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  1. After reading about the Horizon mod for Fallout 4, I thought about giving that game another try, maybe this time I would play through all DLC (I only finished the Robot invasion) But alas, a few hours into the game I lost interest again. I think I had more fun setting up my mods than the with the game itself. More time for my Ironman Jagged Alliance 2 run
  2. I think he's an elf. But I named him Zeldo too, on my first zelda game (1st gen gameboy) I started Dark Souls 2 recently have an ongoing party of Jagged Alliance 2, which I might restart because I quick-save/load too much. After putting so many hours in all the Souls games, its impressive how much I died already in DS2
  3. Theres some really weird pizza in italy, like with a thick bottom and only cheese on top. Worst pizza ever. Neapolitan style is good, but so far I had the best outside of Italy (pizzaria Delfina, in SF). But ice cream is generally very good in italy Here in Germany the turks now make one of the best pies, at least in my town. Germany is nice. 4 seasons, lots of nature and old towns. We dont really offer much when it comes to food stuff (Schnitzel, sausages, and a subway, KFC, MCDonalds, BK and every larger town. Lots of doner & pizza places. Cost of living is avg., salaries s
  4. You could alter the power options of your SSD drive (device manager). If your unlucky, you might have to reinstall Windows. Had a similar issue with an old installation and new drives and mainboard, but I couldn't fix it with new drivers or different settings.
  5. Pathfinder's magic system is still closer to AD&D than to PoE's Pretty much all spells are reseted after a rest, I can't recall anything right now that would be available again after every encounter
  6. Try and disable the beta patch in steam Copy the location of your savegames and post the path here
  7. Agreed, theres not much sense in crafting. Everything is available in abundance anyways, the difficulty curve falls off pretty much after the first 1/3 of the game so theres little use for consumables later on.
  8. These games also take a lot of time. One playthru is easily 50 hours. Then the DLC are coming, completing the game. Now you have to play it again for all the content, another 50+ hours. Not everyone has that much time to play and replay their favorite games.
  9. Bethesda games have a better modding community than Baldurs Gate's, really? There's a massive amount of mods for those games, sure. But the quality for most of them is very... limited. Maintenance isn't something most authors care for and real quality mods can be counted on 2 hands. The best mods are still the unofficial patches, because Bethesda will never implement those bug fixes them self. The hurdle for modding Baldurs Gate was much greater because you had to learn to use WeiDU but the people who took that step cared much more about their projects. Also there were not that man
  10. Not a standalone game, a mini game like Pazaak, Gwent (kotor and witcher 3) or the gambling in Fallout 2 If its implemented right I'm all for it. In Fallout it was like a money cheat with the right amount of points in gambling.
  11. - How much does your alignment limit what you can do? It doesn't. Its up to your game master on what happens if your not acting according to your alignment. Depending on what your playing, you might lose your class (like the fallen paladin in BG, whos pretty much a bad fighter) Also, your alignment is not something your companions know about you, and your character wouldnt just say "Hello, I'm neutral!" Is it normal that characters change their alignment? Sure, but maybe not too drastically. Just like in real life, people just don't have a change of mind and change from being a g
  12. A lot of bakers got if for less (15k copies @ 29$ ) Steam takes a 30% cut Ideally, the sales should not only cover production cost but also leave enough to develop the next game. But I guess 200k copies and in that short time, with upcoming DLC sales, the numbers should be fine.
  13. @SonicMage117 Yes, and he has no tattoo either
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