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  1. Yeah every where there is an inventory window there should be a sort and all items that are identical need to stack no matter what.
  2. Always have your party at 6 characters. If you didn't find enough NPC's then create some at the inn, Once you find NPC's you can readjust the party. I created a Rogue and a CIpher in 1st town. I didn't get to Cipher NPC to I was about 95% done Act 2 in my 1st playthrough. I went in bling didn't know anything and just never bothered getting there. Only time I have 5 NPC's is if my PC is a Rogue. I just don't want any parties without a rogue that is nonsense. My next playthrough think I will go ala Icewind Dale and create my PC and 5 characters at the Inn.
  3. IE Mod you can at least start any character over from level 0. Cant repick attributes though but can change classes. Doesn't turn loff achievements.
  4. For a fighter you can totally dump Int to 3. Fighters really have no abilities and will be auto-attacking 98% of the entire game. I would even dump con. I would do this: 18 might 03 constitution 18 Dexterity 18 perception 03 intellect 18 resolve Go two weapon fighting. Say Sabres or dual Reach weapons. Take the 2 weapon talent for +20 attack speed. Then you can take defender talent which is -20% attack speed. They offset. Take Wary Defender which boosts Defender. And your DPS Fighter can tank by default because he wont take damage. Only other non offense talent you need is the one that is -16% recovery speed for armor. You can take Savage Attack as well but it deactivates Defender. More damage -5 Acc but Pet Space Piglet gives PC +5 Acc. So it offsets again. The reason you can dump Con is you wont get hit. In beginning game just where Eder's starting armor which gives you 2nd chance in case you get knockedout.Plus in Act 2 every Attribute can be bumped up by at least 2-3 points. If you dont wont to leave Con at 3. Leave it at 6. And drop Per to 16 and Res to 17. With Items/Enchants you can get Con to 8-9. Plus there are Endurance boosting items as well. And if all of a sudden you need your your DPS fighter to flat out tank just equip one of his weapon slots with a enchanted shield and whatever weapon he has the most Acc with. I do like 3 slots on a fighter like that. Primary two weapons. Shield slot. And the big gun/cannon slot. Open up in range and switch to primary.
  5. Since using the IE games as reference and all that spiritual successor stuff why in PoE is there even a tank vs dps option for front line characters? In BG2 and IWD basically any warrior (fighters, rangers, paladins) or divine caster (clerics and druids) could deal high dps and tank as long as you had enough equipment to go around. And every NPC who had a big weakness in Attributes there was always at least 1 unique piece of equipment to counter act that. Minsc/Anomen DEX. or Jaheira STR. Also curious does DPS even matter in PoE? Same number of enemies so end game no matter who or what you have in your party you have to deal the same exact total damage. Only thing that would be different is encounter time. You could probably have 6 fighters with crazy high defenses just auto attacking everyone. Never getting hit and doing damage. Battles would just take longer. But you probably wouldn't be in any danger ever.
  6. But Ankhegs also got you 500 gold per shell. And gave out mad XP. Pljus 2 unique armors.
  7. I think the Paladin problem is as an NPC or an adventurer they aren't as good as a PC Paladin. This is the only class that has this problem.
  8. Remember BG2 all enemy casters were prebuffed. They were sitting there waiting for you with all of their defensive and buff spells up. Even say protection from normal and magical weapons. And if they didn't they would cast time stop and boom either buff themselves or wreck your stuff. You had to user your casters to knock those buffs out so you could destroy the caster. Becasue typically they were so buffed up they couldn't be attacked with any weapons. Now IWD1 just didn't have any enemy casters so you didn't have to bother with dozens of spells that only existed to knock out a casters buffs. And the Buffs in BG2 and IWD1 would basically last the entire level in a dungeon sometimes every level. They were for game hours. What was Iron skin 12 game hours or something? I think the emotion spells were 1-3 hours. The Priest spells Entropy and Draw Upon Holy Might would only last the battle. But mostly all other spells were crazy long lasting. Potions lasted hours as well. So if the Party could prebuff then anyone who is an emeny and already red circled should be buffed waiting for you. And all bosses, mini bosses would be pre buffed as well. i would love prebuffs. But PoE isn't designed for it. All duration times would have to change. Int could raise duration then, can you imagine a 50% duration boost on a buff lasting 2 hours. And there are no opposing spells to cancel out each others buffs. Except maybe for fear. If you are going to go PreBuff in a game paying homage to not only the IE games but DnD then it better be a buff/debuff chess match like BG2 was if its not going to be like that then don't bother. Save it for PoE 2.
  9. Unless you give the guy with the shield a rapier. I mean the best one will give +17 to Accuracy.
  10. Not a bad build, I like it. But with items and enchants you can probably keep Might at 18, Dex at 16 and int at 16. It would let you bring Per or Con upto 10, I prob go Per. Every attribute is pretty easy to get +2 items or enchants for. Con, Dex and Might have +3 items even. And there are a lot of them. I had a hard time giving stuff out to my main 6 party members so attribute bonuses wouldn't get surpressed. The only item I found that weren't on par were the boots. They seemed out classes by everything else. But if the OP wants an easier time managing a character and still giving out some nice DPS while not taking damage. He could roll a fighter and go 3 for Int and Con. It would let you max Might, Dex, Per and Res. Won't need con cause he wont get hit really. Dual wield something (probably sabres), pick the 2W talent gives you +20% attack and you can still take defender which gives you -20% they cancel each other out. Rest of talents focous on damage ones and probably Acc. You can take the 2nd defender talent though. Later you get the -16% recovery for armor talent. Which makes you attack faster again. If its your CHAR you can even add the Savage Attack modal -5 accuracy but if you have the space pig pet its +5 Acc. So again it cancels each other out. End game you can just switch modals from Defender to Savage Attack. They cant both be active. Plus if you have a Paladin and another character with a shield. There are 2 shields in game that give +5 to all defenses for all party members. It stacks so thats a +10. Plus a +10 deflection ring or gaunlet as an item. And you only wasted a possible 2 talents on defense. Which isn't bad. Your fighter a tank-like with out even trying. While you can set your Paladin up to be all tank and no damage if you wanted. Now with your Fighter DPS/Tank hybrid you straight tank Paladin. Say a Wizard/Druid. Cipher and Priest you could still recreate that Barbarian you want. You won't have to worry about your 2 front liners so you can bring that Barb in to flank the enemy or again attack with reach. Set your priest up as you gunner while not healing,buffing/debuffing and have the Cipher and Druid sling around there spells. Plus early game druid and can shape shft and do some serious melee damage but it drops off after level 6-7. If you set your team up that way Jojobobo Barb build will really help you cause you will have 2 other characters taking all of your damage. While the barb flanks or reaches to hit enemys and use his AoE ability.
  11. The Rogue will out Range and absolutelty out melee a Ranger in damage. The Rogue Ranged or Melee will almost always land a crit and a sneak attack. Melee you can give the Rogue the Pike that makes enemies go prone when crit landed. Which just causes a vicious circle. Once prone the Rogue get autoatic sneak attack which is going to crit. And even ranged any enemy that has any disable active or is just flanked and the Rogue gets automatic sneak attack and you guessed it will probably crit. I honestly love the pet/companion idea. It just is shame it has to be managed so much. Give my character a bird that stays on his shoulder and only plucks eyes out in melee distance. The NPC's wolf is awful. So chances are if you roll your own ranger the pet will be slightly better and slightly less managing required. But I don't want to even bother trying.
  12. I say as long as your aren't kiting the dragon or getting him stuck on something causing him to not attack you then nothing is really "cheese". Anything you can do spells, summons, traps, food, scrolls, potions is fair game. If any of that stuff works on him then his resistances weren't high enough so shame on him. Has anyone tried a rogue with the pike Tall Grass? If the rogue lands a blind or cripple strike the rogue will start sneak attacking and most likely auto crit. Would it cause the dragon to go prone? Or does the dragon have prone buffs? If it does make dragon go prone a Rogue might be able to solo the dragon.
  13. Barbs already have awful deflection. So by dropping Res and Per you just make it worse. Absolutely cant be frontline. Has to flank or attack with reach weapon. Barbs are cool but you def have to micromanage them.Try and set your Barb up to Crit a lot and get this pike ( you can still chant it up to superb and put elemental damage mod on it too): It is easier for orlan rogues to use this pike and basically crit and sneak attack every attack. Tall Grass 18-26 Increased Reach: +1.8 Weapon Reach Exceptional: +8 Accuracy, x1.3 Damage Predatory: +10% of Hits converted to Crits Overbearing: Crits can inflict Prone
  14. The Dragon is a lot harder if you aren't well equipped or aren't high level. Party all on level 11. No problem at all. Just straight melee and maybe 5 damage spells from Durance. Only buff was the fear one for cancelling out the dragons. The Ciphers raw damage spells. And just had the druid cast that beatle shell thing on Durance when his spells rain out. Now not equipped correctly and levels 8-10 in Act 2, I didn't beat that dragon once. Except the time I cheese him with 25 paralyze scrolls and malestrom scrolls. I reloaded cause I couldn't stand to beat him like that. Other than that think I could get him down to 2 pips and had him at 1 pip once or twice. That was it. Big time fail. But level 11 in Act 3 it was extremely lack luster. My 3 main melee characters all of their defenses were at least 90 and most were over 100. Absolute respect goes out to the OP who took the Dragon down in 3-4 seconds. Cheese or no cheese I think its badass.
  15. Yes custom color rings for my party and a highlight outline character feature that is toggled. Not needed every battle but some. And especially when there are trees!!!!! Eff you trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I rather the Ranger lose 50% of his Endurance and HP then drop Accuracy. But I only brought Sagani out to do her quest. The way it is I will never play my PC as a Ranger and never want a Ranger in my party. I just dont want another character/pet/companion to manage. Unless scripts ever get put into the game.
  17. Paradox other published title Cities Skylines just went over a million copies. Think it was released like a month ago.
  18. Prebuffing would completely change combat. Not only would the party be buffed but so would the enemy. The difference from BG1 to BG2 is that all of casters have all of their buffs and defenses up. And it becomes a chess match. With the player having to memorize spells that will counter act enemy buffs/defenses before they wipe out the party. Plus some of those buffs and defenses lasted not only in game hours but real life hours. Iron Skin, Stone skin, the emotion spells etc. Where as at most in PoE we are talking 60 seconds real life. BG2 to IWD 1 difference is in IWD there are almost Zero enemy spell casters. So you don't have to bother with a good portion of spells and can focus on straight damage. Then IWD HoF mode you focus on summons and debuffs not damage. But the enemy casters are just weaker in PoE since they aren't prebuffed or have special defenses up already. Unless there are 3+ casters in an encounter the party probably wont get hit with a spell. Exception if there are a dozen enemies and you can't melee the casters and for some reason ranged doesn't have line of sight. Maybe you get hit with a couple spells then. DnD had more spells per level to pick from, spells you could find and buy and more spells per rest though too.
  19. But the BG2 battles were more chess because of pre buffs. Not only on your party but almost all enemy Wizards were pre buffed. And you had to know the right spell combo to take down there defenses. And of course before you did that they could wreck your party if you weren't managing your melee and ranged characters and casting spells. Compared to IWD 1 where there are basically no Wizards in the entire game. The battles are completely different. Because you are using a completely different set of spells. And then IWD with HOF you are using debuffs and summons because all damage spells are pointless. It would be good if enemy ranged attacked party ranged and enemy casters attacked party casters first. Make battles more interesting.
  20. You can find items that boost, con, dex and might. Or enchant your armor/clothing. I would say Wizard Might, Int and Dex the most important. But Might and Int are way higher of importance.
  21. Honestly think a lot of problems are there are No Scripts for your NPC's. A script for the pet would help solve so many problems. I would just set it to guard mode. Not charge first enemy you see even if out numbered 10-1 mode. I just didn't want another character to micro manage. Its not the ranger needing extra managing its the damn pet. Like Pet just wait 5 seconds before you go all crazy and charge everyone. I mean the Pet is useful however its out of control. That is why Scripts are needed.I just couldn't be bothered with it. Maybe if my PC was a Ranger I care more. But not the Ranger NPC. I just created a Rogue Archer adventurer instead.
  22. The 1 handed talent is meh. Not sure why it just doesn't even add more accuracy to 1Handed use. Say another +5 to +8. Or a +10 to Crit chance. Or even faster recovery time. Grazes to hits 30% of the time seems pointless. As the 1handed character will most likely be your most accuracte character anyways whats the point in a talent firing only when grazes happen and then only 30% of the time. While the 2H and 2W talent activates 100% of the time. That alone just doesn't make sense. Whatever the 1H talent is it should be activate 100% of the time.
  23. Durance can be turned into a cannon. Or if you get him early you can turn Durance into a tank. Focus on Defense Talents/Abilities and not on weapons an accuracy. Give him a hatchet for +5 Deflection and the largest shield and enchant it. Think that is another +25 to deflection. He was my first character with over 100 deflection and it was pretty early in Act 2. I can have him open with a Gun an chances are he will hit. But his only real damage comes from his spells. I did it that way cause I ended up with 2 fighters and it was easier to have a Priest at the frontlines to do buffs and debuffs. My Durance almost takes no damage. Give him some good items you can boost his endurance, Con and even get him to regen HP like a fighter. I actually liked the 2 fighters. Its set it and forget it. While you can focus on your characters who have spells and abilities to manage. Even the Ranged Rogue I set up is pretty much auto attack. Unless there is a big boss then its cripple/blind abilitity to engange auto Sneak Attack and just fire at will. I have a Rogue, Cipher, and Druid as my ranged crew. And the Druid handles heals, buffs, and debuffs for that group when needed. When thats not needed he flings his AoE attacks around. Now with my setup with Durance as one of the tanks. You could easily swap out one of the 2 fighters for Barbarian, Monk, or Melee Rogue. Right rogue setup and in game weapon you can basically crit and sneak attack 85% of the time.
  24. Wizard 1st spells have always been powerful even end game. DnD grease, Chromatic Orb, and Color Spray were still strong at high level. So I wouldn't knock 1st and 2nd level spells. But Priests and Druids also get spells per encounter. So it doesn't make the Wizard class unique. I liked having the Druid better than the Wizard righrt around character level 9. Had to swap Aloth out. I like the Druid spell selection. You are limited to 4 or switching books. That mechanic seems silly. It just adds micromanagin to the wizard class. Not sure if it add universal fun. So not sure why its in the game. The only unique thing the Wizard has compared to other spell casters is the Blast ability. I guess if you create an elf wizard and set him up to focus on range blast attacks he could probably do a lot of damage just auto attacking, Overall I think the Wizard class is as powerful as any other class. But it might not be as fun or as interesting to actually play one.
  25. Yeah I remember them from MUD's as well. Usually the fighter had some kind of guard feature where he could take the hit instead of your mage.
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