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  1. I had them show up once. If you didn't run into them on the way to the base, you're not going to, I think.
  2. Saber crystals (and all loot) is completely random. Keep playing. You'll find him. He's not in the ruins.
  3. When you're talking to Atton while he's still in his cell on Pergaus, and you guys talk about what happened with Revan. If you don't choose the responses concerning that, it will default to LS male, I believe. As far as Revan and Exile cannot be female...judge them by their size, do you? You should not. For the Force is their ally, and a powerful ally it is. Luminous beings are they, not that...errr...OK, being CRPG characters they're rather luminous, come to think of it. But you know what I was getting at.
  4. Ah. Light Side MALE. That explains it. You'd think he would have mentioned that in some other dialog, considering he apparently fell for my Light Side Female character. Pffft. Thanks for the responses though.
  5. I've been a good little PC user, and did a search for stuff like this first, but I haven't found anything. I apologize for dredging this old topic back up, but I have to ask - WHEN did he report to the admiral in question? I've never recieved this scene, though Atton said he caught him. Is it just one of the Ebon Hawk random scenes?
  6. I reloaded this morning and after some right clicking and such I did get the little droid moving, though the framerate slowdown made navigating difficult. I can guarantee that the caps lock was never on (as that was one of the possibilities I thought of) and random right clicking didn't work before. *shrugs* Switching back to my main character, I was able to get down to the mining tunnels , but standing before the super heated ones again drop my framerates to nothing, and I suspect dashing through there with the energy shield is going to be a trial. It's quite possible that, for me, it's mostly a matter of minimum requirements for the processor don't really work. My machine: AMD 1Ghz 1.25 G memory (Yes, trying to overcompensate for the processor. No it doesn't usually work) Soundblaster Audigy GeForce FX 5600 256M Well, at least I'm no longer permanently stuck. I'll try turning the video options down when I get home from work to see if that gets me through the mining tunnels.
  7. There's not much I can do for testing, as I can't seem to undo it at this point. Saving and reloading doesn't help. I will give more detail, however. Both instances so far have been with T3 only on Peragus. The first time it happened was at the bottom of the same area where the hanger is (down after an area transition - where you pick up the explosives from the guy's corpse in a small sub-area). When I first entered this area, I found I suddenly could not use the WASD keys any longer, but I COULD (for some strange reason) use the Z key to go sideways and if I clicked on the various items I both moved to battle and moved to loot. I also noted a distinct decrease in framerate in this small room, so I thought perhaps it was some video problem (though everything else is up to par, my processor is a bottleneck at the minimum 1 Ghz). Therefore, I tried turning various graphic items down. It looked sucky, but didn't help the problem so I turned them back up. In this instance, in order to leave the area I turned the camera apropriately and scooted back out. Once back in the hangar area, the game returned to acting normally and I was able to navigate without a problem. However, as soon as I blasted the door to the right of the hangar console and went through that area transition in the hallway beyond, the same thing happened again (framerate slowdown and cannot move) except this time NO movement keys worked at all. I can pan around using the keys and the mouse, but there's nothing in range to click on to see if either moving to loot or combat an get the poor little guy moving again. Again, saving and reloading has no effect. Turning all graphics options down has no effect (besides making everything look really bad, of course ). Desperate and random clicking has no effect. Threatening my computer with its imminent destruction has no effect. I am well and permanently stuck and cannot continue. I do not know if this is a similar symptoms to what others are experiencing, but that's what I have ATM.
  8. For me, I enter certain areas on Peragus and nothing works for movement. I have entered the fuel depot ? area with T3 and cannot continue the game because he won't move. I tried remapping the keys, but that didn't help. Other things respond (camera movement with key control and menu selection and camera panning with mouse) but he will not respond to the WASD keys at all. Any thoughts or work arounds for this would be appreciated.
  9. At last the answer to the question I most wanted answers to. And it is the answer I most feared. See, I can't get enough of happy endings. Indeed, others on this thread can look down on me if they like, but in my fun 'n' games anything that isn't on the balance upbeat and satisying in the end is unacceptable in a game. Alas, it appears I will be taking a pass on KotOR 2 after all. Too bad.
  10. Double negatives can be confusing on first read, so by 'not unavoidable' you do mean "I didn't have to do the mini-game" right? If so, great! If not... I don't mind them being available, but I prefer not to do them.
  11. Is the turret stuff still unavoidable?
  12. Something I really liked in the first LucasArts KotOR web site was a snippet of voice for some of the major NPCs. I've poked around the KotOR 2 site and haven't found anything similar. Does anyone know if this sort of thing exists?
  13. Yup, though that's not why. Feh. Now you sound like my huband.
  14. Huh? No. Clothing optional (IE full nudity) would be. I'm only hoping it's optional because of my preferences, not because of any concern for my kids.
  15. Heh. I'm thinking 'clothes optional' would push it past a teen rating. Though it might be interesting to try to play the game without a lightsaber, I think I will not be able to resist if I get the game. It's a lightsaber. I mean really. How can you not? I'm just hoping that dressing in slave garb is optional. I think most characters I play would prefer to do Leia's original disguise as the detonator wielding bounty hunter. Although, it would be interesting, I guess, if a male PC had to dress similarly.
  16. Tasthius, would you be willing to comment briefly (and non-spoilerifically ) on how you feel the Light Side options are unfolding so far? Keeping in mind and accepting the comparative darkness of the game, do you feel the 'heroic' choices are still satisfying?
  17. I believe the preview said the full review would be available by the end of the week.
  18. I'd certainly appreciate that. Just put a non-spoiler version somewhere I can get to and I'll find it.
  19. Yeah. It doesn't address the things I wanted to know. I wonder if I'm going to have to wait a couple of months.
  20. Here's one that's very important to me and I actually DO NOT want specific spoiler information. A lot of the hype, emphasis,and even the basis of reviews and previews have focused on the darkness of KotOR2 - generally darker in feel, yes, but also it seems purely from playing from a Dark Sider point of view. For instance, the IGN review goes on and on about all the cool dark elements are, then seems brush off the Light Side as, "Well, I'm sure that's satsifactory as well". Assume, just for a moment, that I don't go with the darker = undoubtably better point of view. Not only do I not want to play a Dark Sider (and likely never will), I'm not particularly interested in playing an anti-hero either. I want to play a hero - a basically (though imperfectly) good person who does things that makes the game world a better place. I crave warm fuzzies like chocolate (mmmm chocolate) - even if the game has bittersweet elements I want my milk chocolate too. Eh. I need to eat lunch, evidently. Anyway.... I love KotOR 1. I want to love KotOR 2. A lot of the technical things (like character influence) sound pretty intriguing. I'm concerned, however, that my desire to play the role of a hero in the story will not be met with this game. Reviews, previews, and developer posts have not answered this for me (or rather, have not given me much hope). I don't expect things to be sunshine and lollipops, but in the end, if I play a Light Side character, will I sit back at the final credits with a sense of satisfaction?
  21. Moving away from the "Get next level, get more information from your party members" is probably a good thing. I will openly admit that there were times where I was level hunting just so I could get an NPC I liked to talk to me again. Assuming the influencing feels natural, and you get enough of a sense (even a meta-gaming sense, for later play throughs) of what might influence your companions, I think this alternative could work well. I will admit that I have mixed feelings about knowing it's impossible to get all of your companions' stories in one play through. Dark Side vs Light Side doesn't bother me. I never play Dark Side anyway. But knowing that spending time with one person in the party means that I likely will not learn the story of another person left back on the 'Hawk makes me sniffle greatly. I understand and appreciate the desire to appeal to replayability, but I love this kinda stuff and wish that I could rotate the party and get to them all in time. Then again, in the first game you COULD get most everyone's stories, but I actually didn't travel with Canderous or Juhani enough to get them in the first play through anyway. I'm glad that your influence can't turn ALL people from their starting alignment. Having influence on your friends and allies is one thing, but I'm glad some of them hold to their own convictions regardless. Provides an interesting mix of personalities. I'm also waiting for February. Alas.
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