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  1. Another big problem is that POE2 just don't have enough content.We can finish all quests within 40 hours.That's really hurt.If they can put as much quests and companions as BGII into POE2, the game of course will be great successful.
  2. The main problem of POE2 is not about structure or open world.The biggest problem is that the story is just bad writen.
  3. Yes,no more sidekick.We just want companions.Barbarian,Cipher and single class Ranger do need more love.
  4. Empower is a broken win button right now, and I find that not using it makes the game a lot more fun. I really don't know who thought it's a good idea - hey let's let a level 10 guy cast something at level 20 basically once every single battle! ESPECIALLY the rest system is so broken.
  5. Yes,POTD is harder.But it's not fun enough.Devs just increased normal enemies' data and add more units,which make battles slower and a little boring.But most bosses are still weak,no new abilities,no new spelles,no new AI,just increase a few basic data as normal enemies.
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