo in several screenshots.

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nemo was wearing normal clothing when you see him NOT jedi robes


( also there were about 30 davik lookalikes in kotor 1 )



Thank you. I have tried to explain that when you find armor on people in the game the people usually aren't wearing it. That instead the just have it in thier inventory.

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Remember the first time i saw nemo, i thought he was Davik's twin brother so that it was a quest or something, so i would keep on talking to nemo over and over again and he never said anything about Davik.

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Many characters (including non-important NPCs) have lookalikes. There are very few models in the game that are used only once, with the core characters being the prominent exceptions. This just illustrates the fact that just because you're playing a video game doesn't mean you can check your imagination at the door. It also saves a lot of space and code to use the same models over and over. Animations can stay the same, and there's less data to have to store. I personally don't mind it. I did notice it, but it's one of those video game things that you need to take in stride. It's not worth stressing over. Unless they're completely unimportant NPCs (like civilians that just walk around) they usually have different clothes on anyway, so you can tell the difference between them.

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