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My party should be:

Druid chanter (Tekehu), monk rogue (Mirke), paladin fighter (pellegina), cipher barbarian (Serafen)


That leaves priest, ranger, wizard. I do not want to play Ranger wizard. Only other options are Priest Wizard/Priest Ranger - I hate priest.

If I have to repeat a class in this setup, Druid/cipher or chanter/cipher be better as multi....... would paladin chanter work better?

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I'm not clear on what you're looking for. What do you mean by "unique"? And are you opposed to using single class characters? They tend to be stronger casters: getting spells faster, higher power levels, and the most powerful spells.

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- do you intend to do megabosses?

- will you be fighting DLC bosses?

- what difficulty are you playing?

- is Pallegina kind wayfarer or not?

- will you be using Serafen as wild mind / barbarian or you are ok with changing him to ascendant / berserker?

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your party looks like a single class wizard would fit perfectly.


you have some frontline with Mirke & Pal, enough sustain with Pal & Teheku, some good CC with Serafen, all you need is a tad more AoE damage, which single class Wizard would easily provide

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A Beguiler is basically a cipher who can cast without generating focus with weapons. Since his Deception powers generate a lot of focus with Draining Whip AND powers cast from stealth count as sneak attacks he can start an encounter with Phantom Foes or Eyestrike or Secret Horrors and fill up his focus right away. Then just keep on casting whatever powers (shred for example) and refill focus with an occasional deception spell. Preferably one that helps you land the next shred spells.


A Psion is also able to be played like a pure caster - but I hate that his focus generation stops when he gets even grazed. Beguiler is kind of the better Psion in my opinion.


A single class Beguiler gets access to all the nice passives in the cipher ability tree - that seem to have been made with Beguiler in mind. Shared Nightmare + Amplified Wave after casting Phantom Foes + Complete Self + Soul's Echo + Empty Soul is just awesome. Huge AoE, lots of crits for will spells - wich will grant you +5 focus ON TOP of the focus you get anyway with Deception spells. It's great. With Time Parasite you can just spam powers so quickly. And besides all that you can still deal decent weapon damage (for a pure caster) if you wish.


Not to speak of the huge impact that all mind control powers have on the gameplay. It's like removing an enemy and summoning a creature at the same time.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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