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  1. Only way things will change is through violence. Deep down, only thing a human being understands is violence.
  2. There won't be any compromise or sacrifices. It takes 2 to compromise and religious zealots never compromise so why even bother trying to convince them?
  3. Actually, I'm not and nor am I taking the moral high ground either.
  4. Okay, I am pretty sick of my GeForce FX 5200, it was better than the old board video display but now its pretty old. I am looking at the Geforce 5700 256 MB video card but I see there are two versions. The normal and the LE. The LE is a good $30 to $50 cheaper and wondering if there is any real difference between the two.
  5. I am taking no moral high ground, Volourn. Never have and never will. Its not a matter of want either, its a matter of need.
  6. We passed the point of civility long time ago. I think it was somewhere in the 60's or 70's. Now it is either us or them, and unfortunately they are winning. What the US needs is a major wake up call so the second civil war can start. Something needs to happen to motivate the non-Christians across this country to take up arms and start a new America.
  7. You make several strong points here, Di, which I happen to agree with. Like I said I am very tolerant to religion, as long as they keep it private and leave me out of it.I don't want to head to the library with some guy following me yelling that I am going to hell. I don't need some group of people knocking at my door peddling their scriptures. I don't need it and want it. Follow whatever god you may, but leave me alone. Thing is for most Christians it is their mandate to "spread the word" in the most annoying fashion. Christianity, and any religion, has no place in our government. G
  8. Since Christianity is pretty much a state religion thanks to Bush and his polcies why not. Morale Majority and their aligned churches have pretty much taken over our government.
  9. As long as he had policies I agree with, yes. If not, no.
  10. If that is how you wish to look at it be my guest, but it works.
  11. Actually being a full time student at the local university, as well as being over 25, and making less than $10,000 of taxable income allows you to be tax exempt. Before I was paying taxes, but with this combination I don't have to.
  12. Are you being particullarly thick? I am tax exempt because of a legal reason. The motivation behind getting that tax exemption is because I disagre with Bush's policies. I am not tax exempt because I voted for the other guy. Sheesh, how many times do you need that explained to you?!?!?!?
  13. The motivation was not because I voted for the other guy it is because I don't agree with Bush's policies. Motivation does not equal means. Do you really need that explained to you?
  14. There are legal loopholes that will allow a person not pay taxes.
  15. Will the new character be more powerful than Revan? Well, from what I have heard of both games KotOR 1 is limited to 20 levels while KotOR 2 is limited to 30 levels so that would be a yes.
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