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  1. I wouldn't use DEX for a dump stat, especially for a caster. It does influence turn order, but also effects cast time. A low DEX caster is going to be easier to interrupt and have a harder time targeting their AOE spells (theres no spell re-targeting in turn based).
  2. It seems like you cannot change to PotD from Veteran, but it does seem like you can change level scaling. I started with level scaling set to all, but I can change it to off or critical path only in game. I haven't tested whether this actually has an effect, though. I might do so at a later stage. At the very least, the level indicators for quests and enemies whilst using level scaling has been fixed! As to the difficulty level of PoTD and Veteran. I've played the starter island on both difficulties, pre- and post patch. Both difficulties have been increased, quite tremendously, for the st
  3. I made a quick mod that changed some properties of Whispers of the Endless Paths. I removed the AoE attack, and decreased the reach and increased the damage to that of a normal great sword. The problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to remove "Increased Reach" from the item description ( I figured out how to remove "Attacks in a Cone"). In the "items.gamedatabundle" file, Whispers had a reference to the BasePike ItemModId ("6130193a-b513-4b10-96b2-057d384056d3") which deals with increased reach. I removed it, but it didn't change the description in game. I can't figure out where e
  4. Josh Sawyer said that this was originally in one of the conversations with Eothas, but it was removed because it disrupted the flow of the conversation. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/174058952291/so-is-the-idea-that-before-the-wheel
  5. I wonder if the dragons were balanced when most attacks didn't graze. Their defenses (especially deflection) were much lower than POE dragons. They weren't challenging at all.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one. Several times during a conversation it seemed like the available responses were total non sequiturs. Even after rereading the entire conversation they didn't make sense and it seemed like the game bugged out and didn't display part of the conversation.
  7. My biggest complaint with the current beta is a lack of first level passives, especially for fighters. Next biggest complaint is that I can't figure out how or if I can turn off pushes in combat. I just had the Rogue shove my Soul Blade out of range when he was trying to use Soul Annihilation, wasting the ability. With the increase in recovery time, it was really irritating having to wait another 4 seconds to attack not to mention draining all his focus. For multiclass characters, I also hope that we'll be able to spend both ability points on the same class when we hit a new power leve
  8. Does Two Weapon Style from the Fighter tree apply to dual wielding range weapons or only melee?
  9. They seem to, but I cant find the info in the beta. F&C got more powerful for my crusader when I picked appropriate responses
  10. Another thing to consider is the late game difficulty. In PoE on hard, by the time I got SI I was curbstomping pretty much every encounter without it. So while it was an awesome ability, it wasn't nearly as useful as the earlier talents and abilities.
  11. I'm at work so I can't post a screen shot, but I believe there is a bug with the Deep Faith ability. Before taking the ability F&C was granting my Crusader +12.5 to all defenses (which may also be bugged since the description says it grants +10 and I didn't see any disposition points to modify it). After taking Deep Faith it bumped it to +25 to all defenses while the description suggest that it should grant an additional +2.5 to all defenses instead of +12.5. I can post more info once I get home.
  12. I made a Devoted/Kind Wayfarer Crusader and I got more than 1 weapon proficiency. From the class description I'm pretty sure thats a bug. Also all of the fighter stances and paladin auras are listed twice.
  13. I made a Crusader (Devoted/Kind Wayfarer) and got more than one proficiency. I'm guessing thats a bug.
  14. Boeroer did answer the question. Another potential problem with a backstab build is that the Watcher always does the talking in the game which automatically pulls you out of stealth and a lot of the tough fights start with dialogue.
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