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  1. It's all about Princess Leia. Metal bikini>*
  2. Yeah, that might be even lamer since you don't get it for "free" but have to select it.
  3. I like Band of Brothers. And I respect the hell out of those guys for everything they did. But this is WAY WAY WAY off topic.
  4. What's the lamest or most useless force-power in your opinion? I'd have to say the beast trick.
  5. Handmaiden for me. Mira runs close, mostly because she's a firepatch. :D Visas would die for you, but wouldn't wear a little dancer outfit? Bah.
  6. After you find out about the bounty, they will be at the Telos Czerka office.
  7. The "does he know?" refers to the exile knowing where Revan is. The Exile and Revan are definitely not the same person.
  8. It's buggy, but still enjoyable when it's not locking up. I won't be returning it. I still have to play through darkside and as a chick.
  9. The Handmaiden rocks. Unarmed combat is cool. :D
  10. Bao Dur can't, but T3 acts as a mobile workbench.
  11. Think about it. If you were a criminal on the run, where would you go to hide?
  12. she learns force sight not you. You have to go into first person look with her and you can see through walls and such <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can learn Force sight as well. But you learn it from Kreia. Talk to her and use the line about Visas doing something to your sight.
  13. It would cost a TON to port the game to PS2 or Gamecube. And neither of them really have the system-power to run the game engine anyway.
  14. Hello. I'm on teh Bioware forums as 2FASST. Bastages over there didn't allow my usual username. :angry:
  15. Have you not finished the game? On the last level I must have killed 500 people carrying Lighsabers, some of them carrying two sabers, and one with 4 different lightsabers. Not really that exclusive. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, I finished the game, and yes, there are tins of saber-wielders at the acadamy. But until then, saber-wielders are quite rare. It's not like you can go to Malachor V as your first planet and pick up a few sabers just for fun.
  16. I really liked the rarity of sabers. And it really felt great when you finally built one. I liked the fact that you din't run into too many other lightsaber wielders during the course of the game either. It definitely made for a feeling of exclusivity. The "bonded" crystal was very cool as well. Excellent concept.
  17. As for the ending... Yeah, lots of things that were'nt tied up. And not just epilogue type stuff either. As has been mentioned, WTF happened between GOTO and the remote? And how the heck did the Ebon Hawk go from being crashed, then falling into the canyon, then being apparantly fully repaired and saving you in the nick of time?
  18. I think I found one for sale at the two brother's store on Telos. Either there or the rodian's shop on Dantooine.
  19. It doesn't suck. Overall, I really liked the plot. It moves well, and tells an interesting story. And is definitely darker than the original. I also liked the vast amount of new items and upgrades available. Cool stuff. The new robes are nice as well. However... It felt like there were quite a few sub-plots and such in the game that were never fleshed out. I'd guess that it was due to not enough development time, but it's kinda frustrating to have something lightly sketched out, and then never followed up on. Some of which seemed fairly plot-related as well, not simply side-quest type stuff. Also, the frustrating lack of progression in conversations with the NPCs. I'd still give it an 8/10. I did enjoy it, and have already started playing through again.
  20. There might not be a limit to how high the levels could go, but there is a limit to how much total XP is available in the game. Hence, there is technically a cap.
  21. The key is shielding. At that point, I had several Mandalorian melee-shields, which saved my... err Mira's butt in that section. It helped that I had a couple nice pistols for her to wield as well.
  22. The power codes can be downloaded from the console it the room that the PC is found in.
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