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  1. who gives a crap if its in two sections, just ignore one.
  2. thanx, thats all the info i need, it really sucked runnin around the swoop place looking for a bike to fix.
  3. i heard on another post somewhere that you can get infinate influence points with atton or bao dur if you get them to fix the swoop bike on nar shadaa but i have no clue where this is so if someone could tell me where this is that wold be great.
  4. you can repair him and get his stats uo right, but once you find out who you are he says it is not necessary to repair him anymore, but his assination protocalls can be repaired in time, does anyone know how to do this?
  5. i think i know a few off the top of my head. correct me if im wrong though. Bau-Dur: Jedi Guardian Handmaiden: Jedi Guardian Mira: Jedi Sentinel Disciple: Jedi Consular Atton: Jedi Sentinel And for the jedi that start as jedi incase u dont know. Kreia: Jedi Consular Visas Marr: Jedi Sentinel <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thats sounds about right to me
  6. I always prefered Jedi, but now since they can be trained, i would say Bao-Dur. P.S could only have 10 so a couple were left out, but just state them in a regular post
  7. maybe you should have posted this on the technical forum where more people including devlopers or whoever lokks at the threads, could have helped you with the problem althoughit looks like you got your info fromstargate, good luck
  8. hanharr looks a little on the scrony side, but other than that cool
  9. look under where it shows how many expiriance points you have and how many you need if it doesn't say points need you can no longer level up, however i do not think ther is a cap so it should always have thepoints need stat.
  10. in my opinion, though i have not yet played the game, from hat i hear you get your lightsaber and jedi crap on Dantooine so that i think is the best first and after that i don't know but i would say koribann last
  11. thats a good question someone will have to tell us
  12. Force crush is awsome but i think you can on;y get it with the Sit Lord
  13. they have taken out the personel quests yes, but they had to make room for the influence options, there would have to be extra strands of conversations, one following thier backround and sidequests and the ones where they come up with plans and criticise or praise your actions while you have to try and gain thier trust.
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