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Class/race specific dialogue options interesting or just minor flavour? (both DF and poe1)

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So, I wonder if I'd actually just shoot myself in the foot focusing my build decision partially around the amount of dialogue options the game offers.

I am quite fixated on Ciphers and Priests for that reason, but normally I would prefer to go for a martial class in games (Ranger or Paladin mostly, but here a Monk seems quite intriguing as well).

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As far as I can tell, the class/race specific options are both interesting and just minor flavour. So the dichotomy of your question is wrongly put. Every once in a while, your class or race may provide you with an option not everyone has. That is interesting, but it's just minor flavour.

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On 6/13/2021 at 4:54 AM, uuuhhii said:

class offer very little dialogue

race and culture are most important

godlike dialogue are not very interesting

but aumaua have some good one

especially for second playthrough

not to necro this thread, but ime the priest subclasses offer a suprising amount of dialogue changes, compared to the others. nothing totally unique, but you can bypass some fights easier than other classes, which might rely on specific reputation or stats otherwise. and there's a few "encounter" specific interactions that yield extra benefits that i've found only exist for a specific priest subclass (wael for a ship encounter, skaen for the effigy encounter).

i haven't played much paladin as mainchar, so paladin orders might get something similar, but i was honestly surprised at the amount of options the right deity choice gave compared to other classes (especially since in poe1 priest order hardly mattered at all aside from a special feat).

edit: ciphers also get occasional options in encounters along the lines of "search for the presence of other spirits." those two classes get the most impact in dialogue imo.

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On my Priest of Wael playthrough I remember talking back to Rymrgand during the failed experiment, but not so much that he would kill me via dialogue. Later I started Beast of Winter, and when I tried to go through the portal Rymrgand asked me if I was the same **** as before. There was a Priest of Wael unique shady/clever dialogue option along the lines of "You must have confused me with someone else." to which Rymrgand's reply is basically "Nice try" and another instadeath via dialogue.


Also if your character has minor intercession, all the priest classes have unique descriptions of just what a minor intercession is if you use it after contacting a plagued ship. For Wael, everyone aboard the ship blacks out and mysteriously wakes up back at their post some time later.

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