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  1. I am a self-admitted Mac fanboy, but just couldn't wait for Pillars beta. So I decided to reboot into a YEARS old BootCamp partition. I think its running some old copy of Windows7. I honestly have no idea. (Steam was already on it from when I decided to replay Diablo2 one time). Anyway, Steam took a long time to update, but eventually worked. PoE linked to my account fine, and I downloaded the beta. Didn't get much further than character creation though...crashed several times (all during character creation). One time I got into the game, but crashed shortly after walking around a bit. I have a few crash dumps somewhere on my machine, but I'm not sure where it saved them. If it would help, I'll happily go track them down, but I probably should just wait for the Mac version, yeah? For example, this crashes everytime: 1) Human -> next 2) Meadow Folk -> next 3) Click Wizard (pauses a sec) 4) Click Chanter (pauses, then BOOM....every time). I don't know if its useful though, as I probably am using a very ill-advised setup! (As I said, just couldn't wait!). Everything I saw looked amazing though! Looking forward to the OSX version! -pj
  2. Description: After running away from battle, combat state never finishes so that party can rest, leave area, save, etc. Steps to reproduce: 1-Start new game. 2- Travel to Stormwall Gorge 3- Activate scouting mode. 4- Bypass lions with BB wizard. 5- Get near Pwgra so that it starts looking for you. Only "activate" one Pwgra so that you can get away. 6- As soon as it is close enough to attack you, run away fast enough that it cannot chase you. 7- Go back next to party. 8- Wait to see if Pwgra follows. If it doesn't, continue to wait. 9- It will never leave combat state. What it should do: After a reasonable amount of time, the combat state should end. Pwgra should return to beginning position. I can't send save file, because it won't let me save. Please let me know if you need any other documents. DXDiag can be found in my signature.
  3. Description: Clicking on a characters portrait while having a party member selected will also move that party member to the location underneath the portrait. How to reproduce: Start new game. Select a party member or members. Right click portrait to open up character information screen. Close character information screen. Party members who are selected will now move to the location clicked by the mouse. What is wrong/ what should happen: Character information screen should open without a concurrent "move" order being made. I don't think you need any files. Let me know if you do.
  4. [Description of the issue] Upon selecting BB Wizard a bugged display pops up which does not include access to his spells, etc. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load linked savegame 2) Open inventory 3) Equip BB Wizard with grimoire (Note: UI is already displayed incorrectly before this step, it doesn't change upon equipping the grimoire, steps 2-4 can technically be skipped but I wanted to note that having the grimoire equipped makes no difference) 4) Return to main game screen 5) Select BB Wizard 6) Clearly bugged UI pops up offering access to only his weapon and a quick access item [Expected behavior] Selecting BB Wizard should cause correctly displayed UI to pop up allowing access to all weapon sets, quick items, spells, and abilities. [Other remarks / Comments] The incorrectly displayed box will change. For example, if after the above steps you select BB Fighter and then select BB Wizard again, the display box will still offer only access to those two things but will be stretched horizontally to show more blank space. [Files] http://www.upload.ee/files/4223513/65c1d25b068a407398ad8ac9957d0892_StormwallGorge_8362853.savegame.html DxDiag Attached DxDiag.txt
  5. I don't remember the name, been there twice but "L.. R.." something. The language feels new, even though I've read it in theory, it's good. Description: Lag in the Stormwall Ruins when entering and disappearing Rogue and unfinishable fight. 1- Dwarf, Rogue, Old Valia, Dissident, Noble Focus 2- Went to Stormwall Gorge 3- Defeated some Lions 4- Took a Settler's Arrow 5- Owned the Pwra (sp) 6- Entered Ruins. #7- Super sudden slowdown lag, not "Slow-Motion" but really laggy and unresponsive. Icon bug. #8- Engaged spiders. The did not engage back all the way. #9- Used "Escape" with Rogue, became invisible (Hobbled+Escape bug). Party died. Unkillable spider. Expected: #7- If the spell bar is out it should take priority above icons underneath. And no lagging when entering. #8- VFX to be displayed underneath the target and not duplicated on the party. #8- Spiders attacking/engaging in combat, or in-combat/terroritorial spider behavior~AI. #9- Rogue successfully escaping and/or getting visually hobbled. - Output_log.txt Comment #1: I was downloading Dishonored GOTY in the background in Steam. Suspecting lag due to that. Comment #2: I was playing a "no save game" unfortunately so I don't have a save this time.
  6. Combat in this game promises to be deep and rewarding. I've had a lot of fun with it. But one annoyance (other than the bugs) is that I can't tell what command I just issued to a character. I don't know whether my mage is in the process of casting a Lightning spell, for example. I sometimes have to check the character's spell/ability counts just to see whether he's in the process of casting it, or just cast it. In Baldur's Gate they remedied this by showing the pending spell/action on the bottom-right corner of the portrait. Some sort of indicator like this would be awesome when issuing orders during a pause. PS--sorry I didn't see the General Threads before posting this! Next time I'll use 'em if they apply
  7. When you attempt to take an item from your stash and you are in a hostile or non resting environment it states that you need to be in a rest area to access that slot. This in of itself isn't a problem....unless you accidentally close the stash box and now that item you are dragging around with your cursor is stuck. You cannot open the stash, you can't hit escape to get out of it, or anything. You are stuck and forced to shut the game off and restart. There has to be a way to either open up the stash so you can put the item back, or ESC out of that selection.
  8. Minor grammar bug. The description for Secret Horrors (see attached screenshot) reads "Causes enemies in the area of effect believe their worst nightmares..." Should read "Causes enemies in the area of effect to believe..."
  9. I was going to the first forrest after the village and here I encountered the first fight with forest bugs. And when I was fighting and hitting game pause the sound for hitting with a sword was playing on repeat which is an annoying noise when you are doing something else. Also my spells for my wizrd disappears when I try to access them on the level bar. Sometimes they are their and sometimes not.
  10. It's hard to know what's worth buying unless you've memorized what each of your guys is wearing. Would be nice if you could view your toons' armor/weapons without closing out a complicated trade. Then you know whether that expensive sword really beats your equipped +12 Hackmaster. Since you don't know what the merchant will have to trade, you won't know whether he'll have a relevant upgrade until you've opened trade. This improvement would allow us to sell our equipped mace if the blacksmith has an enchanted warhammer we can afford.
  11. During character creation you can only change your skin and hair color once. After closing the selection box it doesn't respond to clicks anymore. Thus, if you change your character's gender or race afterwards again, you are stuck with the default selection. Clothing colors can be changed always. Expected behavior: skin/hair color selection should behave like the clothing color selection and not be unuseable after the first try
  12. Not sure if to mention this. Most probably known? You can start the game with a ranger without getting her animal companion. 1) Start new game 2) Select any non ranger class (like Fighter) and continue with other character creation steps (like character attributes for example). 3) Click on the class option and then select Ranger (so now instead of being a Fighter, you would be a Ranger). 4) Once selected Ranger, don't click next but your last character creation step (in my example, the character attributes). 5) Finish character creation and start the game. 6) Ranger has no animal companion (and if he gets one by default, I surely don't know which is the "summon" key for it). And I say Ranger but you can do the same with Wizards, for example. And not just your character, but also the adventurers that you can hire. I haven't tried yet to level up one of this characters to see if they get to select the missing stuff on level up but it doesn't change the fact that: --> You shouldn't be able to start the game (or hire an adventurer) if any of the class features (companion, spells...) is not selected by the player. (Being able to start the game without spending any attribute point sounds crazy too but maybe someone could find a challenge to play Gimpy McGimp)
  13. I loaded up the game before by accident in 1280x720 without ticking the Windowed Mode and it loaded the game. The Obsidian logo appeared full screen. However the game booted up in 1920x1080 with a 1280x720 window for the main menu art. When I loaded into the level it was at 1920x1080 There are also no 4:3 resolutions, so I can't test the game on my CRT monitor.
  14. Clicking Set All in the Auto-Pause options, then clicking an individual auto-pause option, clears ALL of the other auto-pause checkboxes. Annoying when you want to use Set All and then just clear a few of the options. I've noticed multiple times that the "Enemy Sighted" option for auto-pause is grayed out. This is during a game, whether in or out of combat. I can check it by clicking Set All, but then the above bug bites me when I want to uncheck other items. Also, a few times I've opened the Auto-Pause options to find all of my carefully-chosen checkboxes cleared out.
  15. Game was stuck after Alt-Tabbing so I thought I'd note what I've seen so far. I'm able to start the game through character creation without spending any attribute points. I can't leave the Level Up menu without actually leveling up. Can't open the menu and just exit. In the Options Menu the bottom item in a list will be overlayed with the fade effect even when scrolled all the way to the bottom. See Fade.jpg attachement. When talking to an NPC, if you keep your mouse on the NPC then their name/title covers their speech bubble. See Speech.jpg. Cumulative attachment size too big so I'll upload this in a moment. When changing submenus in the Options Menu the submenu titles will alternate appearing and dissappearing as you change submenus. See Submenu.jpg. Was playing in full screen mode and Alt+Tabbed out, and when I tried to go back into the game it would bring up the top of the game window as if it were in windowed mode, but nothing else. I could still see my desktop. Checked Task Manager and the game was still running fine, and I could still hear the music and background sounds. I'm unable to reproduce this issue now, so unfortunately no screenshot, but I do have the output_log.txt attached. Nothing that isn't too obvious so far, but I thought I'd report them nonetheless. output_log.txt
  16. [Description of the issue] When in a merchant menu, accessing another UI overlay (character sheet, inventory) causes a rather awful looking mishmash. [steps to Reproduce] Get any character. Go to a store or shop and open the buy/sell UI overlay. Open a different overlay (inventory, character sheet) by hotkey. Witness the horribleness. [Expected Behaviour] Either one overlay should dominate the other, or user overlays should be inaccessible during a purchase. [Other Remarks / Comments]
  17. Perhaps not an actual bug, but I consider it an issue, anyway. (And again, maybe already known, but ... 25+ pages.) [Description of the issue] Place of [Enchant] button on Item Information pop-up window very unintuitive. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Start a new game, open inventory and right-click on a weapon or armor. (See Screenshot) -Notice how there's a button is placed in the bottom middle of the popped up information window. Try to close the window. - Instead of clicking outside the window, automatically click the button at the bottom. -Notice you're now in the Enchant Menu, instead of back in your inventory. [Expected behaviour] ... There is a single, centered button placed at the bottom of a window. 20(+?) years of PC use has trained me to see this as an "Okay/Acknowledged/Dismissed" button. I know I can't be the only one. I don't care that it says "Enchant", the Expected Behaviour of a button placed in that location is to close that window, especially in the absence of an actual [x] in the upper right corner. Maybe add an actual "Close" button, and place 'em side by side at the bottom? [Other remarks / Comments] Eh, I might get used to it after clicking it inadvertently another 100 times or so... Heh. Deprogramming is hard.
  18. [Description of the issue] When right clicking on a user portrait to get to the character screen, the click is also registered as a world action. [steps to Reproduce] Load default settings, create a character, start the game. Place the UI such that a character portrait is over something that would react to a click. Right click on the portrait. Observe that the character performs an action alongside the UI opening up the character screen. [Expected Behaviour] Portraits should not allow a right click to fall through to the world. [Other Remarks / Comments] Only appears to be a problem with the character portraits and right click. Other UI elements work as expected.
  19. Hey, this is probably already known, but I'm not going to scour 25 pages of topics to see if it's a duplicate. [Description of the issue] Screen resolution picker in Configuration tool does not work properly. Neither does the in-game option. ASSUMPTIONS: (made after playing around with it for too long) Pillars of Eternity Configuration tool: DOES set resolution for Obsidian Logo splash intro. DOES NOT set actual screen resolution once arrived at Main Menu DOES load appropriate art assets for selected resolution. In-Game OPTIONS -> GRAPHICS: DOES set actual screen resolution DOES NOT load appropriate art assets. DOES NOT retain appropriate art assets set in [Pillars of Eternity Configuration] tool after changing resolution. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Be aware of the proper proportions for the background art on the main menu (see screenshots #1 & #2) 1)Previously, have run game the game at native screen resolution (1680x1050 in my case). 2)From Steam, start the game. In the Configuration tool, set resolution to 1280x720. Confirm [Windowed] is not checked. Click [Play!] -Notice how Obsidian Logo intro splash is played at 1280x720 -Notice how, upon arriving in the Main Menu, resolution has reverted to 1680x1050 (Check with your screen's OSD menu, or take a screenshot.) -Notice how the background is improperly scaled - image does not fill the entire screen. (Screenshot #3) 3)Click [Options], then [Graphics]. Set resolution to 1280x720. (Select [Yes] to save changes.) Exit options menu. -Notice how resolution has been set to 1280x720. -Notice how background is again, improperly scaled - image is too zoomed in. (Screenshot #4) 4)Exit Game Same problem happens the other way around : [WORKAROUND/FIX, CAN SKIP] Start Game, in Configuration tool, confirm that resolution is (still) set to 1280x720. Click [Play!] -Notice how Obsidian Logo intro splash is played at 1280x720 -Notice how Main Menu background is properly scaled. (Screenshot #2, again) Exit Game [/WORKAROUND] 5)Start Game, in Configuration tool, set resolution to 1680x1050 Click [Play!] -Notice how Obsidian Logo intro splash is played at 1680x1050 -Notice how Main Menu reverts to 1280x720 -Notice how Main Menu background is too zoomed in. (Screenshot #4 again, this time.) 6)Click [Options], then [Graphics]. Set resolution to 1680x1050. (Select [Yes] to save changes.) Exit options menu. -Notice how resolution has been set to 1680x1050. -Notice how background image in the main menu is improperly scaled. Too zoomed out, again. (See screenshot #3, again.) (You can play around with more settings, but I haven't been able to get a properly scaled main menu after changing the resolution through the in-game options menu. No (easy) access to a 1920x1080 screen to test that one, though.) [WORKAROUND/FIX, Can SKIP] Exit Game, Start Game, in Configuration tool, confirm that resolution is (still) set to 1680x1050. Click [Play!] -Notice how Obsidian Logo intro splash is played at 1680x1050 -Notice how Main Menu background is properly scaled. (Finishing up the doubling of screenshots, see screenshot #1.) [/WORKAROUND] [Expected behaviour] Both the configuration tool and in-game options menu should set the actual screen resolution and load the proper art assets. [Other Remarks] WORKAROUND: Start game, set desired resolution in-game, EXIT. Start game, set desired resolution in Configuration tool, PLAY. Unsure if the loading of (in)appropriate art assets is confined solely to Main Menu background, or if other parts of the game suffer as well. Have not tested in Windowed mode.
  20. How is working the Continue Button? I choose Continue tonight expecting the game to load my latest save from yesterday night but it did select another game from an earlier Character. From the first character created still with save actually. So I have opened the Load Game window and there is this small transparency bug when you have too many save that appears. [edit]: One other thing, the saves are sorted by name of the zone and ascending time. I would suggest to sort them by descending time only.
  21. 1) Started a new game with Barbarian (can't remember all the specs) 2) Movement of the characters was really high, much higher than it should be. 3) When I entered combat with Meneth (the guy in front of town) combat went at very high speed as well. Didn't get the time to give command to my characters. They were all dead in about 10 seconds. 4) At one point only one of my characters was left alive and it looked like the game couldn't process the attacks any more, massive frame drop. Couldn't even scroll through the screen or exit the game anymore. 5) Had to force it to stop CTRL-EXIT. 6) Rebooted, started new game with every character setting on default, worked fine. Not sure if it is partly because of my system specs, DxDiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  22. Description: Currently the UI for choosing spells etc. on level up has icons in the left window and titles and descriptions in the right window. The (too large) distance between the two windows means that you can't see the icon and the title/description without looking back and forth. It would be easy to select the wrong spell if you inadvertently move the mouse pointer when you move your eyes. Expected behavior: We should be able to see the icon of the spell and its description without looking back and forth (by, e.g., putting the windows next to each other or over-and-under or using a pop up...).
  23. Going from Character Sheet to Inventory works fine, but you can't go from Inventory to the Character Sheet. 1) Go into Character Sheet or Inventory 2) Try to go between them with window opened. Expected: To be able to go from any UI window to the next and jump between them back and forth. Save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x02uu2y6uake19p/b21b2773a73d46dfaf51e183916521b5%20Cave%207842507.savegame
  24. [What's going on : ] The circles appearing while in scounting mode are displayed through character leveling screen. [How it happened : ] I tried to level while still having scounting mode enabled. [Attached files : ] Screenshot linked
  25. [Description of the issue] Cannot loot the corpse loot from a Wurm because the pre-dead Wurm Object is blocking the click [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) View the image here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Unlootable/unlootable.png 2) See the corpse bag below and to the left of my characters. It's unlootable (the cursor remained a move cursor, not a loot cursor) Sorry, I forgot to get a savegame file >< [Expected behaviour] That I be able to loot it. [Other remarks / Comments] There was another bag that was really hard to loot in a similar spot, but I managed to find a tiny corner that was outside the dead-wurm graphics that I could click on. [Files] Screenshot above. Sorry no savegame
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