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Update #58 - The Forgotten Sanctum Preview

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Sorry if this has already been answered but is the re-spawning of sunk ships infinite?  And when do they re-spawn?  I'm guessing when you dock and re-supply, meaning you go back to land to restock and then sunk ships will re-spawn when you go back to sea?


They didn't give us any details. Could be that or after a set amount of time. Or something else...


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I really hope the respawning ships are generic. I don't want to see Veen skulking around poko kahara every 10 minutes


To clear things up: the respawning ships are indeed generic. None of the unique captains should respawn =)

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I try my very best.

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There are good mods for this. XP gain will not get "rebalanced" significantly because you need to get to (or get near to) level 20 when only doing the critical path.

Even if they don't rebalance, they might fix the persistent quest XP award bugs I've been seeing



(I wouldn't be averse to adding a "Completionist Mode" checkbox when starting a new game, which, when toggled, steps up the XP required for levels 6-20.)



Edit:  It seems I was confused into thinking that the post on the bottom of that page was the most recent one in the thread.  Apologies for talking to a week-old echo.  Need more caffiene. 

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The Liquorist!


The Spirits-Shifter!


The Puked-over Jacket!


The Soul-Sommelier!


The Rummy (half Rogue, half Mummy)!


The Boozed Bawler!


The Blitzed Bombardier!


The Hooligan!


Only the Steel Carrot and the Priest of Lasagneface are the party poopers.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Drunken monk ... ;)


Jackie Chan's Drunken Master was my favorite kung fu movie as a kid. If this class was released, I would have to reroll my main character and start a new game...


Speaking seriously though, we already have a monk on drugs, so there might be too much overlap. 

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I'm crossing my fingers for an interesting Barbarian subclass and maybe a Fighter one.

Barbarian is my favorite class but both Corpse Eater & Berserker really didn't appeal to me. Mageslayer was decent but not using potions turned out to be really annoying over the course of the game.

Fighter could use an interesting class because right now Devoted is kind of a no-brainer because it has good buffs without any drawbacks (if you just pick sabre) maybe with the exception of the 2 mega bosses (who seemed extremely difficult to beat and might require specific weapon changes).


Also looking forward to do my third run with all DLCs after doing 2 vanilla ones.

I love you guys with all my heart.


PS: Looking forward to the free fourth archmage.

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Dank Memes for Dank Spores.

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Exactly. Infinite ships would be a plus for who like ship combat, but a disappointment for who dislike it.


I hope the developers won't force it on us.


I cringe at the idea that whenever my party sail there is a good chance to be bothered by a random pirate.


Not to mention that to people like me that do not enjoy ship combat mechanic...a battle on the sea is simply :


1- Skip the whole minigame by simply keep going straight and ramming against the enemy's ship


2- Start the battle and hope you are not facing a ship with a crew of 2+ levels in comparison to your party.



its pretty easy to outrun them if you stick to deep water, you can also tell what level they are if you mouse over the ship. further all ships pause on the map when you stop your ship, and they are always visible on the map if you have removed fog of war. lastly there's only a couple times i couldn't disengage without incident that i can remember and none on my last playthru


the ship mechanic isn't ideal but i'm fine with it, we can't graft sid meier's Pirates! mechanics into an RPG unfortunately

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Apologies. Am on a timezone 16 hours ahead... so excited.

All good. IIRC, they usually release stuff around 10am PST (6pm GMT)

"Art and song are creations but so are weapons and lies"

"Our worst enemies are inventions of the mind. Pleasure. Fear. When we see them for what they are, we become unstoppable."

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