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  1. I mean if it offends someone by any rights why not remove it? No game has right to be offensive and as Obsidian already cave in on these demands why not go rest of the way?
  2. I think topic is worthy to bring on for years to come. I mean why not? Not like it's resolved properly or in good manner...
  3. Or they could have an NPC standing next to fountain... And allow some better bonuses with gold payment, for a high quality meal with exoctic spices or something... Why not just use systems they have already in place... In general the whole place doesn't make sense and is lifeless...
  4. Why not, if we don't die here or kill the issue here it will grow on. You have to stop it at some point or eventually there isn't anything left to save. As such sometimes you just can't let things pass on and most effective tactic is to cause greater harm than doing right would have done.
  5. You're either dishonest or delusional. No I just have had enough of BS. If few bad developers have to die, it's a small price to pay for open and free medium.
  6. What's to worry, they have already sold to cencorship so it's all downhill from here.
  7. This is the hill you choose to die on? Yes. For greater good of gaming!
  8. Add the limerick back. Or censor the rest of the game to decent standards containing absolutely nothing offensive.
  9. But as they already gave up to censorship why not just go rest of the way. Offending anyone is bad so why not remove anything offending. It's only a little things after all.
  10. I considered it to be comparable to disability. You know maybe someone will call this out on twitter to the important people...
  11. You never know. If some of the big names get in, they probably will after all media is what they listen to.
  12. I don't think removing this hurts the Obsidian any further. As they have show it's the group of people they like the most. As such anything offensive to them should be removed. After all it's them who buy the games. I think there is lot of further things that could be removed from the game to make it more suitable for them. Great marketing it will be!
  13. I don't feel sorry for them, after all they dug their own grave. Now it's question if they climb up or if we bury them. They still have chance to redeem themselves...
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