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Military Thread: Humanity Hanging from a Cross of Iron

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Why has elegance found so little following? Elegance has the disadvantage that hard work is needed to achieve it and a good education to appreciate it. - Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

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Scott Morrison gave Lukashenko a run for his money on press suppression before hand. Always the best way to deal with war crimes, raid the offices of those reporting on them and nick all their documents, just a shame from their POV that the documentary was already broadcast.

(There were also accusations that the NZ SAS committed war crimes, and the journalist who exposed them had previously been raided by the police for 'receiving hacked documents', when he published a book embarrassing to our then PM John Key. Those accusations were a lot less overtly war crimey than the Australian ones though, and the inquiry we eventually got when the government changed to one less angry at Nicky Hager could not determine that any war crimes happened, or that they weren't done by the US instead. It did establish that the Ministry of Defence and politicians lied consistently though)

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5 hours ago, Darkpriest said:



Anyone else can put some more in layman's words, whats the actual impact of such a weapon? 

Sometimes you want multiple targets to be hit exactly at the same time, or hit in a particular sequence.

But my understanding from other reports I've read is it isn't working as well as they need it to work, at least at this stage of development.

Btw, a version of the SDB has no warhead, and its destructive power is entirely kinetic.

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23 hours ago, Gfted1 said:

Yeah but thats a Hellfire variant R9X. The GBU-39 has a much longer range (with its glide wings) and is silent (no propulsion).

Oh right, yeah that's a Hellfire variant. Would be interesting to add it to the GBU-39.

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