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First Doctor Who Publicity Shot


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Doctor Who is the longest continually running science fiction television series in the history of television. It first showed in 1963 with the episode titled "An Unearthly Child" which opened with a teenager girl named Susan who acted strangely according to her teachers, Ian and Barbara. Well, they decided to see what was up with her and followed her to an old alley where there was a Police Booth was at. Well, they followed her into the Police booth to find out that it was actually a time and space vehicle known as the TARDIS. Susan's grandfather, only known as the Doctor at the time, set the vehicle in motion immediately to protect her. He didn't want the teachers to blab to their friends that the new student and her only living relative were aliens from a far more advanced civilization.


That started the whole series which ended in mid to late 1980's with the episode "Survival" where the Doctor faced the Master in a life or death struggle in his current companion's, a teen rebel who swings a mean baseball bat and loves to pack Nitro-9 explosives, home town.


Man, I am too much of a geek. :p

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Oh, I know who all the other actors are, I just only ever saw a handful of episodes with them. As a kid I saw all the episodes with Baker, so to me, he'll always be the number one Doctor. And really, do any of the other Doctors have a voice as cool as Baker's? The answer is no.



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I prefer the Patrick Troughton's recorder over the scarf of Tom Baker.


I liked Jon Pertwee's frilly sleeves and collar, myself.


Can't say I card much for the leather jacket look and the haircut is a little bit short, IMHO - all the previous doctors had hair that looked a little bit wild, or at least, hard to manage!


The girl looks like just another dumb blonde bimbette. Dr Who showed that you can have an interesting character and minimal clothes on at the same time (Leela anyone?), but this look doesn't do much for me.


Well, if the Doctor ends up screwing her, we'll realise the series really has gone downhill. Luckily my expectatations are not too high.

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That shot doesn't do much for me.


Really? It sure get's my juices flowin'. Oh baby!


He looks like a cereal killer :wacko:


When I watched this as a kid (knew someone who had taped them), I rather liked the old guy with the scarf (he was pretty funny) and the even older guy who could do kung fu was rather cool.


I wasn't fond of the blonde guy, and I didn't see much of the first two with the old guy with the bowl hair cut or that REALLY old dude in the black and white editions.


I think there was one more person who played the part, but I can't recall it offhand.

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He looks like a cereal killer :wacko:


You mean he eats cornflakes ? :D


He looks like the guy who does this show called Xray. He's sort of familiar but I cant think of his name...


Same with the woman although she reminds me of Billy Piper :lol:

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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Well, you need to get out more for there was William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, John Pertwee (my favorite), Tom Baker, David Peterson, Colin Baker, Syvester McCoy, and Paul McGann (from the horrid Fox Doctor Who movie).



While you may classify the Fox movie as horrid - McGann was certainly a fine incarnation ... will have to see how this portrayal/personality plays out. Personally most vehemently hated was Colin Baker ...

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Same with the woman although she reminds me of Billy Piper  :lol:


Hmm.. now how could that be? :wacko:


At any rate, I think Eccleston will be nothing short of brilliant as the Doctor. He's a tremendous actor with a great range of abilities. In the promo shot, he looks just like himself, there doesn't really seem to be a costume involved. Which is likely part of the point.

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