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New Sith Armor?

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Look at the Sith soldier's weapon. Doesn't it look like Ordo's repeating blaster? Considering that Canderous was one of the few that couldn't be killed in KotOR, you might be up to something here :lol:

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In one of the screenshots, you can tell the sith/mandalorian armor is a woman. Unless, well, those boobs are fake.


Might not be true for the other pictures - it could very well be just armor, or a null NPC (per EGM), but in one picture (12/33), it definitely has boobs.




Canderous' wife, maybe? ;)

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Well it cant be sith armor because in a screen shot it shows the sith armor and its the same as before. I could be canderous but then again all weapons pretty mutch look THE EXACT SAME its just the name that is different but maybe it is canderous who knows :rolleyes:

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I'd wager heavily it isn't Canderous. He fights with Revan; if Revan was a Light Side Jedi in KOTOR, then why would Canderous fight for the Sith?


Now, Canderous as a General/Admiral in the Sith Armada if Revan were Dark Side...THAT I can see.

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Your chacter is supposed to be a veteran of the Mandalorian War, Maybe you brought some armor back. Maybe it's a Mandalorian who joins your party. Maybe it's an ancient relative of Boba Fett... Who likes the Jedi.


<_< Maybe it's Canderous' illigitimate daughter (since it does look like it has boobs). And she is out to kill Revan for turning her father into a softy (Light side)/ Killing him (Dark Side). :ph34r:


Or maybe Canderous was on the Ebon Hawk when it got its butt whuppin' and now he's back to be in your party.

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Looking at it again, it DOES look a lot like Mandalorian armor (Mostly like Jango Fett's armor). Hmmmmm <_<

casus fett hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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in EGM, it says the sith is there cause not all the party is done yet

Yes, but he's holding Ordo's Repeating Blaster nonetheless. :huh:

Remember the weapons the guards in the sith academy on Korriban were carrying, well don't they look like ordo's repeating blaster too. Also someone could have stolen an ordo's repeating blaster from the mandalorians. Remember ordo is the name of canderous's clan not just his last name.

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