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  1. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=122049 I was looking for this too, Mista. Here's a link I found.
  2. I like Bao-Dur, and turned him jedi. But, unfortunately (for the Darth Maul look) he can't wear any robes. At least none that I have found. He can wear medium armor, but of course that restricts his force powers (especially if you are ds, like me). What is the best armor for a Jedi Bao-Dur, in your opinion? (I really don't want to wear the miner outfit)
  3. Thanks. Looks like Kreia is saying "you are spending too much time in the presence of the servant of Atrus." I hope this is the one. (It took me forever, not only because I was in the Sith Caves doing visions, but I had 3 convos backed up). ^_^ Thanks so much for helping me.
  4. Yeah, I explored every conversation path I could find. Kreia wouldn't discuss Handmaiden in any dialogue as you are describing. I went back to Handmaiden and she told me about her mother. I don't seem to have any meaningful options left. I'll try that, Kalfear.
  5. Oh crap. When I went to Kreia, she started talking about something else entirely. B!tching about how I let too many people on the ship. Now I can't get that conversation to come up. PS: this was right after Goto's yacht.
  6. What should I ask her? I just spoke to her, and nothing of Handmaiden came up.
  7. I believe it's your base constitution, ie without the other modifications.
  8. I fought all three fights and am on my first planet, Nar Shadaa. We go through some conversation and I tell her to think about it. She says she'll give it some thought and tell me her answer later. I am afraid of this situation, seeing as how my first experience through the game was horrible, because I fear I will get to the end and still be waiting for her response. Can someone tell me, specifically, when she turned for you.
  9. Thanks alot, I really appreciate that. So that first conversation you have after landing on the landing pad in Nar Shadaa will not gain influence with Bao-Dur? Just making sure, I don't want to screw up this time around.
  10. Right off the landing pad of Nar Shadda, I save the guy from getting beaten up. In the influence guide, it says I should gain some influence from helping the guy. However, no matter what options I choose, I never gain any experience or ineraction with Bao-Dur. Can someone give me the exact responses I'm supposed to give to up my influence with Bao-Dur.
  11. That's sort of the vibe I was getting from Sion, but I still can't believe it. This is the kind of behavior I would expect from a dog, or a small child, but not from a Sith Lord. That whole sad exposition at the end with Sion where he seems to say "You're not her favorite... I'M HER FAVORITE," seemed kind of lame, and I wondered if I had missed some major real motivation for him to act this way. Also, I would point out that even before Kreia preferred me (that scene with Nihilis and Sion), Sion didn't seem to care about her opinion as Nihilis throws her against a wall (and they subsequently st
  12. I can see what Hades is talking about. If you played LionHeart, they had bugs that went totally unsupported, with no intent/attempt to fix them.
  13. Hmmm, good qeustion. I don't know, I went straight to Dxun when I was informed I needed to go there. Can't remember if it was voluntary on my part. All I can say is that, from the looks of Disciple, he doesn't appear to be a real close-combat oriented class. Handmaiden was my tank, she had around 350 hp.
  14. I've got to go soon, and I don't want to leave you hanging if nobody else helps out. So, any luck?
  15. Hmmm, I haven't had this problem, I just wasted them without bothering with an alarm. All I remember is this. I approached the alarm but set it off. I think some guys ran at me, but I killed them. I approached the group of officers on the right side, and killed them (amazingly without anyone else in the camp noticing). Used the computer, assaulted the facility head-on, and killed everyone. If you're having trouble, I would suggest someone with force speed go solo, run up to the area you're having problems with, get the attention of that group, and run back to your party. If you can lure t
  16. I have a question. At what point did Sion patch up relations with Kreia? The flashback video obviously indicates that they were at odds with one another. He cut off her hand, and barring a miraculous feat of will and theater, this was still Sion hating Kreia, especially the dialogue that leads up to her losing her hand. I don't remember him having anything positive to say about her at your next encounter on Korriban. Then your next encounter with him is near the end, where he has apparently had a change of heart and wants to prove to Kreia that he is most worthy. My memory is not the great
  17. Never going to happen that way. How would they justify a second release on Xbox? "Uh, we were rushed around Christmas by Lucas so, uh, all you hardcore loyal schmucks shell out another $50 and you can get the real game." No way. Obsidian would go down if they admitted that. More plausible just to delay the pc version... but that's not really going to happen either.
  18. Question for anyone that did a consular/jedi master. Why did you go light side? Conventional wisdom (since KOTOR) has been that if you wanted to be a force-mage type you'd go with DS, becuase LS had limited ability to damage. Are any of the special abilities for the Jedi Master any good? And can anyone tell me whether the Sith Lord abilities are any good?
  19. Actually, I think the Baby Bio thing worked out well for them. They need cash before risking capital on a new intellectual property, and I assume they will have raised much by the time NWN 2 is completed. How many companies have been served lucrative deals such as this shortly after formation?
  20. Same here. I exhausted Bao-Dur's and Atton's options within a few hours.
  21. You guys did a good job with some of the characters. I loved
  22. I was actually the other way around. I liked the ending after mulling over it, but alot of the quests leading up to the ending were fetch quests. But I played as a Malkavian, so I figure I got more enjoyment out of it than most. Hehe, my innocent Malk girl: "Tv man?"
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