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  1. yeah the version i played was bug and glitch laden, esp. when using force wave you will lock up the game. the glitches might have been forgiven if the story was any good. what are the developers saying about this terrible product theyve palmed off on us?
  2. my personal opinion is that george lucas unlike the first kotr was much more creatively involved in this project and so its nonsensical plot. this all happens only 5 yrs after the mandalorian wars? you are an ex-fighter for the republic and you are all chummy with the mandalorians? i would think being on dxun moon would bring back terrible memories for the pc and the mandolorians would be incredibly hostile to you. goto has a bounty on you yet he wants you to save the republic? he holds the remote on malachor v hostage but that stand-off is never resolved. what about hk-47 and t3, never resolved. what is malachor v? thats never explained why its so important or such a power center. how exactly are these sith different? no xtra special powers. same old vibroblades. why are they such a threat again? the programmers do not understand what it means to be sith or jedi or the star wars culture this was just another programming assignment to them the business dept. was in charge of this game.
  3. horrible, simply horrible. the story is profoundly uninteresting and terribly convoluted. none of the mysteries raised during the game are resolved in the horrible abrupt ending. i was darkside but not terribly so ( for example i could not enter the tomb on korriban as my brother who also played did) and at the end i hurled kreia "the old woman" in the pit and the ebon hawk is crushed. boom credits roll. no wrap up, no me ruling the universe as a darth traya, in fact the game never offered the choice of ruling the galaxy so what is the point of fighting kreia? do we really need 3 baddies? their relationship with kreia and why the continue to obey her her is never explained and they were all uninspired and uncharasmatic. whats with all the "echoes"? thats all they say druing the entire game. what about this bond kreia and i share? she threatened to kill herself therby killing me unless i went to malachor v, i destroy her but i dont die. awful. framerates terrible, in battle with numerous opponents its all jerky and skips and glitches. whats with unequip weapons in a fierce battle? how stupid! that wasnt in the kotr1 and neither was the medpac pop-up. yes! yes! i want to use this medpac on this character, meanwhile red slayers are draining me of life force. one of the absolute worst things and one that never ever happended in the first kotr is when setting up actions during critical moments in battle, for some bizarre reason the game doesnt execute and just uses default attacks. many party members are killed when clearly i have medpacs lined up. this flaw is inexcusable. basically this game left the company barely debugged and with a committee writing the script. this is just another crappy movie tie-in as far as im concerned. put out this to capitalize on the success of the first and just sit back and count the money. also there werent as many women and minority "xtras". yes i know kreia, visas, but take a good look at the first game. women and minority sith troopers, republic soldiers and civilians on the different planets. here the only female npc jedi is killed on korriban and all the surviving jedi are males and whites. kotr broke new ground in every aspect of its programming, story and character development and expanded the stars wars myth brilliantly. kotr2 is simply a boring retread programmed by folks who clealy did not care for star wars.
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