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  1. For the record... I don't think Chris' quote was taken out of context either. He meant what he said in that he was surprised people like the game regardless of the cut-content or not. Well, saddly, a lot of people do not like the game because it is both technically and artistically not as polished as the first. Oh, and I wouldn't hold your breath -- even with Jedi Breathing power -- If you're waiting for a content patch. TSL is considered a finished product according to LA. Even if OE wanted to do it, they'd have to get LA's permission since LA owns all the intellectual properly that would go into completing that content and the chances of that happening are slim to none. I mean, look how long it is taking just for a patch that should have been out the day the game was released?
  2. Like I said before in a previous thread of this kind... Most so-called Tech Help is a bunch of people being paid minmum wage to sit at a computer all day and answer questions via e-mail and phone with little to no training or knowledge of the products they are supposed to be well-versed in. This is why you are getting a canned response. These people are instructed to simply prioritize responses into different categories to keep the responses going. This is why since you mentioned "medpacs" and other GAMEPLAY things, they automatically thought you wanted "hints". It's pathetic, but this is the reality. Also, the tech support might not even be in the United States which would also explain why this was treated as a "hint" question as well since "Sajhib" doesn't know the language yet (I am not being racist, but realist).
  3. RE: The BBB and other complaints... Never going to happen with the computer software industry. Why? Because unless the software doesn't work on a significant amount of systems (more than 50%) and doesn't cause bodily harm, I.E. causes monitors to explode, or sets CPUs on fire... You have no case. Also, the burden of proof would be on the part of the person(s) making these claims, in this case, the buyers (consumers)... And this is where the 50% or more comes into play as a kind of loophole, safeguard against consumer litigation (at least in the U.S.). For example, if they tested TSL on four systems, two are Intel CPU and Nvidia Cards; the other are AMD CPUs and ATI cards (and vice versa) and the game worked on three out of the four, hence, 75%... Then the game technically works and since it didn't cause any serious harm or injury to the persons running those systems (even the one that failed) then it falls into being safeguarded from consumer complaints because this is the very basics that software manufcatuers and publishers must adhere to for a product to be released at the bare minimums. Also, just because the game may give 7 FPS on Dantooine, there are tons of glitches in dialogue, there are quests that you can't complete, the game crashes from time time... This does NOT automatically mean the game is broken because in the above tests, the key factor is the game runs on more than 50% of systems... NOT that it runs well, or is even a finished game (which is unique to OE's situation since even that can legally be argued that the game is finished and playable; just not enjoyable from a subjective stand point). This is why you are never going to see the software industry held accountable for releasing buggy and incomplete products. At least, here in the United States.
  4. No, he doesn't. He treats everyone like they are inferior to him -- going so far as to call people Noobs; How childish can you get? -- And like he is some gaming God who knows all and that we have no right to an opinion even if we all have valid points to make. Point of fact is this: Hades_One needs to grow up. I don't care if this is the internet. I don't take ANYTHING anyone says seriously if it is delivered in such a childish, immature way. Sure. Hades can go on and on about how we do care since we're all talking aobut him, but we're talking about him for the WRONG reasons and NOT the points he is trying to make. Hence, he needs to grow up. 6000 posts means squat in the real world. I could post 7000 things that have no real value and offend people if I wanted to. Quality vs. quantity... Which actually brings me to the LA and OE taking responsibility discussion. I too am starting to think OE is to blame. I think they DID bite off more than they could chew because they needed a franchise title under their belt, plus a major industry partner like LA to get their company started off on the right foot. I am not a game developer, but I can tell that you need a lot more than 12 months to do an RPG of this scope... And this is where I blame OE most of all. The overall quality of TSL -- both technical and artistic -- Is just not as polished or "elegant" as Bioware's original KOTOR. In fact, I am recently replaying KOTOR and the difference is night and day. Literally. Yes. I know Bioware had three years to do KOTOR... But that is my point. LA, in their quest for the almighty dollar, put an unrealistic time table of one year to deliver a game of the same calibur as KOTOR... However, OE also agreed to this, so this is also why they, OE, are partially responsible as well. I know reviews of the game's storyline and other elements are subjective, but just compare the two games. KOTOR just feels more complete -- and it is; no pun intended -- Whereas TSL doesn't really know what it wants to be and how to go about getting there which is doubly bad in my opinion. Even Chris Avallone(sp?) said in an interview that he is surprised that TSL turned out as well as it did and that people actually like it. This is almost admitting that he, as the author, wasn't even sure of his own vision, regardless of the cut-content. Take that as you may, but that is NEVER a good sign and it shows to a certain extent in this game, unfortunately.
  5. I don't think there is any occlusion (only drawing what you can see) going on. I think it may be rendering EVERYTHING on a map instead of whenever it comes into view. What is leading me to believe this is that you look one direction and it is fine... Turn just a few degrees in another and you can see the frame rate plumet and it is most often whenever you look toward areas where there are a lot of verticies and things going on on the other side of the wall/barrier you are staring at. A good example if the Refugee sector. It plumets to single digits if you are looking at some refugees and a pile of containers behind them that also has more refugees and other things beyond... But turn toward another wall where there isn't much behind them (except the end of the map) and it goes back to nomral (at least above 30 FPS). There is a command in under the [Game Options] setting called "Hide SecondStoryTiles" and this is supposed to activate culling of objects (the secondary tiles you can't see). I don't know if it actually is implemented in the KOTOR engine since it is an Aurora Engine command, but the Odyssey Engine is based off of that, so I am assuming it is still in the code, just not activated for some reason? I don't even know if it would help that much, but anything is better than the current versions (both KOTOR and TSL). I am hoping that KOTOR III, whoever makes it, that they just go D3D this time and save everybody the hassels as D3D is a more universal API in terms of people's video cards (not rendering or performance) and we get cool Shader 2.0 and 3.0 effects in the next installment as well as better graphics overall. The good thing is that it doesn't have to do 100 FPS. This isn't a First Person Shooter and anything above 60 FPS will sufice for a game of this speed.
  6. Glitches like this might not necessarily be minor, though. It may not just be a typo. It may be firing a script that has a specific dialogue tree for a specific NPC that you sent and it is obviously not doing its job... Hence, it is more serious than just an aesthetic glitch. The whole game is riddled with stuff like this (quests you can't complete; dialogue loops; etc.).
  7. -Mira can't be turned into a Jedi. I have gained 90 influence on her (checked using the Save Game Editor) and I get a dialogue loop regarding her Family and Malachor V. I am positive this is where I need to take this dialogue tree (after that) to get her to be a Jedi, but I can't do it due to this major glitch. -You can't complete the Family off Nar Shadda Quest. When you go talk to Fassa -- Even after you've destroyed Goto's Yacht -- He still says he can't get anyone off the planet until you've taken care of Goto and his hijackings. I don't have the option of having the Ithorian take the family because his quest was completed before I even entered the refugee sector (I know the various options this one has; you have to convince the Ithorian to not leave the family behind if you go this route). --- I've basically stopped playing this game and am only doing spot-checks on things I left behind on various playthroughs because it is so baddly bugged it's not even a finished game in any way shape or form. Quests that can't be completed and dialogue loops are things that QA should have spotted EARLY on and EASILY by simply TRYING to mess up the game by selecting every possible combination while you're "logged" into one of the quests or dialogue trees.
  8. Try changing the Exchange Favor to 249 and the Gap to 11.
  9. I don't think anyone here is being a fanboy about cards. The fact is ATI has bad performance with the Aurua/Odyssey Engine because it is OpenGL. This is due to ATI drivers being inferior to Nvidia in terms of OGL. There is no fanboyism going on here. This is fact. I don't know why you felt the need to give yourself this ego boost other than to try and look smarter than the rest of us, but most of us aren't stupid -- contrary to popular belief on these forums.
  10. No offense, but I get so sick of PC gamers thinking they are so elite just because they play PC games and not consoles. I have an XBox and an AMD 64 rig. I like both for various reasons. One is not better than the other. I am a gamer more than a system-snob. What I get sick of is PC gamers thinking they are better than console players just because PC games have been around longer. Who cares? I can't believe how threatened PC gamers egos are that consoles are mainstream and managed to bring gaming to the masses -- Which I think is the *real* heart of the issue. PC gamers are not "special" anymore (if you're despearately needing something to make you feel better). With that said, the one part I agree on is that the bad side to consoles being mainstream is that companies now do cross-platform games and they are mostly designed for the console first and the PC as an afterthought. PC games ARE dieing, unfortunately, because we are the last market share in terms of size and revenue compraed to consoles. PC games are even behind hand held sales if you can believe it (hand helds like the PSP and DS are the second largest segment after consoles).
  11. Do you think this is because they took the level cap off and because the BAB progression isn't correct for the Prestiege (and normal) classes as well?
  12. Tip: Put the atioglxx.dll from Catalyst 4.2 in your KOTOR directory as well as the DVBO command in the swkotor2.ini file. I can now run both KOTOR games with 4x AA and 4x AF with very smooth frame rates even on Dantooine. 4.2 is a VERY old Catalyst driver... But it seemed to do the trick for my system (below). I don't know if it will help anyone else, but 4.2 has also been tested over at the Bioware Forums and gives the highest FPS in not only KOTOR, but any OpenGL based game such as Counter-Strike and others. System: AMD 64 3200+ 1024 MB PC 4000 DDRAM NF3-250 Chaintech Pro ATI 9800 @ XT Speeds Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS --- OpenGL 2.0 specification is no different from 1.5 in that a few two-sum-vertecie(?) commands were added that just make ATI's latest OGL driver compliant with the 2.0 standard. That's all that means...
  13. Feargus: What is the model that is used in The Sith Lords Trailer (White Male Head; Blonde?). Everyone really wanted that one and unfortunately, it is not in there at all (that we can find). It would be great if you could direct modders how to -- if possible -- Implement that specific head if it is hidden somewhere in the game files.
  14. An easy way to unpack the atioglxx.dll is to just open it with Winzip or Winrar and avoid all the command line interface stuff. I have found that ogl driver 4.2 is the best for both KOTOR games. It's a really old version... But it works and both games I can run with 4x AA and 4 AF (ATI card) along with DVBO in the .ini file and get like 50-60 FPS on Dantooine and other graphic intensive areas like Peragus mining tunnels.
  15. You are going to have to be willing to spend (if possible) at least $200 or more for a decent card that will last you a good while. The 6800NU is a good Nvidia card for around $250 (or less; shop around). You definitely want an Nvidia card since KOTOR games are OpenGL and Nvidia has always done better with OGL games than ATI due to their drivers which I am sure you already know. Also, with the bloatware CCC (Catalyst Control Center) that ATI keeps pushing (that adds yet another resource hog running in the background when gaming) it is a no brainer to go Nvidia this time as the new Nvidia cards do both OGL and D3D equally well where you need ONE card for ALL games and not have to worry about the API (OpenGL or D3D) that is used for a particular game.
  16. The Devs claimed the HUD was scalable... But I have serious doubts about this claim just from playing the game myself (obviously) and looking at screenshots like above. It is as if the HUD is really a 540x344 HUD (TV Screen) that would fall in line with it since this is essentially a very bad XBox port any way you cut it. However, it would not surprise me if this feature (scalable HUD) wasn't implemented given the rushed shape this game is in along with the multitude of other problems it has.
  17. Legally, this can't be done due to copyright issues... Whicn itself is kind of a weak excuse for reasons too numerous to go into here. Unofficially, however, I have heard about a few mods being done that does just this. I don't remember the exact places (or links), so you'll have to Google around the usual KOTOR sites and forums and see what you come up with.
  18. Overall... I'd say save up and just upgrade the entire system and build it yourself for best results. The system you have is more than adaquate for most school work (I assume it is just word processing and stuff like that; not video or photographic editing or CAD applications; Hell, a Pentium III is more than adequate for administrative work if we are going to be totally honest... Unless it involves a lot of large number crunching with Excel and other mathematical programs, and even then, it is more a matter of speed than the CPU not actually being able to compute the values). There are a ton of new technologies on the market now with SLI, PCI-E and 64-bit computing (not to mention soon-to-be dual core CPUs). The good thing is that prices should be dropping in a year, year and half on some of these technologies, so that is why it is a good time to save up and upgrade in a while if you can't afford it right now; You'll get better bang for you buck performance and technology wise if you wait. I have an AMD 64-bit 3200+ that I bought last year (custom built) and the reason I did it was for future compatibility more than anything else. Yes, it makes a big difference in games... But the real benefit hasn't even scratched the surface yet since no game, app or OS developers have coded anything to take advantage of 64-bit systems yet. This is going to change, hopefully, around the Holidays as Windows 64-bit should finally be released and hopefully, some apps will start making the transition from 32-bit to 64 as well. I am not expecting "miracle" performance increases, but rather using my entire system more to its full potential than anything else. Also... When upgrading, you should also take into account what you plan on doing with that system as well. You said you primarily game on it and that is what most PC enthusiasts do. However, there will come a time when you WON'T be as interested in games... But you'll still want the power and speed of say a 64-bit system to just make whatever you do that much faster. I fall into this category myself. I'm pretty much getting out of games... But I still play them (KOTOR series, obviously), so I at least want a machine that I can still play games on for a few years before the next big leap in technology occurs... Like the new SLI, PCI-E and things of that nature. So, ultimately it is up to you... But more importantly, what you plan on doing and what you want to be able to do with whatever new system you decide to build (if you decide to build a new one and not upgrade your current one). As the old saying goes... Performance is only equal to the amount of effort you put into it... Effort being the time and money you put into this researching, saving and eventually upgrading.
  19. Before Hades_One and other forum trolls respond... I think it is very telling when people like yourself feel that strongly about the game to where they do uninstall it and then go to the developers message board and publically tell them this. (Again, this is not a flame. This is actually a compliment). However, the act of not uninstalling it itself is not enough for them (OE or LA) to even care as they've already got your (our) money and that is all that matters. To be fair, the patch IS coming. But it is not known when and maybe this is a good sign that they found more problems and are trying to correct them before they release it so it actually does improve performance for all chipsets and isn't just a piece meal patch that doesn't really do anything at all as is common for a lot of developers.
  20. IIRC, that's what gives a lot of the 'cool' graphic effects such as the speed spell blur, and the blurry borders when Kreia 'mindspeaks' to you, and other such things. It's nothing amazing or terribly missed, but it does add to the game atmosphere. And looks pretty. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That is not correct, Padawan. VBO is part of the program language that caches frame buffer objects to the VRAM of your video card and this speeds up performance and rendering. The problem with the KOTOR engine is that there is an error in this code... Bioware devs have publically stated it... That reacts differently to different chipsets (ATI and Nvidia) that doesn't cache the objects as it should, thus, you get slow downs and slower performance as a result. It is more noticeable in ATI cards because of their architecture and that is why they take massive hits (compared to Nvidia) in frame rate if you don't have DVBO enabled in the swkotor2.ini file.
  21. You pretty much nailed it on the head. The other big thing... From a purely game-design perspective... Is that the Influence system and the storyline are working against each other for a lot of reasons. Mainly, the fact is the story is very DS no matter how you interpret it. This wouldn't be such a bad thing... But the limitations of the game engine, the Influence system and how they all work together... Or against each other at times... Often makes for a less than enjoyable gaming experience as far as trying to accomplish what each separate element tries to do as a whole. For example, as you said, you're supposed to influence your party members... But in reality, thanks to the limited engine that strictly interprets certain phrases and actions as either LS or DS... You can't really do that and maintain a consistent RPG experience as far as your main player character goes. Ultimately, TSL is designed to be a Jolee Bindo-type game. Meaning, completely Neutral if we are going to be honest. Everything from Kriea's philosophy to even the Exile's own choice to distance himself from the Force is rooted in Neutrality to some degree. However, there is no benefit in playing Neutral as you can't make a Prestige Class if you're Neutral and you'll basically miss the entire point of the game (that forces you to chose a side to further the plot).
  22. The CCC is a buggy piece of bloatware. ATI's drivers keep getting WORSE instead of better. No one needs ANOTHER system process running in the background when trying to game. This isn't rocket science... Yet ATI keeps making the choice to switch to Nvidia (if you're already ATI) all that much easier with every thing they keep doing like the CCC...
  23. There are a lot of things wrong with this game. Before you say, "Duh!"... What I mean in this instance is that the storyline and the game design are almost exact opposites and this is part of the reason there are so many bugs and glitches, believe it, or not. The storyline is basically a DS storyline that addresses the "Grey" side of the Force and your character is forced -- no pun intended -- To do DS deeds in order to complete some quests. A perfect example of this Lootra's Wife on Nar Shaddaa. You can't free her unless you intimidate the Exchange guards and kill them. Well, unfortunately, this is viewed by the game as a DS act and therefore you take a DS hit. This wouldn't make that much of a difference if you already have a high LS mastery (or are working toward it)... But it complicates things because: 1) You can't role play a completely LS character no matter how you try. And not just with this quest either. Therefore, it does make achieving LS mastery harder, but not in a challenging way, but in a frustrating, game-design flaw way. 2) The Influence system is affected depending on who or whom you have in your party at any given time and place. You can loose or gain Influence depending on your actions which complicates playing a totally LS or DS character (achieving Mastery) as well. Also, the other big flaw with the Influence system is as described above: You can play a DS character and turn all of your NPCs into Dark Jedi... Yet they STILL exhibit LS tendancies. An example is Handmaiden on Onderon in the Cantina fight. She may have complete DS Mastery... Yet she will tell you can't harm any of the civilians in the Cantina and if you disagree with her... You take an Influence hit... Which shouldn't be a problem in the first place since by now your entire party *should* be reflective of your own Force affiliation... Just like Visas if we take the storyline element of the Exile being able to shape everyone's will and views. I know this is more of game limitation because to make NPCs truly DS, they would have had to record even more hours of dialogue (twice as much for both sides)... But I think it would have been worth it as the lack of how your NPCs react to their newfound alligiance really shatters the illusion that OE is trying to go for. The other, major, flaw in the Influence in my opinion is that too much of the real backstory is hidden it... Namely Kriea... And if you don't gain influence with her, you basically don't know what is *really* going on. I know gamers will argue that they don't like things spoon-fed to them... But in this case, I think OE should have found some alternate way to relay the backstories more in a straightforward manner if you decide NOT to persue it through Kriea who is so obviously evil from the start you have no choice but to take DS hits in order to get her to open up. Again, here is where the storyline and the game mechanics are working against one another and why this game feels really disjointed and like a complete mess. Also... Most of the incomplete quest bugs that you guys are mentioning (and I do keep up with every single post in this thread) are because they had to cut out the entire ending(s) and I will make an educated guess that if the game had shipped intact, we wouldn't be getting as many (if any at all) quest bugs that either stay incomplete in your journal, and or actually have ways to complete them in game.
  24. You are more right than you know. Even JO was supposed to be better than we got (it's still a good game, but it is apparent the design was rushed; typical corridor shooter since it is the Quake III engine)... But LA rushed that game out ahead of schedule as well to capitialize off Episode I's post release.
  25. YOU ARE THE TROLL ON THIS BOARD, kiddo. Why don't you grow up?
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