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  1. I can't really think of any suggestions other then trying it with another SSD to see if it was a hardware issue.
  2. Wasn't really asking about drivers, I myself have a Samsung 840 Evo Series SSD where Samsung packs it in with some of their own proprietary software called Samsung Magician where I can change settings on the SSD along with running performance tests on it.
  3. I'd say at this point if you haven't made a refund or replacement claim yet. If PNY has given you any software to manage your SSD try running a performance test and post the results on here.
  4. I would just run an OS off of an SSD, and let the game data be read/write off of a platter drive. Flash Storage is still very experimental versus Magnetic Platters from the reports and studies I've read on SSD's they should only really be used for battery operated devices or something that can die (turn off) quietly. If you are running something from the drive and theirs a power surge that goes through your computer you have to pray it didn't corrupt a block during a write operation. Either way that's my setup and I have been able to run all Stalker Games smoothly on max settings + V sync and some anti aliasing. Also, have you install any mods to your copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  5. Mental preparation for the start day of my job for on this coming Monday as a Software Engineer Other then that trying to get back to studying my Japanese (I've pretty much forgotten all of the Hiragana characters) Other then that extended, experimenting with some things in Blender.
  6. Check out his interviews with Scott Miller too, that man made a lot of strides for early PC gaming marketing including having the shareware system. Other ones of interest are any interviews he has with Josh Sawyer, Tim Cain and his one interview with Ralph Baer (its especially interesting if you are an Electrical Engineer).
  7. Chris: "This concept makes the bloom sound so horrifying of a place" Well of course it is, the freaking area is designed by George Ziets! I would expect nothing less from him.
  8. You can't even say threats of violence against the President (class D felony). I remember a story where a 70 year oldish Vietnam Vet. said he was going to kill Barack Obama, as soon as the nurse reported what he said Secret Services came and hauled him away.
  9. There's always a factor missing from the whole truth of the story because if the media can make a story cause a riot or panic then they will do it.
  10. No, no, no that's completely wrong. I believe in freedom absolutely but not if that freedom means it offends or hurts someone else Sorry to say but there can be no freedom like that, you give people too much freedom you'll see peoples true colors. It goes a little something like this in my mind, Law - Limited Freedom, Standard Protection from Others Chaos - Absolute Freedom, No Protection from Others; Survival of the Fittest
  11. Hate to be a pessimist but I don't believe there is a middleground solution for this problem. At least if we are to keep things the way they are now without having a group keeping a constant monitor for this kind of harassment and severely punishing those who do, I'm not talking banning accounts or anything like that, I'm referring to legal actions being done against the user. Though if we were to do this we would surely get a group that comes out saying, "Whats the big deal? It's just pictures and words." With these people having the narrow mindset of not being able to place themselves in another persons perspective or at the very least try to have some form of empathy.
  12. But the modded versions by the users are sooo much better than Beamdog's enhanced edition :D Regarding to the topic at hand there has to be a balance game development wise, it can't be just something the developers would play; and it can't just be something the developers will cater towards their audience, seeing as how trying to cater to that audience will ultimately bring down the quality in the product. Since it is something the developers will try to develop based on a template versus making something that is truly unique and something that can stand on its own. From the way Josh and his team have been handling PoE I believe they have struck that creative balance between developer and user fanbase. *Edit* Regarding the whole female breast thing in plated and scaled armor. Really? We have to get into that topic?
  13. Love the armor design however, I love the fact you guys allow us to change the cloth color as we were able to do in the BG series and the IWD series that alone just really shows how you want this to resemble an IE game and for that I say kudos to you guys. I really want to get my hands on this game even more.
  14. I really thought the Waterfall development methodology was funny, and I was surprised he mentioned it. Regarding on Python as a language and cross compiling to C, my only concern for that would be how the memory is set upon compile time, considering C/C++ you have to manually manage your own memory while Python, C#, Perl, Ruby it automatically manages it for you and that is one thing I don't like about a programming language like Python. Speaking as a former Embedded Systems developer, I would hate to depend on the compiler itself to structure my memory for me, since you need to take considerations for private addresses that is interacting with the hardware. My question for you regarding the language itself is for making a game how would you go about optimizing your game so lower end machines can run it? Or should I say make it so it doesn't use a lot of RAM?
  15. From a programmer standpoint I'll say, you can have a very good idea of how everything in your engine works and what tools are available for you to use. Though with all causality of events you cannot predict everything that is going to happen within your IDE I'll agree with Hiro in saying coding flaws don't work miraculously, what is really going on is the programmer put many work arounds in the case of common errors that would occur and for ones that are truly abnormal they should/would place an Interrupt Service Routine so you can exit out of your application nicely (so you don't bring down the OS) while also saving what data you can from that session which isn't corrupted. I'll also just put a general thought out there even with Overhaul containing former Bioware employees we can't necessarily guarantee that they have all the documentation regarding the IE. You have some pieces from the puzzle missing I've heard a lot of stories where an employee that has left a corporation, they have a system they design contain a fatal error years later and while it might be more advantageous to recreate the system from scratch they will instead depend on the new guy working on the system to fix the old system. The issue with that is he wasn't the original architect he can only have so many ideas for how the old guy went about to design this system. Not to mention their are nearly almost infinite possibilities to accomplish something programming wise (unless its the guys who set the standard for the language, they will tell you your method is wrong and everything you do is wrong :D).
  16. They did say for me that being crazy is one of the pre-requisites of being an engineer. :D Regarding your second edit wouldn't that just pretty much qualify under the aspects of schizophrenia?
  17. You've forgotten to mention societies influence on what love is suppose to be. How do you really know if what you, yourself are feeling is love and what is simply nothing more but influence by society to tell you how you should feel for other people? That omission is the resulting factor of society itself telling you, you have to be with someone to feel whole. I definitely agree with you on insanity itself being the defense mechanism of the mind. From what little I've read of Lovecraft I don't believe its the incredible beings that causes the viewpoint of the character to go mad its more or less the realization that the world/universe is more than what it seems to be and since you are unable to understand it you break down with that knowledge forever imprinted on your brain until you can't take it anymore. I myself prefer to have a balance between sanity and insanity because having one over the other can be too impactful on your psyche when one takes over the other. Seretone and Dopamine can only do so much to influence your mood out of your depression, generally the body gets use to those extra chemicals where it starts treating it as normal.
  18. I concur that keeping it dust free will increase the lifespan drastically (makes it easier for PS3 to exhaust, thus reduces heat buildup on components). I'm not questioning the design too much of the PS4 I think it is wonderfully built (granted enough I don't have one I probably won't break down and buy one until MGS5:TPP comes out) and everything fits very nicely inside the case. What I am wondering from an electrical engineering standpoint is why is the AC side of the PS4 power supply only making references to Line + Neutral? It makes no sense not to have the PSU make an additional reference to Earth Ground. Unless Sony is making the bold assumption that every one of their customers is going to be running their product on a surge protector and not directly from a wall outlet.
  19. I always loved how console developers (not bashing I'm a console gamer too just observing) are so set on making their consoles as compact as possible. Changing the size of the lithography of the CELL processor can only do so much to generate less heat. Not to mention having the case becoming more and more compact isn't helping, the poor thing doesn't have any room to breath. Though the real question I want to ask Sony is, why does the power supply of the PS4 have no reference to earth ground? I would hate to be that power supply when there is a power surge.
  20. Have you tried composite/component on the AV Input as well? (Just confirming if its not outputting anything from either port) Another thing you should try is resetting the display settings you can do this by holding the power button as its turning on (one beep to power on, additional beep to reset display settings, as soon as you hear that second beep you can take your finger off the power button). It might be a possibility (a slim one) that the configuration for your PS3's display got messed up as it was booting up. Just giving possibilities the PS3's OS isn't perfect, remember the PS3's OS was originally programmed that leap years were every 2 Years when it should of been every 4 Years.
  21. I congratulate you as well, what was the aspect of Buddhism that appealed to you most?
  22. How recent was this? I could of sworn on another post 2 days ago you said you were a Christian. I'm only asking because in both posts you used religion to explain your beliefs regarding the topic.
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