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  1. Generally conscensis seems to be that the droid chassis is only on nar shadda in vogga's wherehouse. ie. might as well do nar shadda. Onderon is possible, but ethier way you have to play a planet before hk=47
  2. except for some high explosives.... bring along a secondary character to do security for you. Most of the time you won't *need* security. But its usually faster than bashing anyway.
  3. Demo disks should work. If your lucky 1 demo disk might have each demo grab a different cache drive. I really don't know how games get assigned cache drives though.
  4. ive also heard of US gamers saying that Kotor II cleans thier car windows as well, even though the game code most obviously doesn't behave in such a fashion. US gamers can definatly play through with a minimal amount of bugs, if lucky. But there are some "bugs" that are just there. +Def force powers for example. Definatly doesn't break the game, but still annoying. This is similar to Morowind (original release) on the xbox. Playable, but with some unfixable bugs., some of which caused game to be unfinishable for some people on some plays. They had longer to produce, but also a lot larger game.
  5. Combat and stat bonus for melee combat is definatly dual sabers/dual blades, especially since force speed doesnt even give +def anymore, making it less useful. On the other hand, if all you want to do is spam force powers go for single saber. The +3 def isnt bad and the +attack will help a weaker character score hits.
  6. I'm not sure weather or not to blame bioware or obsidian, but relying on the timing of loading from media sounds like a recipe for failure to me. Luckily my DVD drive reads at the right speed i guess. Perhaps this is why users with older/(dusty) xboxs have trouble? reading to slowly?
  7. navarre, download you mean the pc version? I imagine in due time the xbox groups will fix it somehow. Sadly it's looking like it will take one of those modchips . Maybe the devs left some way to override assets in the game though.
  8. It's kinda a choice now. It actually seems to work off of the first PC in the party currently. Usually the main character, but certain circumstances will cause this to change. Use these sepcial occorances to cash out$$$$, so you have the components later.l
  9. from the post from the developer before the game was released, T3 was supposed to handle item upgrade half of the workbench, while Bao-Dur was going to handle the creation/breakdown half of the workbench, similar to how the disciple handles the creation/breakdown of drugs. I'm not sure if it was cut, or if my Bao-Dur just wants to be the annoying type. He tends to hand out shields only sporadically (even when i have few) and rarely wants to talk at all.
  10. according to some earlier posts and a few game files, it looks as if bao dur was supposed to be able to act as a mobile item breakdown/creation station. I defininatly haven't had this option. Anyone had any better luck?
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