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Poll - Strongest/ Weakest Class (1.2.0)

Poll Strongest Class/ Weakest class (1.2.0)  

184 members have voted

  1. 1. What class do you think is curently the strongest class

  2. 2. What class do you think is currently the weakest

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@ who ever voted priest


yeah priest royaly suck right up until they get level 7 spells then they get really strong really quick


they need more and better buffs to keep the party alive in there low-mid levels

Even early game, the access to accuracy buffs and quick health restoration is pretty good imo. It’s saved me from a lot of early game trouble

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@who ever voted cipher


Ciphers are probably the hardest class to learn out of all the classes. That is why people think they are weak imo.


They are far from it. Ring leader is probably the most powerful spell in the game especially when you get the +10 acc vs will passive.


Recall agony is absolutely insanely powerful and is only level 2. Try it.


Then you got borred instinct. Disintegration is the highest single target damaging spell.

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ranger is not weak now but the damn pet is really nonsense.


The poll covers all subclasses as well. Ghost Heart is the only viable subclass because it removes the pet / Bonded Grief. This fact alone demonstrates that the Ranger as a whole is broken. The pet sucks, Bonded Grief sucks, large number of pet passives to make it viable sucks. The Sharpshooter subclass bestows a 10% penalty to ranged combat speed. The Stalker has to be micromanaged as to not have permanent Bonded Grief and the Gunhawk subclass is not availiable to players while it is much better than all other Ranger subclasses, pet able to break engagement when hurt and being superior to all other pets.

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I have never even bothered researching ranger sub-classes.


Just one look at there skill tree told me there was no way in hell i was ever going to roll one so i permanently mothballed them.


Obsdian have made the mistake of nerfing the actual ranger to compensate for the pet. I dont want a stupid pet I want a good ranger!


The really stupid thing is that about 80% of the other classes are better at ranged then a ranger. They need to change a rangers name to pet master.

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it somewhat bothers me that some class features are so obviously below par.

I mean anyone in Obsiidian that has played ranger can see that something's wrong with the pet


I agree. I think the pets are balanced to be part of a multiclassed character's features, rather than as the main defense of a ranger. 

Magran's fire casts light in Dark Places...

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If you havent noticed obsidian are very big on balancing


Because of this they have made the ranger weaker then all the other classses to compensate for the pet


This was a mistake from obsidian because the game is lacking a good ranged class at the cost of the stupid pet

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The Patch Notes for 1.2 ...



- Binding Roots now has the Plant keyword

- Thorny Roots now has the Plant keyword

- Thorny Roots Penetration 0 -> 7

- Master's Call and Binding Roots are no longer mutually exclusive with each other

- Marked Prey and Marked for the Hunt can no longer be empowered, since they gain nothing from additional PL

- Evasive Fire - Base damage from 20 to 36 -> 15 to 20


... leads me to believe they will not do a major rework for the whole Ranger (sub)class. PoE 1 also had a broken Ranger class to begin with, especially the pet. It got better with 2.0 and the first addon (I believe). Whats left is to hope they fully rework the class alongside Deadfires first expansion in a year or so.

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Any patch notes anywhere?


1.2 Class Changes




- Power Strike and Staggered Strike AOE is now Foe Only.

- Unbending Discipline Cost 3 -> 2.

- Unbending Shield Discipline Cost 3 -> 2.

- Unbending Trunk Discipline Cost 3 -> 2.

- Refreshing Defense - Concentration bonus now also refreshes duration.

- Refreshing Defense - No longer caps at +10 seconds (5 hits).




- Barbarian Frenzy abilities now properly check subclass for visibility, not ability ownership. (Berserkers should now be able to properly select Frenzy upgrades)

- Leap and Panther's Leap are now Loud on impact, Dragon's Leap is now Extremely Loud on impact.

- Heart of Fury is no longer included the default Barbarian Aggressive Behavior set.



- Trickster Gaze of the Adragan Guile Cost 3 -> 2.

- Trickster Wall of Many Colors Guile Cost 4 -> 3.

- Trickster Sneak Attack penalty -20% Damage -> -10%.

- Trickster now also acquires wizard illusion spells at PL 2, 4, 6, and 8.

- Eliminating Blow only applies Shaken to secondary targets, as suggested by its upgrade string.



- Shieldbearer LoH prevent death Duration 5s -> 4s.

- Virtuous Triumph 100% Zeal on Kill -> 25% Chance on Kill.

- Hands of Light Zeal Cost 1 -> 2.

- Greater Lay on Hands Zeal Cost 1 -> 2.

- Enemy Paladin AI now shares AI cooldowns between different Lay on Hands types.



- Binding Roots now has the Plant keyword.

- Thorny Roots now has the Plant keyword.

- Thorny Roots Penetration 0 -> 7.

- Master's Call and Binding Roots are no longer mutually exclusive with each other.

- Marked Prey and Marked for the Hunt can no longer be empowered, since they gain nothing from additional PL.

- Evasive Fire - Base damage from 20 to 36 -> 15 to 20.



- Torment's Reach no longer mentions deprecated Crush damage

- Torment’s Reach now targets Deflection on the primary target

- Torment’s Reach now benefits from +25% weapon damage.

- Torment's Reach and Raised Torment no longer Stagger or Stun the primary target.

- Rooting Pain - 100% Chance on Wound -> 25%.

- Flagellant's Path now deals only crush damage to enemies in the path, instead of Full Attacks. Launching Kick now also deals the crush damage as well, as intended.



- The Lights Danced Across the Moor summons now use the appropriate wisp character stats (with distract attack).

- Seven Nights She Waited projectiles destroy after hitting a target.

- Her Tears Fell Like Rain projectiles destroy after hitting a target.

- Her Tears Fell Like Rain secondary damage 15 to 23 -> 6 to 12.

- At The Sound of His Voice The Killers Froze Stiff 6s Paralyze -> 4s.

- And Their Fear Followed 6s Paralyze -> 4s.

- And Their Fear Followed Phrase Cost 4 -> 3.

- Hel-Hyraf and its upgrade now target Deflection.

- And Evil Turned Away From The Sun now properly grants immunity to resolve afflictions and properly damages Spirits and Vessels, it now also no longer gains additional projectiles from PL scaling.



- Iconic Projection now extends its attack information to the attack bar tooltip.

- Suppress Affliction 5m Range -> 8m.

- Barbs of Condemnation -5 Defenses -> -10.

- Holy Meditation 10s Duration -> 15s.

- Repulsing Seal Interrupt (Prone) on Hit -> Graze.

- Warding Seal Penetration 7 -> 9.

- Priest of Wael variant of "Gaze of the Adragan" is now defined as PL 7 (the same level it is acquired).

- Barring Death's Door 10s Duration -> 8s.

- Triumph of the Crusaders base Healing 200 -> 80.

- Divine Terror 15s Duration Frighten -> 20s.

- Magran's Faith Attuned Proc status effect now stacks up to 2 times to support dual wielding weapons with the exact same effect.



- Spiritshift will now continue to provide equipment bonuses while in spiritshift form (excluding armor and weapons).

- Spiritshift no longer scales duration with Power Level (Form Weapons and Armor will still scale).



- Citzal's Enchanted Armory no longer removes all of the Wizard's other equipment.

- Flame Shield now extends its attack information to the attack bar tooltip.

- Form of the Fearsome Brute will now continue to provide equipment bonuses while in ogre form (excluding armor and weapons).

- Confusion Slow Cast -> Average Cast.

- Confusion Fast Recovery -> Average Recovery.

- Concelhaut's Draining Missiles now properly returns health for each missile that impacts the target.

- Gaze of the Adragan Slow Cast -> Average.

- Substantial Phantom unique progression table now grants the proper wizard spells and wizard AI necessary to cast Minoletta's Minor Missiles, Necrotic Lance, and Arduous Delay of Motion.

- Essential Phantom and Substantial Phantom now receive copies of the wizard's weapons when summoned.

- Wall of Force now uses the proper icon for its trap ability.

- Minoletta's Concussive Missiles 5 Projectiles Base -> 3.

- Minoletta's Concussive Missiles Base Damage 10 to 13 -> 7 to 10.

- Minoletta's Concussive Missiles AOE Base Damage 7 to 8 -> 4 to 6.

- Deleterious Alacrity of Motion to also grant +15% Action Speed.

- Deleterious Alacrity of Motion effects now all have the same base duration.

- Wizard Subclass +20% Recovery Time -> +10%.

- Reordered Wizard Subclass effects to show bonuses before penalties.

- Wizard Subclass +1PL -> +2 PL.

- Kalakoth's Minor Blights +20 Accuracy removed from attack.

- Kalakoth's Minor Blights 5 Penetration -> 7 Penetration.

- Kalakoth's Minor Blights 10m range -> 8m.

- Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Average Cast -> Slow Cast.

- Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Average Recovery -> Fast Recovery.

- Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Duration 20s -> 15s.

- Ryngrim's Enervating Terror 2.5m Radius -> 1.5m Radius.

- Ryngrim's Enervating Terror 20m Range -> 8m.

- Caedebald's Blackbow Terrify on Hit now vs Will.

- Wall of Draining's negative effects are now set to Hostile and will properly break stealth if cast on an enemy.

- Wizard's Double is now overridden to not be able to be empowered, since it gains nothing from additional PL.



- Mental Binding Cast Speed Average -> Fast.

- Mental Binding Recovery Fast -> Average.

- Mental Binding 6s Immobilize Duration -> 10s.

- Reaping Knives Attack Speed Average -> Fast.

- Fractured Volition 15s Duration -> 20s.

- Body Attunement 15s Duration -> 20s.

- The spell "Tactical Meld" is now available during cipher progression.

- Tactical Meld +1 Engagement Limit -> +3.

- Screaming Souls base Raw Damage 15 to 25 - > 30 to 50.

- Screaming Souls Distract Duration 8s -> 18s. 

- Secret Horrors Duration 12s -> 15s.

- Defensive Mindweb Average Recovery -> Fast.

- Pain Link Duration 12s -> 15s.

- Echoing Horror Frighten Duration 8s -> 12s.

- Haunting Chains Duration 18s -> 20s.

- Tenacious Grasp 15s base duration -> 20s.

- Eyestrike Slow Cast Speed -> Average.

- Mind Plague 12s Duration -> 15s.

- Whisper of Treason 20s base duration -> 15s.

- Puppet Master 20s base duration -> 15s.

- Ringleader 20s base durations -> 15s.

- Whisper of Treason 10m Range -> 4m.

- Puppetmaster 5m Range -> 8m.

- Wild Leech Recovery Average -> Fast.

- Wild Leech Duration 15s -> 30s.

- Borrowed Instinct Duration 30s -> 20s.

- Ancestor's Honor is now Ancestor's Memory and now grants the Brilliant Inspiration for 12s instead of +1 Empower Point.

- Eyestrike AOE Size Small -> Medium.

- Mind Wave AOE Size Medium -> Large.

- Defensive Mindweb AOE Size Medium -> Large.

- Detonate now checks that health is below 25% not that it is below 25 value.

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Chanter is kicking ass when it comes to buffing and support, but it is not exacly definition of strong. Suport class are useful, but not exacly strong. Same tank.

Some classes can have a couple useful abillities, but rest meh. Like ciphers, charms or amplified wave or borrow instick are fine, just there is not much left.


Sometimes it is less about power, but more fun or options to play.

Which class is mostly disappoiting?

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