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  1. Just finished my first Dark Side game, There are no force sensitives, could have been another strange converstation line that went nowhere.
  2. The worst moment for me was the LS end, when the Ebon Hawk by some devine intervention becomes whole again after it is basically destroyed landing on Malachor V. That was a moment where I had to really struggle to still feel I was in the game. If you unlock all the movies to watch at the main menu screen you will see the movie title is "The Death of the Ebon Hawk" it was a great idea I was really liking it. It was dark and tense and then at the end the ship is totally fine. In some ways that was tuffer to watch then the bugs and slow frame rate.
  3. In order to get Nar Shadda going you need to activate a cutscene where a group of slavers attempt to take over the Ebon Hawk once you defeat them and exit the ebon hawk that will start the Jek Jek Tarr invite. If you already finished the quests I would try just going to the refugee sector and then exiting back to the landing pad, I had to that once to start the sequence. If that doesn't work you may have to start over on Nar Shadda. Your overall goal on Nar Shadda is to make enough trouble either good or bad to get the Exchange to notice you.
  4. I noticed another "glitch" with this bounty sidequest. My second run through the game I got all the information from Gren on the Bounties. I stopped the conversation and got my Journal Update. I right away talked to Gren again, I selected to talk about the bounties, I noticed I had a conversation thread to tell him I delt with the escaped convicts. I can't remember everything he said but it completed, I got my XP and my reward. I huffed over to Janet Lorso's and those convicts I delt with saw me and took off for Telos. Once I landed on Telos they were no where to be found. I love this game but it seems the more you go through it there are holes you can sail a yacht through
  5. Using force wave will actually stun one of the sabers and take hit points away from the other two even though they avoid being stunned. Hit master speed if you have it then hit master flurry, take one saber at a time and you shouldn't have any problems.
  6. Also you can say something to the effect of "If you want someone to feed off of feed off of me" It shows a little cutscene of Nihilus using drain life on you then he sort of falls to his knees. I think it shows you a message saying you reduced his will saves but I might be thinking of Sion. It doesn't make much sense at the time until you realize that you are in effect a sort of "blight" on the Force. However it still doesn't excuse the fact you can cut him down so quick. I was really looking forward to the fight, but Master Speed and Master Flurry took care of him quick. I was expecting he would at least use Force Breach like Malik does in KOTOR 1 but not the case, I certainly didn't have to scrafice Visas that would have been a waste of a good character. Has anyone finished yet with the hardest difficulty setting? I haven't tried it yet but maybe those Sith Lords will be a little more Sith Lordsy on a harder difficultly.
  7. That makes sense actually and I see someone else posted on this now I just wasn't sure if it was the same problem. Thanks for the info I'll try that tonight! Looks like Obsidian was trying to help us out there but made things a little confusing.
  8. I just finished my first game, I always like to have a couple of save files from the game I just played and then I'll start a new game. I started my new game and everything looks likes it's running fine but when I go to load game I can't load any of my previous saves from my first game only the saves I have from my second game. I haven't checked the Xbox hardrive to see if they are there yet, but the saves I'm making on my second game are not being numbered 1,2, etc... it's keeping the numbers in line with my last game saves. Has anyone see this yet? I did some searching on the forums but couldn't find anything similar.
  9. I've also experenced multiple "rare" items. I'm about ready to go to Malachor and I have two pairs of Dominator Gaunlets and two pairs of Exar Kun's light battlesuit. Couldn't agree more on the Exar light suit, you can't use armor restriced force powers and it doesn't have any special features at all. I'm not complaining too much about the multiple Dominator's but it kinda takes the fun out of finding the "rare" items.
  10. Has anyone found Ulic Qel Droma's mesh suit yet? Going through Korriban I found it on a corpse close to the Shyrack Caves. Does anyone know if the random loot system covers everything in game? For example, Containers, corpse's, merchants?
  11. I'll have to give that a try! I was hoping I could my saber back from Atris, the cutscences of my trial showed it was Cyan, I thought that was a great color addition.
  12. I had Visas, Atton, and the Handmaiden with me. I tried to stealth up to the sensor but set it off. I just charged through, Force Wave, Master Valor, Master Flurry. Just mowed everyone down I was also able to get past the sith masters in front of the tomb, took a beating but made it the first time. I also had Atton and the Handmaiden as Jedi's. It's also the only point in the game so far where I had really bad frame rates at the top of the tomb entrance.
  13. Has anyone found a Cyan Crystal yet? I did find a Viridian Crystal on Dantoonie but no Cyan so far.
  14. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry about that I quoted the wrong post, the question was asked what the handmaiden's real name was, which is someone asked if that name might be one of the devs girlfriends. Devs responded 99 percent no. I was thinking that someone at Obsidian was a Fleetwood Mac fan, that song is one of Fleetwood Mac's most popular.
  15. I was able to get through using Mira as a Melee fighter, you have plenty of level ups there, gave her two weapon fighting and improved flury. I also had no medpacks so I had to hang around and let her VP come back. It took awhile but I wasn't gonna go to an older save
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