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  1. After reading about the Horizon mod for Fallout 4, I thought about giving that game another try, maybe this time I would play through all DLC (I only finished the Robot invasion) But alas, a few hours into the game I lost interest again. I think I had more fun setting up my mods than the with the game itself. More time for my Ironman Jagged Alliance 2 run
  2. I think he's an elf. But I named him Zeldo too, on my first zelda game (1st gen gameboy) I started Dark Souls 2 recently have an ongoing party of Jagged Alliance 2, which I might restart because I quick-save/load too much. After putting so many hours in all the Souls games, its impressive how much I died already in DS2
  3. Theres some really weird pizza in italy, like with a thick bottom and only cheese on top. Worst pizza ever. Neapolitan style is good, but so far I had the best outside of Italy (pizzaria Delfina, in SF). But ice cream is generally very good in italy Here in Germany the turks now make one of the best pies, at least in my town. Germany is nice. 4 seasons, lots of nature and old towns. We dont really offer much when it comes to food stuff (Schnitzel, sausages, and a subway, KFC, MCDonalds, BK and every larger town. Lots of doner & pizza places. Cost of living is avg., salaries stagnating for a while now. Very good social securiy. Boring politics (our biggest news item atm is Mesut Oezil ) I think on avg. the German is a little bit unfriendlier compared to the people in other countries, esp. with service personal. We can drive as fast as we want on the Autobahn, but traffic is still very orderly. We have pretty strong privacy laws that protect your personal freedom, so thats good. Drinking is fine with 16, but marihuana is highly illegal. People that are not from central or northern Germany talk funny.
  4. You could alter the power options of your SSD drive (device manager). If your unlucky, you might have to reinstall Windows. Had a similar issue with an old installation and new drives and mainboard, but I couldn't fix it with new drivers or different settings.
  5. Pathfinder's magic system is still closer to AD&D than to PoE's Pretty much all spells are reseted after a rest, I can't recall anything right now that would be available again after every encounter
  6. Try and disable the beta patch in steam Copy the location of your savegames and post the path here
  7. Agreed, theres not much sense in crafting. Everything is available in abundance anyways, the difficulty curve falls off pretty much after the first 1/3 of the game so theres little use for consumables later on.
  8. These games also take a lot of time. One playthru is easily 50 hours. Then the DLC are coming, completing the game. Now you have to play it again for all the content, another 50+ hours. Not everyone has that much time to play and replay their favorite games.
  9. Bethesda games have a better modding community than Baldurs Gate's, really? There's a massive amount of mods for those games, sure. But the quality for most of them is very... limited. Maintenance isn't something most authors care for and real quality mods can be counted on 2 hands. The best mods are still the unofficial patches, because Bethesda will never implement those bug fixes them self. The hurdle for modding Baldurs Gate was much greater because you had to learn to use WeiDU but the people who took that step cared much more about their projects. Also there were not that many game releases back then as we have today, so this might have been a greater motivator to stick with BG. Even with modding tools coming out eventually, PoE will never get a modder base like Bethesda games (very popular). Same with Wasteland 2, real modding support came with later patches, people already lost interest and all we have now are some "balance" patches, which are not really good, and a few portrait packs.
  10. Not a standalone game, a mini game like Pazaak, Gwent (kotor and witcher 3) or the gambling in Fallout 2 If its implemented right I'm all for it. In Fallout it was like a money cheat with the right amount of points in gambling.
  11. - How much does your alignment limit what you can do? It doesn't. Its up to your game master on what happens if your not acting according to your alignment. Depending on what your playing, you might lose your class (like the fallen paladin in BG, whos pretty much a bad fighter) Also, your alignment is not something your companions know about you, and your character wouldnt just say "Hello, I'm neutral!" Is it normal that characters change their alignment? Sure, but maybe not too drastically. Just like in real life, people just don't have a change of mind and change from being a good person and become really evil.
  12. A lot of bakers got if for less (15k copies @ 29$ ) Steam takes a 30% cut Ideally, the sales should not only cover production cost but also leave enough to develop the next game. But I guess 200k copies and in that short time, with upcoming DLC sales, the numbers should be fine.
  13. @SonicMage117 Yes, and he has no tattoo either
  14. I tried D:OS and its enhanced edition, but I gave up after a few hours. The humor, writing, graphics, combat (I really dislike that magic system), I can't seem to get to like it. Weapons and equipment are boring, the crafting ... - why the f. does every game has to have crafting nowadays? I can craft 1x stupid arrow by combining 5 different things, or I just don't do it and find tons of them anyways in some random barrels. I recently gave DOS2 another try. According to Gamestar, this game got an awesome 93% review. Even though, I lost interest pretty soon again, for pretty much the same reasons. That's why I don't play Divinty: OS
  15. 74 hours according to steam. I restarted my first character (cipher/rogue) after arriving in Neketaka and made a rogue instead. I skipped a lot of unknown isles and potential quests late game, my character felt too strong already to bother with minor tasks. I would like to start a new character and explore more naval warfare and exploration, but this can wait till the balancing improves further and a few content DLC are available.
  16. ZeniMax would rather create their own platform instead of offering their games DRM free... It"s only a matter of time till they bring back the "paid" mods for their franchises, I dont think GOG could accommodate that. -- I have Steam, Origin, GOG Galaxy, and Uplay. And I hate them all. I'd rather have everything with Steam (easily because its the first service and the biggest by market share), its so cumbersome to have 4 clients running and updating all the time.
  17. I really liked the niche Pallegina filled in my group. I didn't want to bring a priest which lacks some martial prowess, but needed some support, mostly healing. So she stood at the front line with her 2handed sword, plate armor and dished out nice damage, and buffs when needed. At least late game she fills that role very well without being a pushover either. If I'd respec her with a more defensive build in mind, I'm sure she would even surpass the pure fighter in certain areas, as there are some paladin only feats that give nice resistance and immunities a fighter cannot access.
  18. 1. Fallout 1 + 2 2. Baldurs Gate 1 + 2 3. Arcanum I would like to mention Diablo 1, sure its more an A-RPG but it has an atmosphere so thick, you can cut thru it. Also it was my first. . . . . 999. Fallout 4 I played 100+ hours of it, its fun, it looks great, good FPS. But a horrible RPG
  19. One other thing just comes to mind that is just awesome about the Baldurs Gate series, when you walk into an epic fight, you'll hear some epic theme music. The cloakwood mine battle song, encountering dragons etc. PoE isn't really bad in the music compartment, but I can't really recall any track right now that feels special. But I can play pretty much the whole BG tracklist in my head, or Fallout 1+2 or Planescape Torment or.. Arcanum!! btw. Balduran's shield was sold by one of the 2 bonus merchants that were not available in vanilla BG2. As a proud owner of the collectors edition of the game (with Tshirt and trading cards) I could install them as an extra. And I think the one in the copper coronet was still bugged and might not spawn.
  20. Why would you build a physical powerhouse with no Athletic skill? That's not very smart
  21. @xzar_monty You can actually escape combat. Try to park your group someplace and aggro a group with one of your guys, preferable someone with + stride. After some distance the enemy gives up chasing you. I think that's how so many people are solo'ing this game.
  22. One thing that is for sure better with BG or the Infinity Engine - combat isn't a toggle! You can do all actions in combat or out of combat. Pillars of Eternity disables spells, loot, etc. I find this very cumbersome, though combat has improved a lot since PoE1. Tyranny's combat already was so much better again it was improved with PoE2. I don't really like the unique weapon and equipment in Pillars too much, might be the nostalgic goggles, but I enjoyed the items and their backstories from Baldurs Gate much more while PoE stuff feels generic and not really that mighty in comparison than normal items (might be because the difficulty falls off extremely at a certain character level) The BG2 characters are great and most importantly FUN. And Romances in PoE are not even at a point where they are comparable (Maia vs Viconia, feels like theres maybe 1/10 of the content). PoE in general tries to be more mature with its stories, but thats not really a factor for me. I like the more light hearted high fantasy setting with its tropes ( not too much though, divinity original sin 1 was just too silly for my taste)
  23. The Terror, because I'm not very imaginative when I have to come up with my own names...
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