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  1. The single player rpg's task is to be fun for all classes. This does not in any way interfere with more powerful class being mages at all, because people like different play strategies and not automatically the most powerful class in the game and thats it. And who said mage is the only class that is able to become godlike? Or that there arent any combinations on IE better that mage?You listen to yourself ffs. AND, in bg2 thieves could use scrolls as well and that is where the fun starts for me
  2. One of these days, Stun, you're going to have to get over the fact that most people choose to play these games as games to be beaten rather than role play them, and that most people who role play do not use crpgs as their main vehicle for it. Nice, but this is successor to IE and that means roleplaying no matter what does the CoD generation do with games.
  3. exactly, i pointed it out few times before beta, but never got any reaction. I still hope they will do it somewhere near the end of production once all areas are done, and it is one of the most important tools to create realistic environment
  4. Additional attribute points for each background are great idea, hope this thing lasts.
  5. This game was backed so much because obsidian said itll be successor to infinitz games. And those games big point of interest for MANY people were powerful mages. Whatever the **** sawyer wants in his dream game can **** off since the game people backed was successor to infinity stuff.
  6. Seriously, who gives a **** if you get those 10-40 xp for each lock and trap or not? I doesn't make a ****en difference!
  7. Yes, because it is much easier to come up with new ideas how to count quest xp and trap xp and exploration xp and whatever the **** you think of rather than overcoming sawyers ego and simply implementing combat xp. Way to go really. We have been ranting about this for 2 months Obsidian! So stop being a ****en sissy and say something.
  8. You'll have to try really hard without combat XP fellas.
  9. I am becoming quite allergic to Sawyers opinions lately. Athkatla had AWESOME amount of quests, that were put there to be done during all the chapters. For example secret mindflayer dungeon in sewers and completing Crom Fryer, you got there like in chapter 6 and its all in Athkatla. And to be honest, lots of quest I left incomplete during that precious and amazing first time I played BG2, for example that beholder cult thing. I was so absorbed by the story I was all like "**** it no time to loose lets find Imoen" and all that. And it gave you amazing FREEDOM, as many of you mentioned before me, and I miss that in all other games! I literally HATE when you have to do some inane good-boy bull**** you don't even feel connected to. No no no my dear fella, if you want to hide your inability or lack of resources to come up with something as awesome as Athkatla and BG2 itself by yourself, please don't hide behind nitpicking.
  10. Nope. Because it would be more like Baldurs Gate.. and you know, Josh Sawyer didn't like it.
  11. I don't care how anybody else plays the game, I do care only about the game being as much fun as possible. No combat xp, less fun. If YOU care HOW I play the game, you have problem in your head. Devs, please make turn off combat xp button and everybody should be pleased, right? Right? You shouldn't really care how I do play the game at my home.
  12. To all those of you who claim that adding xp for kills would destroy the balance of leveling - on what basis exactly do you decide that creators of the game would definitely fail on this one? What part of the current game makes you think that?
  13. Second that. There are also few pretty important things in question in the forums atm and some word from creators where it's heading or some justification could help. I'm not sure this silence is helping.
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