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  1. Hey Not Hypebringer, I had a tough time finding this fellow, but have you tried looking here?
  2. The base version of this item has 0% chance to cast a random illusion spell on target on hit. Also, its enchantment Shrouded Strike has a 0% chance to cast a random affliction on target on crit. I guess if this was going to be intentional for any god's weapon, it would be Wael's...
  3. Typo in the Shadowed Vale Edit: There's actually another little goof.
  4. I didn't realize this until the second time I experienced this, but the ship storm check to save a crew member who has been swept overboard which calls for using Maura's Writhing Tentacles uses my Watcher's Arcana rather than the caster. I could kind of understand this, as it's your Watcher calling the shot, but at the same time, that doesn't make complete sense. Is this intentional?
  5. I agree with this ideally, but currently I would caution against respeccing as it seems to be removing some permanent upgrades (such as the skill increases that cost 3000 gold) and potentially some ability points. Just something to keep in mind so you don't progress after your respec and realize you lost your skill points. Hopefully this is resolved shortly, as it has been reported.
  6. Hello, Iatra. That enchantment increases the chance and damage of the weapon hurting you, but doubles the amount of burn damage the gun does to the enemy. It's probably a pretty substantial increase in DPS to enemies for a pretty small increase in damage to your character per fight.
  7. In order to complete this quest, I walked up to the sailors on the balcony and tricked them into thinking there was a ghost behind them, and I even walked away during a dialogue before that to save before making a choice (restarted dialogue after deciding to "leave them alone"). I believe yours is not working as intended. Definitely worth the report.
  8. I also experienced this. I completed A Bigger Fish, but A Sinking Feeling was completely removed from the quest log when I got the families to agree to a truce even though I had made progression on it. I guess I could understand if I had not even seen the quest, but it was in my quest log and then disappeared.
  9. Oh no. I hadn't noticed this yet as I just got the upgrade for her lantern prior to going to bed last night. I will update this post if I can confirm I am also experiencing my own party members resisting 22% of buffs!
  10. You have been experiencing the exact same bugs as me! I come to post them and you already have! Keep up the good work.
  11. Here's a picture of this happening. I do have over 3000 gold, and this was reproducible.
  12. I believe there should be an "a" before Goldpact knight. Also, shouldn't it be Goldpact Knight, as their order is a proper noun?
  13. Journal - Quests - Bounty Torkar: Dessiral wants me to track down the pirate ogre Torkar, the Firebrand's master tactitian, and kill him.
  14. Gatecrashers - Slugger: +2 Might, 50% chance to perfrom knock down attack against target with Critical Hits in melee.
  15. Captain Furrante - "It has, lamentably, remained unfindable since. I belive it may be why she searches the seas, yet."
  16. How can you say that BG is a terrible game? It had everything I wanted as a kid: A badass villain with well realized intentions and some more or less realistic cronies, such as Tazok, a story that had quite a bit to it if you actually read all the correspondence between the Iron Throne and its subordinates, and the ability to make a customized character and choose from a decent selection of companions all with their own biographies and voiced dialogue. I recently replayed BG 1 and 2 when the Extended Editions came out, and had a fantastic time doing it. These are games that I played through as an 11 year old and got my ass kicked. However, with a slower and more calculated playthrough, I was able to absorb a relatively coherent story with engrossing gameplay that kept me wanting to side with a certain faction or spite certain villains, which is enough for me to have an enjoyable RPing experience.
  17. It doesn't outdo them, but it's a solid game in its own right. As a guy who has played Dnd & Dnd based games since I was a wee child, I can attest that it (currently) is not as good as BG2, IWD, or IWD 2, and it has about as much content BG without ToTSC. That being said, the new systems implemented are definitely refreshing and I think if it progresses in quality and diversity as much as Dnd has, it will definitely be just as solid if not better.
  18. I think he's about to play the grandest joke on Paris. Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bj%C3%B6rn_Ironside Alot of people are thinking Ragnar will be doing the Bjorning.
  19. Ragnar Lothbrok is no Barbarian. More like a devout Paladin to Odin. He's much too clever and not nearly brutish enough. Rollo, Rollo could be a barbarian, but not KING Ragnar.
  20. But can you actually find that quarterstaff? 2nd floor - Bottom right room in Scouting required floorboard if I remember correctly
  21. So this wasn't just me. I spent a good 15 minutes working out how my more or less good actions could have lead to that outcome, but in the end I just tried to kill the least amount of people possible and called it a day.
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