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  1. Here's a revamped version of the darkside Exile image I posted a few months back:
  2. ...and I'd add that in KOTOR2 you actually have more of an opporunity to develop your character's past than you did in KOTOR1. Through various dialogs about the war, and the "hologram flashback" scene. More interactive flashbacks I think would have definately added to the game. Especially one near the end of the game, when on Malachor V or perhaps a nightmare as you're in hyperspace heading there, of your activating the Shadow Mass Generator.
  3. The base character model was in Poser. I rendered it in 3dsmax and then composited everything in PSP8. The background is a KOTOR2 shot.
  4. Since there's an already existing art thread. A second Exile render, this time lightside:
  5. Explosions do create. All of the heavy elements were created in the shockwaves of supernovae. If it wasn't for explosions there would never have been planets, or the elements for life. Anyway, the idea of the possibility of something coming from absolutely nothing such as the case of virtual particles or universes is something a little uncomforting for some people.
  6. I thought that was a possibility too or it might be a foreshadowing of Luke sensing his friends in trouble on cloud city in ESB. Another point about Palpatine's grand designs is who created anakin or how was he conceived? When Palps tells the story of plagueis he says that plagueis found a way to create life from the (ugh) midichlorians. In ep 1 qui gonn describes anakin as having been born of the midichlorians. Is this a coincidence due to GL not noticing continuity or does it have a deeper meaning? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. If Palpy was behind Anakin's conception, it might explain his obsession with Vader's eventually supplanting him as a worthy Dark Lord of the Sith. It also explains Palpy's weakness in his trusting Anakin, as he expects his perfectly created and groomed Sith Lord to not betray him. (at least not in a non-Sithy way)
  7. Looking at only the first Star Wars movie, how would you have written the sequels? Be at least semi-serious. Based off of the first movie, I would have had a continuation of the Luke-Han-Leia love triangle as Luke continues to aid the rebellion to win Leia's heart while Han attempts to weasel his way out of it despite knowing that he's now a wanted criminal by both Jabba and the Empire. Luke decides to continue training as a Jedi and is forced to delve into the lost Jedi archives on the capital world of the Empire itself. All the while being hunted by Vader, who realises that only someone who could command the Force was able to destroy the Death Star. Vader's obsession to defeat the last of the Jedi leads to his hunting down the rebellion, but leaving the core worlds weakened and open to ambitious Admirals who wish to seize the Imperial Throne. Functionally Vader is the true power behind the throne of the Empire. Han and Leia travel to the capital to settle his old debts with several crime syndicates, only to find himself having to escape from their clutches as they attempt to turn him in. Luke then learns a dark secret, and prepares to travel to the world of the Sith where he will learn the same secrets of the Force Vader used to destroy the Jedi order. Han escapes from the capital world, and has to evade the Imperial fleets descending on the capital to seize it. All the while Luke lands on the barren and acid-scorched landscape of the Sith homeworld and walks into a forgotten temple of great darkness. Vader is waiting for him, and the lightsaber duel ends with Luke mortally wounded. ...
  8. I can't say if he'd be offended, but I do know Robot Jesus would be offended by your blasphemous prayers. Repent meatbag, before the end!
  9. Statement: It appears that many of the organic meatbags in this thread are unwilling to accept their true nature, prefering the illusion of being special or unique. They think that their meatbag status is due to some divine decree. Conclusion: It's time to show these meatbags how wrong they are, by putting an end to their hosility permanently. Robot Pope, prepare the Machine Crusade!
  10. It does make sense for the generic Sith and the bounty hunters to claim you are the last of the Jedi. However, for Sion to state this I think was a little odd. It would have been better if he had ominous threats such as: "All of the Jedi are dead. Including your precious Exile, Kreia..." Throughout the game Sion would refer to the player as being 'dead,' which players would assume it is a threat. However, it is because Sion knows the Exile is a wound in the force and is curious as to the rumors about this dead piece of forceless flesh being the last of the Jedi.
  11. Well don't tell that to the conservatives. They've been trying to turn Reagan into such a figure. However, for most people writing the history books they've failed at it.
  12. That would have been an interesting plot device. A little cheap for the players, but still interesting. Revan returning to Malachor and continuing his/her training under Kreia to remember his/her past to find a way to fight the True Sith. Revan then becomes consumed by the teachings of hunger, which no force user can survive. The Exile, not having a connection to the force, is able to become the threat to the True Sith that Revan could not. It would be very cheap to the players of the first game though...
  13. Revan went searching for the one thing that made her happy in her childhood: Rosebud.
  14. You should mention how Govenor Tarkin showed his support for Greedo's family until he was silenced by the Jedi.
  15. I can now see what Yusanis saw in Master Kae... (w00t)
  16. We're done with that btw... just has to go through the bureaucracy/QA and all that fun stuff... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You would expect testing a few file replacements to go rather quickly. It is odd that Lucasarts seems to be giving the patch QA a finer comb then some would claim the game has received. " But hey, since NWN2 has internal testing it should be less subject to politiking, in theory at least
  17. The mission image is very cute. Also a Yoda-like Sith Lord would be fun. Hrmmm... Darth Bale?
  18. True, at least the Tribunal directly ministers to their people. ...and the Ordinators have that snappy armor: "We're watching you... scum."
  19. 1. Returning to old planets could be worked in with the plot. Such as Taris being the location where the ancient weapon is found, and Revan then has to sift through the ruins (and find the Promised Land). 2. While the Exile him/herself might be... different now, KOTOR2 events could be referred to in the character interactions from cameo NPCs 3. Cameos would definately be an important thing to do. For instance Revan returning to Coruscant would face the Handmaiden and her conflicting feelings over the fact that Revan is the last hope of the Republic, but that Revan killed her father. Similarly, she might blame Revan for the fact that the Exile has lost his humanity and is now unable to love her in return. 4. Easily done with the cameos, and the player being able to access news reports from the holonets and coreward databases. 5. One of the keys in KOTOR2 is how Revan could not bring anyone s/he loved. A "long distance romance" with Carth or Bastila could be done, and written in a way where even new players wind up caring about the characters. As an ending, all questions need to be answered. Is the Handmaiden Kreia's daughter? Revan might think that the Handmaiden is Master Kae, especially if receiving force visions of Kae's guidance. Kreia might have pulled something akin to Obi-Wan due to the sheer amount of force power running through her during her death. It would also be a fitting irony due to her hatred of the force. Her motivation to help Revan would be since s/he was her greatest apprentice, and that the force will finally let her die when all of the True Sith are dead. As opposed to the KOTOR1/2 NPCs being party members, new characters and their stories should be involved. However, the KOTOR1/2 characters are the shakers and movers of the galaxy and would be regularly interacted with. Even unexpected ensembles might result: Bao-Dur, Visas Marr, and Juhani working together to restore dead worlds such as Cathar, Katarr, and Telos (if Exile was lightside in KOTOR2, if the Exile and Revan were darkside it'd just be Katarr and no Juhani). Atton might be wandering from planet to planet, and might have even saved Mission Vao from Sith assassins as she was trying to book passage to Kashyyk when she learned that Revan left for the rim. (or may have killed her and is on the run if the Exile was darkside in KOTOR2) Working in interactions of KOTOR1 and 2 NPCs would be interesting, and would show an overall "will of the force" and would allow for several small, but in-depth cameos.
  20. Well if I was going to do KOTOR3: -The roll-up would be something like this: STARWARS Echoes of the Jedi The Jedi Order is all but destroyed, and the GALACTIC REPUBLIC is poised to collapse under the onslaught of the SITH EMPIRE. The last of the Jedi, exiled during the Mandalorian wars, now scours the outer rim aboard the Ebon Hawk for the fallen JEDI MASTER REVAN. Discovering a distress call sent by the Jedi Master, the Exile journeys to an unknown world at the edge of the galaxy... *cue to the Ebon Hawk flying to a planet that is tapping power from its star, like the Star Forge* The game starts with the main character being probed and tested by droids, including new HK models. They refer to you as master, claiming they saved you and are protecting you. There is a brief psychological examination which is a way of discussing the events of KOTOR1/2, and is where it is clear that you are Revan. This protection the droids are giving of course prevents you from leaving the planet. As the player explores, they learn that this planet is a "Forge World" of the Rakatan and was reprogrammed by Revan to produce HK droids to regulate the Republic in his/her absence. T3-M4 and HK-47 arrive, since "organic meatbags" aren't allowed past the quarantine zone. So they are used in puzzles to find a way to escape to the Ebon Hawk. Revan meets with the Exile, finding that the Exile has gone through a metamorphosis since Malachor V. The Exile has become a wound in the force more literally than figuratively. (this is a manner to avoid dealing with gender darkside/lightside conflicts) The Revan had been chased by a Sith fleet but the Forge World's droid armies held it off. A larger Sith fleet tracked the Ebon Hawk and destroyed the droid defenders. So you must escape planetary bombardment, Sith troopers, while making your way back to the ship to meet the Exile. You escape, but the Exile launches in an escape pod and tells you to jump out. The Exile then drains the Sith fleet of all life, and uses the stored force power to destroy the Forge World so that the Sith cannot use it against the Republic. This act gains the attention of the Sith Lords, who capture the Exile. There's a short hop to Coruscant where Revan needs to raid the Jedi archives for information to confirm a possible weapon against the Sith Empire. There Revan bumps into Biranna/Mical's reformed Jedi Order. (possibly Atris is aiding this as well) Carth/Admiral Cede learns of Revan's prescence and sends a small taskforce to follow Revan. From what's found in the Jedi temple, four ancient Sith planets are visited (such as Ziost and Stennis). All the while, Revan is being hunted now by Sith forces. Revan finds the keys to an ancient weapon that severs the force. An event 1/4th through this part deals with the return of the Exile, elite Sith who are deafened to the force have been able to handle the Exile and are starving "it." Revan frees the Exile, but is soon overwhelmed. They only survive as a team making up for the other's weaknesses. Before going to the planet where the weapon is stored, Revan then calls on Mandalore. Use of the weapon requires a person such as the Exile to power it, so it becomes a self-sacrifice. At this point, the realization is made that this was Revan's plan all along, a strong "Sith" Republic as a decoy to expeditions to prepare this attack. The Exile teaches Revan the techniques needed to survive when being deafened from the force. Lightside: The weapon is fired in the core of Sith space, and the Sith are seperated from the force as is Revan. There is a battle between the head of the Sith's "deafened" units and Revan. Meanwhile Mandalore and Carth's/Cede's forces slaughter the force-dependent Sith fleets which survive the genocide. The Sith, as a species and culture, are utterly destroyed and the Republic is safe... for now. The Jedi annals remember the eternal sacrifices of Revan who fell to the darkside and even gave up the force to save the Republic. ...and some even remember the Exile who taught Jedi how to live without the force. Darkside: The weapon is fired in the core of the Republic. Billions of lives are instantly extinguished and Revan feeds on their power. The Sith submit to Revan, as they cannot compete with Revan's power. The end result is that the galaxy is firmly under Revan's control. NPCs would be the droids, the Exile, and characters found on the other planets who work in with the plot. (most likely one Jedi of the new order, and various peoples on the ancient Sith worlds) Anyways, just the bare bones minimum. Villains would be similar to the KOTOR2 style of the character focusing on one aspect of Sith teachings. Multiple villains, and there's room for playing them against one another. Revan was successfully fighting this type of "war of belief" but a Sith faction caught-on and so came the escape to the Forge World (which didn't work as planned due to "ghosts in the machine") to prepare for plan B.
  21. I wouldn't consider meeting Atton, or someone like him, a reward. Bao-Dur though? Yes.
  22. The Harbinger type ships have a nice design (despite the hammer head ) and look like they pack some firepower.
  23. Hrmm... the weekend is nearly over and there's no update yet Maybe it's a "weekend update" in the same sense that the patch was coming "soon."
  24. "This patch was made with the same technology as the Star Forge! It is infaliable!"
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