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  1. Dual-wielding is stylistically bankrupt. I'd liken it to requesting a doggy bag at a gourmet restaurant as a means to scavenge home a piece of parsley, but that, at least, is practical.
  2. Luke complained throughout the entire first half of "A New Hope;" little Anni's angst is a none-too-subtle attempt to make a parallel between father and son.
  3. Then I suggest that you delve no further into the depths of internet slang. For, if so simple an acronym could offend you so, I doubt you could weather the unholy pairing of "rofl" and "lmao."
  4. I won't mourn the loss of romance as a major characterization device; given the nature and immediacy of the pc's quest, romance (in the form that we've been accustomed to by, say, KotOR) will be trite and contrived in varying degrees. The sappier part of me enjoys stereotypically saccherine love in an rpg, but the circumstances under which it takes will start slicing into me like pixelated daggers of torment if allowed to reach a critical mass of absurdity. Ultimately, I'd be satisfied most if romance would be present in as high a degree as feasibly possible without sacrificing realism in
  5. Almost all of my characters will single-wield, though I may break down and grant a guardian two sabers of colors: blue, gold.
  6. DS Consular (STR) 10 (DEX) 14 (CON)10 (INT) 12 (WIS) 14 (CHA) 16 LS Consular (STR) 10 (DEX) 14 (CON)10 (INT) 12 (WIS) 16 (CHA) 14 DS Guardian (STR) 14 (DEX) 16 (CON)14 (INT) 10 (WIS) 12 (CHA) 10 LS Guardian (STR) 14 (DEX) 16 (CON)12 (INT) 10 (WIS) 12 (CHA) 12
  7. Nobility is easy from a second person perspective. Were we to actually encounter such moral quandaries as Revan faced in KotOR, the path of the lightside would be much more difficult to maintain. Since this imperfect projection of the self on a second party is an inherent property unwont to change, well, we'll be forced to cringe at our own evil choices throughout the game, any game. This only applies to people putting themselves in the pc's place, of course. I suppose that a more sophisticated approach to evil in KotOR two might alleviate some of our squeamishness on the subject of com
  8. You're still not taking into consideration the fundamental point of my previous posts. The mindset of an attack may be good and pure, but if that attack is made with the force -- the all-consuming, alien entity -- the attacker is changed, through no intention of his own, both in his body and essence. The tangible decay that the bodies of Darksiders undergo as the fall farther into the Darkside is evidence enough of this.
  9. Again, I must reiterate that the force is not simply a mundane weapon like a blade, a blaster, or a lightsaber. It is alive in many ways. When one uses it in certain ways -- to do harm, for instance -- the force itself reinforces such actions in the Force user's mind.
  10. The distinction that Jedi philosophy seems to make between killing with the Force and killing through other means is a minute one, but it does have some validity to it. Remember that the Force is not a passive entity simply waiting to be drawn upon by some enterprising Sith or Jedi; it is an active thing. The lure of the Darkside expresses itself through a tangible sense of yearning, a need to use the Force in whatever fashion one wills its use. Giving in to this yearning not only rationalizes further such abuses in the Force User's conscious mind, it fundamentally alters the most basic
  11. Using the force to harm living or sentient beings is a darkside action. Given the level of sophistication of many of the SW robots, I'd say that there should be no differentiation betwen mechanical sentience or biological sentience. This does put the lightside at something of a disadvantage overall, yes, though. Lightside forcepower selection will be up to the task in a duel with the darkside, certainly, but it won't be as effective in taking on more mundane and numerous enemies. In part, I think this... uneven balance of power stems from the overavailability of all force powers.
  12. In and of itself, the idea is fine. I just happen to know from experience that the engendered response from the average board goer will read something like "OmGz h0t SiTh cHiXX0rs plz". Don't believe me? Ask yourself why just about every other thread is dedicated to Bastila in some way, shape, or form. Actually, I believe listening to fan feedback is a large positive for OE; I was just expressing annoyance at the overwhelming deluge of the drooling fanboy type that has flooded this forum for some time.
  13. Sometimes I wonder if Obsidian/BIS's policy of implementing fan suggestions into its games is a serious black spot on its record.
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