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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have started studying Godot (doing the 3D tutorial project from the official documentation), and would like to know if there are accessible (free and understandable for a beginner) tutorials for isometric RTwP CRPGs or action-RPGs for the Godot game engine? Also, if I am aiming for a RTwP CRPG, like PoE or Pathfinder, would 3D with fixed camera or 2D be more appropriate? Thank you.
  2. As the title states, and I own POE 2, POE 1, and Tyranny from Obsidian sooo I hope that this doesn't cross some line of conflict of interest in the case there's some rule against it. Anyways, I've got a rather long vacation at hand and I was wondering if anyone could list some cRPGs (especially ones that haven't received a ton of mainstream attention) for me made, say, since 2010? I've done tons of google searches, but it seems like their algorithm is biased towards counting cRPG as RPG. Thanks!
  3. Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen just launched today. It's a party based CRPG with turn-based tactical combat on a hex grid and using the OGL ruleset (i.e., 3.5e D&D). They're also releasing the game with the editor / toolset so it will hopefully have many user created mods. It looks absolutely fantastic to me. I much prefer TB to RTwP. I only hope the story will be better than ToEE. The KS is raising funds in part to help hire a lead writer so that's a good sign
  4. Was wondering, what is your favorite lenght for crpg like Pillars or other Skyrim? Or maybe there is a big difference between Isometric and TPP? My thoughs: 30 hours is sufficient, to have enought story and gameplay, but not be fed up with. That is a lenght of KOTOR or Shadowrun Dragonfall (great games). Even better if almost complete run takes 60 hours, but half of that is more or less optional, so we can play it our way. There are people who likes Dungeons, Boss fights, Wildneress, All text quests, collecting and so on. Say no to time soakers, like excesive managing inventory and vendors, or long travel times (no fast travel) Quality over quantity. No MMO style. Just because MMO are popular and well advertised does mean it is good gameplay. There is some potencial in post release support. Like adding Bounties or endless dungeon after release as free dlc. Only 10-25% players finish game at all, so pushing for some enourmous lenght could be waste. Expansions like WHite March are fair, since not not forcing to pay for content we dont wanna play is ok. And You?
  5. Romances in video games. Interesting topic it is. Sometimes spark some heated discussions like 1st time Bioware showed some blured blue buttcheaks in ME1 (the horror), or Overwatch Tracer showed off her glutes, not to mention PoE tombstone with joke about transsex in world full of general prejudice. Players seems to be more exited about making war not love, at least in virtual fiction. So what do You think about romances in video games, more specific crpg? As for memorable examples: Mario and Zelda (or is it Link?) the first example of using sex drive to motivate players to smash head against the walls or abuse maschrooms. Witcher 2 or Deus EX HR, we was on quest to rescue our princess. There was probably some world domination plot also, not sure. Witcher 3, rescue the world yadda yadda, also some father-daughter relationship, this game is mosty about spending time with your daughters before great white cold gets us all. Also this game sometimes punish player if he playes to much with women hearts. Thumbs up for hilarious dialogues and love interest being own being not just token. Baldurs Gate 2, numerous instances, like party members fighting for MC affecion, or Hydralisc Scoundrel wooing Aerie out of party, or being able to turn Dark Drow a bit less dark. Dragon Age Origins: we could perform demonic abortion which changes ending and future of the world. ME123 FF7 (and more) as soon as we know each other she will die in most horrible way. Dragon Age Inqusition, Dorian and Iron Bull are romance interest, gay, and complex characters. KOTOR1 with a power of love we could cure dark side. Persona jRPG... that is some different way to play, but some people like it. Mass Effect 123 if we romance Liara it makes much more sense why she spends so much resources on saving commandor Shepard. On the other hand there are examples of showing sex in the very casual way like Witcher 1. Probably not that bad (it is not like you are forced to do it). However need to decide if we show romance as serious plot element or joke (sex jokes always good). Some thoughts: Spending all time together in enviroment full of threat and adventure leads to bonding and affection. Ignoring that is another game simplification (nothing bad). Romances could lead to greater immersion into story or be just other field of roleplay. Is my character romantic or more casual or prude? We could use romance interest for something, drive the main plot or start sidequest. Could allow advanced interaction with CNPC, like manipulate to dark side or something Allow more emotional exposition (most characters will not open too much even to their trusty leader) which some people enjoy. Dont need to be consumed before boss battle. Could carry on for whole game never having final declaration. Romances are interactive, which is abit better than lore stream of usual companion conversation. How to do good: Unless main quest drive should be optional. Needs more dialogue options about love interest being our favorite companion since Garrus or dreaming about future. Love interest will probably be jealious for our "side quests" Possibility of screwing our romance over if we hooing too much, or make other major mistakes. Love interest dont need to approve all our action. Having moody but extreme loyal companion... that is something. Love interest needs to be interesting as character on its own, even as bro Not all lovers need to be punchy, cute, soft and have dramatic trauma from the past. Need option to end at any given time, magic is gone and i feel nothing. Had PoE1 romance potencial? Well, Eder was already very dedicated almost worshiping watcher, also he is a simple man who probably couldnt resist magic girl who can literally touch his soul. But that would require more dialogue text, probably some sidequest to show us affection, and some scene under the stars talking about future in the stronghold with mini zoo full of soft creatures. Pallegina, that would be another story, probably not consumed in any way, since she is bond by her duty and order. Diplomatic immunity does not protect against charm. That would be interesting if we tried, and she even wanted, but cant since duty. Real knighty story. Aloth, it will be Aloth in the streets, Iselmyr in the sheets. Romances generally increase production cost, since more text, and also it probably be better if we have companion quest to interact with choosen one, and we need skilled copywritter which is resource on its own. Not easy stuff. Some ideas?
  6. Hi Folks, I just signed on to the Obsidian forum. I am a backer at the Pillars 2 :Deadfire Fig campaign. It has come to my attention that Obsidian has shown some interest in making a game in the Arcanum universe. Activision owns the IP. I have made a petition at change.org. For the time being the petition results will be forwarded to Activision's Investor Relations Department. The information can be found here. http://investor.activision.com/contactus.cfm I have been in contact with them by email notifying them of the petition. I feel like there will be a lot interest in this here. Please feel free to sign and share with any friends, groups, and forums you think will be interested. If you do post at another site please share that information here so we don't spam a site or forum too much. Thank you https://www.change.org/p/ir-activision-com-petition-to-lease-the-arcanum-ip-to-obsidian-entertainment?source_location=minibar Regards
  7. In my opinion, perhaps the greatest CRPG to grace the computer in 90s. Epic artwork, music, complexity, depth, and NWN-style combat. Sadly, MPS Labs only ever released the Germany portion of the game. MPS had plans to release a France, Portugal, and Spain expansion but the game's initial sales didn't convince the investors -- largely do to bugs in the initial release. I'm sure some of the developers at Obsidian have played this game, as Pillars of Eternity seemed to borrow more than a few aspects from Darklands. In any event, I (and many others, to be sure) would love, love, love, LOVE to see a faithful port/reboot of the game on the modern engine used by Pillars... but only if Obsidian did it, as I know they're the only people that could do it justice. Please consider? :D
  8. Back in 2012 i think it was I was starved for a real classic RPG. And I mean real starved. Then a newsarticle in a national newspaper here in Norway suddenly made me aware of two things: That there was something called Kickstarter and two: Obsidian was gonna do a new, interesting game on it, named Project Eternity. The first thing that hit me was the strange project name, but knowing obsidian for their fantastic games i read it through and got very much intrigued. This was the kind of games Ive had been waiting for, for...years! This was before the release of the BG1 and BG2 enhanced enditions etc. so I didnt even have those games to spend some time with, and so, i read through the kickstarter again. Paying for a game before its even produced is for me totally alien. Something out there. Normal customer behaviour is usually you walk to the store, look for a nice game and if you find something you like, you buy it!! But i knew now that most game companies wanted to make games that did not include the kind of game i wanted. I guess its part of the time we are in and being old school game player equals being a old person dating from the stone age. I dunno how the kids today look on my computerfascinations, but CRPG is for me the real game. So I thought about giving my share to have this game realised. I wanted it! And more I read about it, the more I liked it! So I made an account with Kickstarter. The time was actually running out for me there since it took some time from i learned about it all! But that didnt stop me. Then come what should I support this game with. For every tier there where something exciting. I love many things in games, and many of those things where on high tiers. Private housing at 2 million, crafting/enchanting at 2,4m, stronghold at 3m and the chance for a 2nd big city realised itself on 3.5 million etc. First I went with 250 dollar tier, and living in Norway I gladly added another 30 dollar for shipping. And then I sat back, happily enjoying that I had supported in plans finally bringing to life a game i had been looking for, for years!! Now, back to the tiers. Along the way i had the pleasure to see that I was certainly not alone in wanting this game! Many others where too, and as the money flowed in, I saw many of these tiers reached their goals, and things I wanted dearly got within reached. I got restless. Being so late into the kickstarter I had not had the chance taking the money I shot into it into my daily spending. If I wanted to spend more money on this seemingly fabolously game I had to cut something. Thankfully it never come to that anyway, but I was able to add another 250 dollar later to the game before its time ran out completely, landing me around 500-600 dollar tier with a nice signed collectors box from my favorite game producers! The game is now straight around the corner, and I cant wait. It have been 2-3 years now in waiting, but that waiting have been a pleasure since we had the chance in following Obsidian along the way. I dont know how that have been for Obsidian. Having a bunch of fans peeking over their shoulders all the time, can be more annoying than business shareholders. People like me take more interest in having a good game than it bringing in more money. I do ofcource want it to bring in a fortune for you guys so you can make other fantastic games, but rite here, rite now, I have to say I simply cant wait for the game to go live! And having had the pleasure at following the 90 or so update mails, we surely got a good look on things with this game. And I am happy! I dont know ofcource how Obsidian will evaluate this kickstarter production for PoE but I am happy! And I hope Obsidian is too, so much that if they want to produce another CRPG they might try going all Kickstarter again. Just give us a shout first! You got my emailadress! Now, I am waiting for the 26th of march, which means in good time before my Easter vacation. I CANT WAIT! THANK YOU SO FAR TO EVERYONE WHO HAVE MADE THIS GAME POSSIBLE! I REALLY CANT WAIT!
  9. 1. Forgetting to balance enchantments. You have your two-handed weapon, 1h weapon & shield and dual wielding 1h weapons options. Which ones ill you go for? In most CRPG's you'd go for the last two. Why? Because the designers seem to forget that TWO magical items equals TWICE the magical enchantments, hence why such combos are almost always vastly superior to a 2h weapon. You have a paralisis enchantment on that big 2H axe? That's nice, I got a paralisyis enchantment on my 1h sword and a blindness enchantment on my 1h mace. I deal 2(3?) damage types and have twice the chance to incapacitate you. What's that? But you do more damage 2d6 +5 fire damage? Not bad. I do 1d8+5 fire and 1d6+5 ice damage. Opps. Looks like you underperform there too. 2. Loot/magic obsession. Finding loot is part of a CRPG charm. But it's not waht a CRPG should be about. It's not why we remember great fnatasy stories. Your average CRPG protagonists goes trough magical items faster than a starving man trough food. Magical items constantly discarded, used for 5 minutes untill a better weapon comes along. Long before the end of the game, every single inventory slot is filled with magical items. By the end, a character would cause a magic detector to explode. She sheer magniute of magical energy radiated over the hoards of legendary/epic items that the world hasn't seen in millenia would be OVER 9000!!! Magic and magical items are overused. When everything is magical, nothing is. Magic itself loses part of it's charm and "oomph". Powerful magical items are ntohing but trinkets to be discarded. When you think of Aragorn - was every single thing he carried magical? Did it have to be? Do characters in fantasy storeis switch equipment every 5 minutes? No, they find something nice and stick with it. It's one of the reasons I loved BG1 atmosphere so much. It felt so real. A qualtiy steel weapon was viable even at end game. You didn't finish the game with everything being a magical +5,+10 uber-item. 3. if less is more, more is less? Padding the game length with unnecessary, repettiive fight. Every road will have bandits. Or hostile wildlife with no sense of self-perserveation. And they will respawn. Sometimes entire game sections will be nothing more than padding (looking at you FF) /fillers. Because clearly, long game = automaticly better game. Right? Right?
  10. Shadowrun Returns is on sale for the price of a beer. Should I buy the game, or a beer?
  11. One of the best modern RPG breakdowns I have ever seen. He does a good job of dodging the Computer vs Console debate and goes right after the issue of trading fans for player$. Sadly, I think he's right and that things like TES & IE games are a thing of the past, unless we, as avid RPGers, keep the crowdsourcing initiative alive. (Well, he didn't say that exactly but it is the logical conclusion.) BTW: I think the industry could really do well by redefining the term casual gamer. Right now, it includes far too many people: children, soccer parents, people who play only in a social setting and low hours players. A person who plays a game more slowly, and puts in few hours per sitting may indeed play casually, but still might not want the challenge of the game reduced to the mental faculties of the average 9 year old.
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