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  1. Any character I play as > all Since the Exile can get to levels over 20, I'd have to say that my Exile character would take apart any of my Revan characters.
  2. Had to vote Thrawn. Consider some of the unorthodox tactics he used: 1. Equipped cloaking devices on 5 asteroids, and placed them in orbit of Coruscant. He then mimiced the same action another 295 times, making it appear that 300 asteroids were in place. By forcing Coruscant's planetary shield grid to be active all the time (to prevent an asteroid from hitting the surface), he cut it off from the rest of the galaxy. 2. Stole a number of Mining ships (Mole Miners) from Nomad City. He then filled them with spacetroopers and used them to capture damaged capital ships from a New Republic shipyard. Only Lando Calrissian's knowledge of the Mole Miners override codes kept him from getting away with the ships. 3. Fear and disinformation is a powerful ally if used properly. He slipped 3 cloaked ships under a planet's shields while they were down, then had more ships jump into the system. Using the ships below the shield, he made it appear that his weapons fire was going through the planet's shields. He choose not to obliterrate the population so that they would spread this false information and create panic. I think Thrawn easily personifies an expression I once saw on a US Marines poster: Superior thinking has always overwhelmed superior force.
  3. 1. Putin was recently quoted to say that he misses the communist regime. We have also heard stories that statues of Stalin are being put back up for the first time since the wall came down. Many Americans would find this as a not good thing.2. I think a lot of people in America would be overjoyed if the California (the "Left" coast) were to declare independence. If you do not follow our political process, why do you feel the need to stereotype people as 'ignorant rednecks' just because they seem to lean to the conservative side of the political spectrum?--------------------------------------------------- BUT, to get back on topic, sounds like you got taken. Wait a few months and buy an English copy at a reduced price, or invest in a really good English-Russian translation dictionary.
  4. The +5 STR modifier is correct. As you create your attributes, you should see that if you go from 10 to 12 in anything, a +1 should appear. That is the modifier. 10 is a base. If you have lower, you have a negative modifer. As you go up from 10, your modifier increases by 1 for each 2 you go up. 12 = +1 modifier 14 = +2 ... 20 = +5 modifier Things that increase attributes will inevitably increase this modifier, like the Jal Shey gloves you mentioned. Example: You created a character with 14 Strength (so you have a +2 modifier). Then you found a Strengthening Underlay Mark III and used it. That underlay adds +2 to your Strength. You now have 16 Stength, and now a +3 modifier.
  5. I've never encountered any trouble at the Dxun temple...except my first time and only when I encountered the 3 Sith Masters/Knights at the very end.
  6. Depends on where you read it. The 1.6 for the ISD is absolutely correct, but if you do certain calculations, the Executor could be anywhere from 8km to 17.8km. Also, the Death Stars can be calculated to different sizes as well. Star Wars Technical Commentaries
  7. Kaiburr: WIS: +3, CON: +3, Regen: +3 Firkrann: Dam: +2-12 vs. Droid, Atk: +2 (I didn't spawn this crystal...I just found it in-game.) If its on the -name- crystal, that's probably it. Maybe the animation is a little slow or I'm not seeing it right, I don't know. I didn't recall seeing it listed anywhere, that's why I wanted to ask.
  8. I started a new game recently, just to experiment with the cheats. I figure I'm never going to get to Level 50 in a normal game, but I wanted to see some of the better stuff in the game, like Malak's Armor, Arca's robes, Kaiburr crystal, etc. Anyways, I've found something interesting, and I wanted to see if anyone else found it. I've found no documentation online that mentions it. I'm still on Peragus. I've got 2 lightsabers. One is normal-sized orange with a full-strength DS character crystal and the Qixoni crystal. The other is a bronze short lightsaber with kaiburr and firkrann crystals. Flurry is my favorite, and I've noticed when my short saber makes the final hit of the Flurry, sometimes a droid or person gets knocked back?? Also, my strength is at 20. Anyone else with either a bronze or kaiburr crystal see this? Its not subtle either. I was moving the fire suppression turrets on Peragus.
  9. I made the same assumption (I've found the Pazaak droid's modules at least once), but I was hoping for a quest that might put all the puzzle pieces together in the game. To what end, I don't know. Just something that came to mind that I wanted to check up on.
  10. ...not to mention he'd be about 4000 years old at that point.
  11. Ok, I'm a little bored... Earlier today, I went through Goto's ship for the 3rd time, and I once again thought about the massive droid controlling equipment he had on board his ship. (If you went through it without the message, next time through, take Bao-Dur on his ship...he is the one that brings it up.) I don't recall seeing it ever mentioned before, but is this yet another missing quest that was partially cut due to time constraints?
  12. Well, I did it for KotOR 1, so I can tell you it wasn't too difficult. In the beginning it can be tough, you're doing 2-3 damage at the most. Scoundrel/Consular is definitely the way to go, because Consular is going to have the most FP, and Scoundrels have (say it with me) Sneak Attack, my favorite feat. Stasis + level 5 Sneak Attack means you're dishing out some fair damage. In KotOR 2, I imagine its going to be easier because you've got the Unarmed Combat feats that increase your damage.
  13. I typically start with an ordinary Vibrosword (or blade...whichever does 2-12 damage), and upgrade that until I have the 3 parts for the lightsaber. Sometimes, I'll continue with the vibrosword even after having the lightsaber, just because I haven't got a lot of upgrades for it. By the end of the game, I typically have a normal lightsaber and short saber setup. Short saber with stronger defensive numbers (high BBD, defense) and the normal saber with offensive numbers. Once I finish my 4th game, I'll have real fun: Game 5: Blaster Jedi Game 6: DS Weaponless Game 7: LS Weaponless
  14. Agreed. Here's something else that could be improved...brought it up over at Bioware because it was the same for KotOR1. Why should upgrading to Force Wave remove Force Whirlwind as a force power? In games where I use Sneak Attack as a damage enhancer, Whirlwind is an excellent immobilizer, but I'm stuck NOT having Force Wave, which could come in handy.
  15. In my 2 completed games, I used the Jal Shey Advisor Armor for about 90% of the time. I typically upgrade it with Armorply Plating and Biorestorative Underlay. Before I get my hands on the stuff, I just use whatever I find. In my 3rd game, I'm currently using Matukai Apprentice Robes. Once I find some Jal Shey armor, though, I plan on changing.
  16. My sig says what I've done so far. Usually my best work is done using the Sneak Attack bonus. I think the next new game I start will have to be Guardian/Weapon Master. I'm always finding -D implants, and have yet to actuall use one. A Guardian gives me the best excuse to have high constitution.
  17. Pretty much. You choose Jedi Watchman for the skill points, mostly, not for this ability. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, I normally take it for the Sneak Attack bonuses. I never use Force Cameo...never use Stealth mode either, in fact. The Sneak Attack bonuses come into play because I use either Force Jump (Guardian) or disabling Force Powers (Whirlwind, Stun, Stasis, etc.)
  18. As an explanation for the shark, I'd bet that the situation was that something else was supposed to be there, but for testing purposes, they use that model. When their time grow short and they need to "cut" the factory, they were still using it. And since they didn't actually remove the factory from the game, you can still get to it. What does that crystal do?
  19. Try copying disks 2, 3 and 4 to your hard drive, and installing from there. I spent from 8-12 hours trying to get my copy to install off the disks, and I was unsuccessful each of 3 different times. (I think I encountered trouble at the same time as well, that sounds.bif file) Then, I copied the disks and tried installing from there. It took less than 2 hours and I've been running the game flawlessly ever since.
  20. Skeeter, At times, I have also done some massive downloads, but I avoid it at all costs if I can. (I downloaded Magic Online over dial-up before I got my 4GB drive. I think it was something like 200MB, then another 130MB of automatic updates). adrich81, That's what I'd hope, but life rarely makes sense. Think about the subplots of this game and the facts about how much of the game was cut... MTGO doesn't offer any kind of stand-alone downloads. Everything must be done through their programs or not at all.
  21. I think the title and description say it all. I have a 56k modem, and it serves my purposes just fine. However, if this first patch (and subsequent ones as well :D) is more than, say 10 MB, its going to a pain to download. Now, I have T1 access on my work PC and a 4GB USB drive, so downloading from there will work far better, but only if its standalone. Can I get a solid yes or no from anyone in authority about whether its going to be offered standalone?
  22. I've tried everything listed here in this topic, and nothing has worked. Did both Installshield fixes, selective startup, copying discs to my HD, trying the install on other PCs. I even cleaned the discs. I get a Feature Transfer Error when trying to copy "models.bif" from disc 1. This says it is a catastrophic failure. What is going on with my install? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That sounds like a different error entirely. I've read about 2 solutions to the various installation problems. One of them might help you: 1. Try copying the contents of your CDs onto your hard drive, and install the game from there. You'll still need disk 1 to play, but once you got the game installed, you shouldn't have any further trouble. I installed my copy this way. At first, install was taking in excess of 8 hours, and not installing correctly. By installing from the HD, I was done within 1 hour or so. 2. If the above method doesn't work, you got stuck with a faulty disk. Youneed to return your copy of the game for a new copy.
  23. I want to see a UV (blacklight) lightsaber for KotOR 3. Would be a great effect for the game, to add in the extra glow.
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