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  1. Thanks for the info, Osvir. Since I can't edit the topic anymore, I'll re-write the bug here: [Description] At character creation, changing the character's skin and/or hair color only works for the first selected race and only once. After selecting a new race the selection boxes do not react to clicks anymore and the character is stuck with default colors. [steps for reproducing the issue] 1 ) from the main menu, start a new game 2 ) in the character creation menu either click trough until you reach the appearance tab or click the tab directly 3 ) change the character's hair and/or
  2. Alternatively, adding a small downward arrow on the right hand side of the language box would also do the trick to make it recognizable as a clickable dropdown
  3. Just a suggestion to make the ingame option more noticeable, because without Masek's instructions I wouldn't even have thought to click on the displayed language. Maybe the label should be changed from "Language" to something like "Select/Choose your language".
  4. During character creation you can only change your skin and hair color once. After closing the selection box it doesn't respond to clicks anymore. Thus, if you change your character's gender or race afterwards again, you are stuck with the default selection. Clothing colors can be changed always. Expected behavior: skin/hair color selection should behave like the clothing color selection and not be unuseable after the first try
  5. I agree that the order of the tabs should be rearranged. Your suggestions sounds quite good, as well. And as for the character's looks, yes, it would be great to see the final look early on - either through the whole character creation process or at latest after selecting your character's race (+subrace). In the old IE games it was ok to have the appearance tab last, because you could only change clothing/skin colors. But with more customization options, like head and hair this needs to come much earlier. When in the character creation menu I noticed myself always jumping from race-sel
  6. I'm not that far ingame yet, so just a few first impressions: - I really, really like that we get hand-painted portraits instead of just renders of the character's head - it's nice to see every weapon the characters have ready on their 3d model - I'm not much of a tactician and after the first (catastrophic) fights against those bugs in the woods I desperately wanted to have AI-scripts for party members (like in BG) so I could concentrate on just one character in combat --- but after playing some more the fights actually play quite well, even for me, when not simply rushing ahead
  7. thanks for this! I haven't had any luck finding out how to change the language myself (besides the not working steam-option). must have missed this in the options menu
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