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  1. I just finished the hadret house quest, I've witnessed the assassination of Aevar and went back to find Lady Webb slain by thaos. After talking to her soul, the game fails to load the next screen and I can't go on with the game. Please help ç_ç
  2. There should be an option to turn off party combat AI completely.. NO AUTO attack , no auto engage - it causes enormous amounts of gratuitous grief .. (with the minor exception of keeping to attack engaged target until new PLAYER orders, or target destroyed) There should be a new auto-pause event - CHARACTER IDLE - AWAITING Player orders - that should trigger after: - move commands ( that should be executed TO COMPLETION - not randomly canceled because the char decided to stop along the way and engage some hostile (incredibly dumb/annoying) if said hostile is one of your own units temp
  3. Hello, I have a bug who really ruins the experience of the game Some shoopkeepers have a problem, when i ask to see their stuff, the discussion window closes (like if I click on X "close window" button). Just in Defiance Bay, there are 3 shopkeepers I cant buy or even see their stuff they're selling) If you have any idea Ram
  4. I'm a fairly lowish level, but I don't see how this could possibly matter for a mechanic like this. Anyway, when selecting "manual defend", the party is thrown up to a fight against two Treants (or however they're named here) and four Shades (which all summon shadows). This party is way too low level to possibly stand a chance, straight up characters getting OHKO'ed. The fight's difficulty is cursory, however. Because when you select "manual defend" you are instantly transported to the battle, AND THE GAME AUTOSAVES. So, unless you have a closer manual save, you're stuck in this fight.
  5. since 1.04 i noticed voice cutting out in fev conversations and developers comment (ont that i remeber, and have tried to listen for a fev times is at the entrance ramp at ondras gift, it just stops abruptly in the middle of same sentence) unfortunately i didnt think of making any svegames to upload, but will do so in future
  6. Hi, Still with patch I'm getting random crashes since the beggining. You can see the log atached. Thanks. output_log.txt
  7. Hi mates. First of all I want to thank you for this great game, I think is a very good game in all aspects. The thing is that I'm having random crashes since the launchment. Sometimes I can play 5 minutes other about 2 hours... I've tried all the solutions posted on forums: - Cap FPS - Audio Drivers - Desactive Vsync - Run as admin - etc... Reading the logs seems to be a memory allocation problem. My system: AMD 955 BE 8 gb ram ati radeon 6870 Windows 8 Atached you can find logs and saves(these should be so useful because crashing is random ;-) )
  8. Found two bugs today while playing. One looked like some copypasta while reading a soul the text repeated twice. The second was some really weird animation on a troll. Nothing game breaking but I thought you should know. Screenshots below: I did a little google search and it looks like this is a duplicate of https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77188-aerthus-text-repeats/ but I wrote it all out with the screenshots so I'm gonna post it anyway. Bug #1: Aerthus repeats himself 1. So I walk up to Aerthus and reach out to touch his soul: 2. This is some awesome soul rea
  9. The spell is grayed out and refuses to work. I tried resting, stripping him of his equipment, kicking him out the party and hiring him back, but so far nothing has worked for me. I'm afraid saving the game after the last fight has mad that condition permanent and the only other save game I've got is about 10 hours less than the recent one. That sucks big time! Is there any way to fix this?
  10. I did a search and didn't find this anywhere. Outside of Cliaban Rilag is a little camp, right before the jump across. I'm not sure how I replicated this exactly but there's a small container in the camp with the Readceran Standard Piece in it and on my way in I was able to grab one. On the way out I noticed the container was still blue so I grabbed another one. Finally when I came back to finish the ruin up I saw the container was blue again and I was able to grab a third piece and this is when I realized that I really had already grabbed this twice.
  11. Not sure if it's intended. During assassinations attempts in Defiance Bay, Justiciars will just walk by without helping at all. I just thought this was really strange.
  12. After having defeated Thaos, three characters are frozen and cannot be selected and upon clicking on the machine the game crashes and when you start up again, you load at the beginning of the end fight. Anybody else experienced this or know how to solve it? Playing on a macbook pro.
  13. Hello, I have noticed a bug, after building the Dungeon Upgrade in my Keep, I cannot access the cells neither the endless paths below. The doors are constantly closed. (Doors to the room where you encounter the mother ghost). Also, I cannot talk to my steward, she is just not active, no wheel under her feet or anything. Is there a way to fix it? Do I have to begin the game again?
  14. As much as I love my cipher, it would appear that amplified wave is bugged. The prone effect caused by the spell lasts indefinitely, as can be seen by these two screenshots showing an hour of game time in between them. This unfortunately makes the spell incredibly overpowered. This occurs on v 1.03.530 from GOG. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  15. I'm currently on the quest "assassin at large". The Duc has died, I have the quest to get to twin elms although once I get to the Eastern exit of Elmshore, all of twin elms is still greyed out. Am I doing something wrong or ?
  16. just like the title says when ever i left click an item to read the description all the stats overlap with the actual description, Also i am unable to enchant items. Any assistance with this would be much appreciated thank you.
  17. Context: Monk solo play-through on Normal. First Bug: I know this has shown up a couple times, but I have used the ruby script scrubber as well as a couple tries of my own on the MobileObjects.Save file, with no luck. Tried turning off cloud sync with steam, tried deleting a bunch of the saves, no go on those either. Looking through the file I didn't see anything noticeable repeated except a lot of dll calls over and over again, but that might be normal. I have uploaded one of my saves here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f3sfr3zaw9h71z2/83fbc3121dcf495a9ab7c4c304a32496%2014505550%20End
  18. Description: I'm stumbled on a quest with no quest description. You can find it in "Lumdala's House" but the quest log won't update. No online walkthrough know about this quest. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Go to Lumdala's House in Copperlane 2. Open the door with the "Rusty Bronze Key" (I don't know why I have it) 3. Go down 4. Click and interact with scarf 5. Get into a talk (who is Dunryd Row, Lord Gaderman who Kadal?) or a fight with Lumdala 6. No Quest updated. I do not know what to do next.
  19. Hello! Just wanted to mention two bugs I came across: 1) The prices in Black Hammer Smithery are suddenly (?) massively inflated. Every item they sell is ~100x more expensive than in other locations and I could get 10x more from items I sell to them. I think it started after I brought back the missing shipment. 2) Cloaks are not displayed. When my characters wear a cloak, it's invisible in the game. It seems to be the same bug as in the Mac version, only I'm playing on Linux (Mint 17.1 Cinnamon 64bit, NVidia GTX460 with NVidia drivers).
  20. POE has a Gameplay option named similarly to an old Infinity Engine one: Auto-pause on Weapon Ineffective. The purpose of this gameplay feature has historically been to let you know when the weapon you're using to attack your target is ineffective, whether due to innate damage reduction, protection spells, or your weapon broke among others. In POE, I enabled this option because it's useful information to be alerted to, and I was confused because it was going off all the time from my very first combat encounter - nearly every round in combat with: Auto-pause: Weapon ineffective (your ch
  21. Upon changing to the beta patch of the game on steam, my adventurer (not currently in party, hanging back at the stronghold) vanished, and all her equipment with her.
  22. If one of my party member approaches friendly NPC, he automatically engage with NPC. and when he leaves NPC, disengage attack triggered and combat begin. I have to kill all NPC. I can't interact with any NPC! Please help! I am playing v1.03.0530 [save file] https://www.dropbox.com/s/y1a8y4v8vqavp7f/b6567708abd9426db6022234c24de1c0%2019600847%20CaedNua.savegame?dl=0
  23. Ubuntu 12.04.5 (64 bit) 3.13.0 Kernel 11501000 X Server Release Marco X Window Manager (MATE 1.6.0) AMD A10-5800K APU AMD Radeon HD 7660D 4.4.13283 Driver Version (14.501.1003 / AMD Catalyst Omega 14.12 latest proprietary stable) OpenGL Version 4.4 Desktop Color Depth 24 bits per pixel Monitor Refresh Rate 60 Hz Primary Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 Desktop Resolution 1920 x1080 http://pastebin.com/1bdEGP2a for contents of Player.log http://s27.postimg.org/3nd7e3joj/291650_2015_04_01_00001.jpg and http://s22.postimg.org/dr8zsswld/291650_2015_04_01_00002.jpg for screensh
  24. Hey, I took the Trials of Durance quest. Later I went to the inn and recriuted some Adventureres, booted Durance out of my party without realizing I hadn't completed his quest yet. Now I can't find him in-game at all. He's not in the inn (that I can see) and he's no longer at his original spot. Any ideas how I can get him back so I can finish the quest?
  25. Not working correctly in this patch aswell. Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/t9Yb5. If need i can link save aswell.
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