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  1. Same here, although I know that she's not actually supposed to be a crew member. In my case I had made a custom legacy, as opposed to importing my POE 1 save, which allowed for her to show up on the beach. Later on I updated to the beta patch and she was gone.
  2. It seems like the battle with Malnaj, after completing the quest and letting Remaro go, is bugged in that it ends abruptly with no loot, dialogue or any other sort of resolution.
  3. Just to bump this up. This is still an issue, at least for me. It obviously happens more often to ranged characters whom don't recieve damage as often as melee characters. It's just adds even more micromanagement that is entirely unneeded and unwanted.
  4. I can provide a save file if needed. Edit: http://www.4shared.com/file/RQwgiWZUba/2457f6237ba34d2b9e7ca925b004fa.html
  5. As the title explains. After having created a custom wizard I am unable to select any learned 1st level spells for use. If I give the wizard another grimoire then they can select 1st level spells for that. Apparently there is a bug with custom adventurer grimoires that does not allow anyone, even other wizard, to select any 1st level spells. Basicly my custom wizard can learn any spells, but cannot select 1st level known spells for use with the grimoire that came with said character.
  6. When loading an old save, items such as the Sanguine Plate do indeed get their new effect they also keep their old one i.e. it has both frenzy and retaliation.
  7. Agreed. It also makes it harder for modders to put in new dialogue, well I write harder but I really mean that when people are used to every line being voiced then it becomes rather noticeable when new lines aren't. Not really noticeable in games like this i.e. IE style games. And it's a very good point that you can't really edit dialogue once it's in, if it's voiced. At least not as easily. In regards to the OP: Aye, it's baffling that they didn't make more use of this proven concept. It gave the game more of a PnP feel. Perhaps they were worried about "less is more"?
  8. So... You pirated the game and then decided to go on this nonsesical rant?
  9. As the above image shows there is a problem, she should probably go see a priest about that arm, with the female model when equipping a fine breastplate.
  10. Well... I kept having to stop my playthroughs (Some issues get fixed in one patch but then new issues arise) because of items/skills/abilities screwing up the stats on my characters. So I'm personally waiting until they put in at least one more patch before I try again. So I hopefully won't have to play while keeping a mental list of the items that don't work.
  11. Are you using the IE mod? If so then you do not need to reinstall, unless you didn't keep the original Assembly-CShard.dll file.
  12. It is and I don't see why you brought it up here. I still haven't resorted to that kind of slippery slope argument. Only worry that I've shared is that this might set a precedent and affect future content to a greater or lesser degree. Almost pure speculation, of course. Of course they are anti-hate, as they should be. However, the poem had nothing to do with spreading/encouraging hate. Him bringing that up makes me think that he's basicly inferring that Firedorn was knowingly/unknowingly trying to spread hate about groups that have and still suffer from forms of oppression/discrimination
  13. So can racist, nazi, fascist etc. Aye. If you use them against people whom have done little to actually warrant such nouns. Just because someone disagrees with your [Not you as in you personally] opinion doesn't give you leave to start using ad hominems.
  14. If that's the kind of argument you want to present... Okay, so why was the joke a big deal then? Why was a person being offended by it? Since that kind of oppression is nothing compared to what we've seen in other parts of history... People have been killed because of their beliefs, ancestry and how they were born. The original complainer didn't face anything even remotely close to this level of oppression. So by your logic it shouldn't matter, since it doesn't matter. One should never resort to fallacy of relative privation. Why are we discussing anything regarding the game? Why is there
  15. Bigot can most certainly be seen as a derogative term, especially when used against people whom simply disagree with the person calling them a bigot. His reply to you is still correct. The bigots, as you refer to them, are not the only ones whom mainly focus on throwing insults instead of presenting proper arguments.
  16. Pot, meet Kettle. If the shoe fits. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75387-controversial-limerick-discussion-2/ Go read that thread. Several of the posters explicitly express their bigotry. Then consider that the main argument is about free speech, which is patently absurd as I have already explained. You missed/ignored his point. Both sides do so love throwing insults at each other in attempt to dismiss the opposing viewpoint. Don't even try to argue that only one side has resorted to ad hominems.
  17. You know, there is every reason to debate whether or not I think he's telling the actual truth or not. Mainly because I think debates should almost always be welcomed. Aye I have no control over his descision making, nor would I want to. I however fail to see what your point is, but you're right in one respect. I won't take his word for it simply because he is the CEO, same as I didn't take Obsidian's official statement at face value. The rest of your post* doesn't make much sense to me, as in I don't really understand what you're referring to. Who's the "you" in your statement? *Y
  18. Uhh... aren't there 4 creators? Not sure how many were behind it to start with... So stating that one of the original creators has left would be more precise. I stand corrected.
  19. Ctrl-C. Ctrl-V. 500-odd times. And you think it's hard to believe that somebody missed one? Firstly I do find it harder to believe that just one made it through. It seems to be a rather convenient truth, given the situation. Secondly someone still read it, although it is certainly possible that the person [some poor intern?] just mindlessly copied the text from the backers into the game. If Firedorn's poem wasn't vetted then I think it would be far more reasonable to assume that others also weren't vetted, given that they could just have been copying them into the ga
  20. The mod creator has left the game and the mod behind for now.
  21. "It was something we, not anybody, had read" I call bull**** on that. Someone obviously read it as someone obviously wrote it into the game. "We can tal about hate, and we can explore hate, but that we don't promote hate is the key thing in the end" Aye, indeed. But what does that have to do with the poem? Was he insinuating that Firedorn's poem was promoting hatred towards a group of people? Well, I guess it did promote hatred towards silly bigots whom think running off a cliff is a rational way of handling an akward situation.
  22. I would go with "Let people create dedicated threads, but stop them from derailing other threads". I couls state the most obvious solution to your dilemma: if you're getting down because of this still being discussed on the forum then perhaps you should practice some self-restraint and ignore such posts/threads. But that can be rather hard to do when people start posting off-topic nonsense in other threads. Want to go to Reddit instead? Go right ahead, but be forwarned... Reddit communities tend to be rather effective at burying ideas that they do not like. So you might not be able to g
  23. You can't anymore, afaik. Thanks for all the effort you put into the IE mod, Sensuki. Can't say I'm surprised about your choice, for what it's worth, as my enthusiasm has also decreased immensely as a direct result of the design choices and the sheer amount of bugs.
  24. Heh. Good question. I've stopped playing the game [until it gets patched enough] because of the sheer amount of issues that are still in the game and are being added to the game alongside the patches.
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