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  1. In limited testing, yes Xoti's does stack (shows as 10% bonus at 1x stack, 20% at 2x stack etc. rather than the base 5%, 10% etc etc.). Didn't test all the weapons you mentioned though.
  2. I'll try to test it at the weekend (I've not actually tried the import mechanic at all). I know it's cheesy but at least Xoti's sickle wouldn't be broken as Scordeos edge if they both do stack
  3. How do weapon buffs work if you duplicate weapons through the import mechanic? I I were to duplicate, say, Xoti's sickle on a duel wielding character would it benefit from double stacks of Soul Reaper and Urgent Harvest?
  4. I think single class wizard is probably the most versatile and powerful caster, but other good options are an Ancient or a Ascendant I think.
  5. Aloths leather Upgraded Griffin's blade (10% damage to spells) Sun and Moon. All keyword PL equipment for different spells (like Lord Daryns Voluge for electricity)
  6. Okay, I admit that the Shaman build was pretty last minute. I just wanted to include a Shaman because of the class name and thought Wahai Poraga looked cool. I'm very open to swapping out Shaman with something else, as long as it still fits thematically. I take your point on hunting bows vs warbows. I was thinking that the class combo overpens a bunch, and with light armour the action speed penalties won't be too bad. Plus, with a high religion st. Omakus provides some sustain to the back line
  7. True, this will require a bit more imagination than most replays, but the idea is to form a thematic party rather than pure RP.
  8. I thought that it might be a fun topic for people to brainstorm and share faction specific party; a (mostly) player created party that tries to fit closely to the tenents of their faction in terms of class, arms and armour etc. There are the main factions of the Deadfire (Huana, VTC, RDC, Principi) but we could also extend it to smaller factions (Dawnstars, Paladin orders) or large cultures (e.g. Old Vailian) if you can think of a good combo. You should try to strike a balance in your party between a good range of abilities (tanks, support, dps etc.) and a thematic mix of classes.
  9. It would be interesting to see if the new Beraths Blessing makes sleight of hand an interesting option
  10. Glad it's solved! I'd just like to say it's really good spell. You can have someone else use the morning star modal ability to lower Fort defence to ensure it lands
  11. The Best Defense works like Tuitolos Palm? Great! I've been brainstorming a Vailian Duelist character using rapiers and small shields and stacking deflection. Some of this equipment looks perfect for it!
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