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  1. Just an update... the patch didn't solve the problem. I tried reloading the game before and after the Red Eclipse.
  2. Im guessing that the trigger wont work unless the actual red eclipse quest is completed or circumvented somehow. Apparently Chris has the original programming team looking into this. Ive been trying a few things, until then.. umm making another save game, leave Nar Shaadaa and complete another planet and come back to it when the problem is solved? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks a lot for your help, I appreciate it I already finished the game, though. Everything but what comes after you get all the Jedi together.
  3. Nope, 16 in both places didn't work either... maybe someone can send me their save file after they have gotten the invitation (or immediately before) and I can compare it to mine?
  4. Okay, I tried changing the Exchange Gap to 16 and the Favor to 260. I was in the Entertainment Promenade while I made the changes. I then saved, opened the game, and entered the Landing Pad (central area, right?). I wandered around a bit in every area and nothing still was triggered. The following [relevant] quests are still in my screen: - Ebon Hawk ID Signature - Landing Rights (which the leader wasn't in my ship, changed the global to "3", and the quest still isn't off but I can go back on my ship.. any idea how to "complete" it yet? Or get it off my screen.) - Seeking Passage - New Fuel Source I have Keira and Atton by my side.
  5. Well, I have completed every quest that I can on Nar Shadda. Every quest that I can anyways, the only ones left are the Ebon Hawk ID and the family one (which I need to visit Goto in order to do that anyways). So mine is a bug I guess. Have you tried changing any other globals starboi? Did it work? My Exchange Gap is 8 and Exchange Favor is 243.
  6. Did you ever find what variables trigger the meeting with the exchange? I fought the Red Eclipse, but I am not getting invited to meet with the exchange. Correct me if I`m wrong, but shouldn't I get invited after fighting the Red Ecllipse? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was playing around with the saved game editor, and I figured out how to trigger the invitation to meet with the exchange. Under Global Variables -> Numerics, change the the value of the variable 300NAR_Exchange_Gap to 8. Ive noticed other people are having this problem , so maybe this information will help. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks, the ship one worked, but this one doesn't. It won't trigger the meeting. Any idea why? Oh, and the exchange leader in the refugee sector... that guy was named Visquis wasn't he? Is he who the invitation is given from? I killed him, was I not supposed to do that?
  7. I have exactly the same problem, i figured i'll do the rest of the planet and hope this will sort itself out. The other option is to use KSE and try to go through all the global settings to set the quest to complete <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yea, I tried looking at the globals, but I didn't see anything recognizable. I tried doing the whole planet too, but that didn't work either. The quests left require further progress in the game. Let me know if you can find anything in KSE.
  8. After I defeated all of the Red Eclipse outside of the ship, I visit the inside and no one is there. I tried reloading the game before and after and still nothing. Now since there isn't anyone in there, I can't get off of this planet and I can't finish the game. Is there anyway to bypass this certain area and make it seem like I completed it so I can go see Goto?
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